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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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timo we have object hash literals 00:44
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timo wait, no, i misunderstood the question 00:44
mfiano I am trying to figure out how a beginner to both Raku and FreeBSD should install rakudo. The website says "pkgsrc provides rakudo packages for NetBSD and other Unix flavors.", but pkgsrc is only for NetBSD. FreshPorts is for FreeBSD, but I see no rakudo package there. I'm unsure how I should install a stable release. 00:46
timo in that case it should be fine to download release source tarballs for moarvm, nqp, and rakudo 00:47
all you need to do is ass the same --prefix= to all three's Configure.pl scripts and make + make install in the order moar, nqp, rakudo
mfiano Ok I will try that. I think maybe the download section of the website should be reworded though. This was misleading to me, as I thought pkgsrc applied to FreeBSD as it said until I researched further 00:48
timo sorry i don't know anything about the BSDs, but if you can provide a patch for the website that'd be helpful 00:50
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mfiano I don't know much myself. I am migrating today from 25 years of Linux :) 00:51
I am also curious what the benefit of Rakudo Star is. Seems like it just bundles documentation and a bunch of modules together. Not sure what that buys me over just installing modules I need to use. 00:54
perryprog I think it's just a convenience/distribution thing. 00:57
Great for lazy people like me.
mfiano Ok thanks 00:58
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raydiak rakubrew claims to support BSDs as well 02:25
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El_Che mfiano: it buys you nothing imho 11:06
mfiano: (in the case you're metioning) 11:08
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patrickb o/ 12:40
Is there a deeper reason why private multi methods are not supported? Or is it just a case of NYI?
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lizmat I don't think there's a deeper reason 14:08
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Geth setup-raku/raku-versions: d3290e1381 | (Shoichi Kaji)++ | README.md
add "What raku-versions are available?" to README
setup-raku: skaji++ created pull request #17:
add "What raku-versions are available?" to README
setup-raku: d3290e1381 | (Shoichi Kaji)++ | README.md
add "What raku-versions are available?" to README
setup-raku: bbb001fc95 | (Shoichi Kaji)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | README.md
Merge pull request #17 from Raku/raku-versions

add "What raku-versions are available?" to README
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Petr Can i find Raku in TIOBE index|? 21:23
tellable6 2021-10-07T21:37:06Z #raku <raydiak> Petr I also found a mention of someone running it under debian in UserLAnd (play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tech.ula)
Petr Exelent solution! Many thanks! )) 21:26
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