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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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lizmat ... 16:07
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japhb ??? 16:08
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lizmat I just realized that nobody had said anything on this channel today yet... so I used that to try something on my new log server :-) 16:08
El_Che shut up 16:17
maybe you put everyone in /ignore :P
perryprog shhh this is a library 16:18
El_Che nom that's #rakumod 16:19
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Anton Antonov Assume that 1) I execute a script multiple times without changing it, and 2) the script starts with a call to `srand` , say `srand(332)` . Does 2) guarantee that the subsequent calls of random commands in the script (using `roll`, `pick`, or `rand`) and Hash-objects creation commands would produce the same results during each execution of the script? 17:35
I strongly suspect that Hash-objects creation is not influenced by `srand`. 17:36
lizmat Indeed, I don't think that's the case either
Anton Antonov (I asked the above question few days ago in <#768511641758466088> … ) 17:37
@lizmat Thanks!
@lizmat My question above is actually related to profiling `Hash::int` and `Hash::str`. 17:39
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@lizmat I am going to “officially” ask for your profiling code on GitHub. (After I finish watching “Squid Game”…) 17:41
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MasterDuke @Anton Antonov: the next release should introduce an environment variable to enable you turn off hash randomization at runtime 18:36
Anton Antonov @MasterDuke Thanks! Great info! 18:38
@lizmat Here is the GitHub issue I promised: github.com/lizmat/Hash-int/issues/2 18:46
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@lizmat Here is the GitHub issue I promised: github.com/lizmat/Hash-int/issues/2 19:18
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Geth problem-solving/JJ-patch-1: 9039f9e69a | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | solutions/meta/TheRakuFoundation.md
Communicating the effective establishment

The Raku Foundation exists, so this closes #263
problem-solving: JJ++ created pull request #300:
Communicating the effective establishment of the Raku foundation
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codesections lizmat said "so I used that to try something on my new log server :-)". Wait, so you used `...` as a stub IRC message? I see what you did there 22:12
lizmat hehe 22:13
Geth Raku-Steering-Council: vrurg++ created pull request #45:
Added 'Call For Volunteers' announcement
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raydiak it's a step up from the hazardous pin-dropping that silence tends to evoke around here. although ... does look like three marbles on the ground 22:37
moon-child ||| 22:39
^ pins dropped onto the ground. Standing on end. Somehow. (Probably because of all the angels) 22:40
raydiak rolls a magnet rake around the room 22:42
just between #perl6 and #raku, I count somewhere around 31 dropped pins in lizmat's log, and around 21 of them are from lizmat... 22:44
lizmat: have you considered exposing a public api to the chat logs? seems like mostly it'd just be having it respond at a different url with json templates instead of html 23:06
from looking at the get params, I'd change how the paging controls are exposed, but everything else seems pretty straightforward 23:08
I mean the paging controls and cgi params in the search results. the browsing urls are pretty straightforward 23:15
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timo ohey raydiak have you continued measuring performance of your ray tracer? new-disp just landed, after all, so that could be interesting 23:42
raydiak lizmat: nevermind, it looks like you already have a facility for it in place, except at .json urls I get a 404 with no content
timo: hi! no, I haven't but that's a good idea. last time I checked, many years ago, all the time was mainly spent creating and destroying objects 23:43
timo ah, interesting. the already-existing work in PEA, partial escape analysis, will be able to get around building short-lifetime objects 23:50
raydiak I thought it's probably a flaw of my design, since I wasn't thinking much about optimization when I initially wrote it. considered refactoring it to reduce as much as possible to a vector pipeline, so I could "compile" the scene file into a routine or few before rendering, maybe using math::symbolic 23:52
but yes even if it's not optimal, in some ways that just makes it a better stress test, so doing a little comparison might be cool 23:53
new-disp landed on master? and 2021.09 is right before we did that, right? 23:56
and does new-disp still require a env var set, or will it use the new compiler front end by default now? 23:58