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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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tbrowder new-disp is now in main. what about RakuAST, has that also been merged into main? 00:36
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bda Grammar action question - if I have a token that is just an or list of other tokens, how do I define an action method which just uses the .made of the sub-token? 00:59
pony $<sub-token>.map(*.made) (I think) 01:18
or rather, make $<sub-token>.map(*.made) 01:20
bda so for "token type { | <fp> | <integer> | <complex> }", what is "method type($/) {}"? Because subtoken could be one of three things, and maybe more later 01:25
japhb tbrowder: Not yet. More work to do on RakuAST before it would be ready to merge. It *has* been rebased on top of post-new-disp-merge main, though.
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melezhik weekly: recently upvoted Raku modules ( with some reviews ) on my butterflies - mybf.io/?filter=top 01:31
notable6 melezhik, Noted! (weekly)
perryprog notable6 you aren't lizmat! 01:33
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Petr I cant find Raku in TIOBE, what wrong? 02:58
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japhb Petr: If you mean the language "ranking" site, it doesn't have a very good reputation, and we don't optimize for it. 03:14
tellable6 japhb, I'll pass your message to Petr
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Petr Raku the community is very friendly. Thanks all )) 04:43
tellable6 2021-10-11T03:14:03Z #raku <japhb> Petr: If you mean the language "ranking" site, it doesn't have a very good reputation, and we don't optimize for it.
Petr I want create blog about Raku. Can i use "Raku" name in domain? 04:49
El_Che as long as you don't create the impression of being an official channel, sure 04:51
Petr No, its personal blog
May be it help Raku community )) 04:53
El_Che certainly
post it here once you have it, many people will be interested
Petr ok. But first version will be in Russian ( 04:54
El_Che Petr: there are quite a lot of Russian or Russian speakers raku people around :) 04:55
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Petr71 really? 04:58
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mfiano I noticed there are only two Raku books published since the name was changed, and neither seem to be a beginner walkthrough book that most languages have available. I am guessing one of the slightly older books on "Perl 6" would be more appropriate, but given the time span Perl 6 has been a thing, I'm not sure which book would be the best for me to look into buying. Anyone have any ideas? 05:16
moritz_ mfiano: with "beginner", do you mean a Raku beginner, or a programming beginner? 05:48
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mfiano Raku 06:10
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mfiano moritz_: I read some of I am guessing, your book, and it just seemed to analyze/build up small programs, rather than starting with the basics like types and sigiling etc 06:11
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mfiano I am looking for something less of a analyzation of the language, and more of a walkthrough 06:12
pony how can I split a string like '((((abc))))((((abc))))' into '((((', 'abc', '))))', '((((', 'abc', '))))'? 06:15
moritz_ mfiano: maybe Perl 6 Deep Dive is better suited for you then 06:19
moon-child pony: .match(/('('+|')'+|\w+)*/).values.map(&[~]) will do it. But it's not clear exactly what you want; you should explain more clearly 06:21
mfiano Thanks! 06:23
pony moon-child: that does what I want, thanks :) 06:24
I just wanted separate runs of (, ), and anything else
does &[~] mean functionise the ~ operator? 06:25
moon-child ah, for 'everything else' you want .match(/('('+|')'+|<-[()]>+)*/).values.map(&[~])
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moon-child 'functionise the ~ operator' yes 06:25
pony awesome, ty
moon-child in this case referring to its prefix form, which stringifies the match objects
pony yeah 06:26
CIAvash m: dd '((((abc))))((((abc))))'.comb(/\w+ | [<:punct><same>]+/)
camelia ("(((", "abc", ")))", "(((", "abc", ")))").Seq
moon-child oh i forgot comb takes a predicate 06:27
CIAvash there is no need for `:` (<punct>) 06:30
pony nice
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Nemokosch Could you please explain the regex of the comb example? 07:56
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CIAvash It matches either words(`\w+`) or one or more punctuation + same match (matched punctuation) 08:24
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El_Che At work, admins are upgrading Puppet 5 to 7. They skipped the 6 altogether. Who told them? :) 09:39
Nemokosch ~~Rasmus Lerdorf~~ 09:40
El_Che Nemokosch#9980: he knows everything about 6? 09:41
on the other hand: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_Six_(...Galactica)
Nemokosch Hm, what's the big deal? 09:44
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SmokeMachine Hi! I'm starting playing with RakuAST and I'm not being able to add a custom pass on it... should it be working? usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/.../image.png 11:54
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tbrowder japhb: thanks. so, for any new work on issues, i should check out a new branch off the head of the RakuAST branch, yes? 12:42
s/,yes// 12:43
well, i tried that and got multiple conflicts when updating the rakuast branch :-( 13:11
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japhb Well that's unfortunate. Not sure why that's happening, unless it's an old clone and you hadn't dealt with the force-push rebase. 14:28
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MasterDuke i don't rakuast is really ready for any use other than working on rakuast. it doesn't pass most spectests, so you wouldn't be able to check any changes you made 14:31
*don't think
tbrowder: so you should probably be doing any work off of master 14:32
lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2021/10/11/2021-...-patterns/ 14:49
tbrowder MasterDuke: thnx, wilco 14:51
hyperreal what's the best way to detect the operating system in Raku? 15:06
i.e., Linux, macOS, Windows
MasterDuke m: say $*VM.osname 15:09
camelia linux
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hyperreal MasterDuke thanks 15:21
MasterDuke np
[Coke] anyone using 'scoop' to install rakudo on win?
hyperreal [Coke] I used winget
[Coke] I'm asking about scoop because the initial install seems to work, zef installs modules, but then the shim can't find the module. 15:23
(I had been building from scratch but something got screwed up on my box post-new-disp-merge (and it's just me at this point) so I thought I'd try the command line installer... 15:25
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dogbert17 .seen leont 16:03
tellable6 dogbert17, I saw leont 2021-09-29T20:59:22Z in #raku: <leont> Juerd, lizmat: that code is slow because it does a string-to-regex conversion every time you use the regex. If it got slower, it's probably because that conversion got slower
leont \o 16:04
dogbert17 hello leont, can I ask a question?
leont You already did :-p
dogbert17 :)
I'm probably doing something incorrectly but trying to run 'make test HARNESS_TYPE=6' fails with an error for me 16:05
pdating TAP::Harness checkout...
Already up to date.
No such method 'd' for invocant of type 'Seq'
in sub listdir at t/harness6 line 125
in sub MAIN at t/harness6 line 119
in block <unit> at t/harness6 line 26
leont Then it seems something bitrotted, I'll have a look 16:08
dogbert17 thx, do you want me to report it as an issue in the TAP/Harness repo? 16:09
leont It rather sounds like the issue is in the rakudo repo 16:14
[Coke] anyone know if there's a repo for the "raku ci bot grant" ? 16:16
(or is it not that kind of grant)
leont dogbert17: actually, I think you found a regression in rakudo itself 16:18
./rakudo-m -e 'dd $_ for "t".IO.dir(:test(none($*SPEC.updir, $*SPEC.curdir, ".git")))' 16:19
That returns a junction of sequences, instead of a sequence
I'm guessing Rakudo::Iterator::Dir takes an Any instead of a Mu as argument. That would result in exactly what we're seeing here 16:21
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lizmat should it take a Mu ? 16:25
leont IMO it should. Anything that generically tests should.
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lizmat running spectests 16:36
well, that appears to be spectest clean 16:44
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lizmat github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/1e25f4fc21 # leont dogbert17 16:46
appears to have been broken since ±June 2020 16:50
leont And of course I'm the only one doing such a thing, because I like junctions like that 16:52
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Geth raku.org: 184ba756fd | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | fetch-recent-blog-posts.pl
Fix URL in blog post fetching logic
dogbert17 now it works again :) lizmat++, leont++ 17:19
leont Seems I have to fix another small issue, I should use RAKULIB=lib instead of raku -Ilib, otherwise some things fail 17:23
dogbert17 I have run both 'make test' and 'make spectest' with HARNESSTYPE=6 and there are some tests being flagged as failed when they shouldn't for some reason 17:34
Geth raku.org: 6607b9c74c | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 9 files
Several ®, ™ and other small fixes
dogbert17 but it could very well be due to the issue that leont mentions above 17:36
leont Yeah, I have a fix ready :-)
(waiting for tests, and dinner)
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melezhik i wonder if Raku people are interested in adding Raku projects and reviews them on mybf.io ? I am testing this idea. I see it like yet another resource to spread a knowledge about Raku and show other - it's real usage 18:32
I've made reviews for some of chosen modules recently just to show how it could look like 18:33
the benefit is mybfi.io site is not only for Raku, so other people visiting it might start paying attention .... just a thought ... maybe not a perfect idea ... 18:34
lizmat melezhik: it always takes time before there's a critical mass :-) 18:36
melezhik yeah, I know, I know ))) I even ready for the idea to wrap the project up if it does go very well, but let's see 18:37
I am still in research - whether it is a good idea or not to allow people publicly review open source software, in the end of they day we have GH issues for that ))) 18:38
however this is something different - just to allow people quickly share there thought on certain piece of software not necessarily tide to any particular issue or feature 18:39
the advantage is quick feedback for a software author as well as to help people make better choices before start using tool A or tool B 18:40
and I know there is a reddit for that, but sometimes reddit is a bit too biased, on my view at least ...
[Coke] It seems a reasonable idea, but the fact that it's separated from the package management system (right?) of the various languages' modules makes it ad hoc, yes? 18:41
melezhik lizmat sorry for that typo " to wrap the project up if it does go very well" -> " to wrap the project up if it does NOT go very well," 18:43
lizmat melezhik: yeah, figured that :-)
melezhik yeah ))) 18:44
colemanx I often find myself just searching github - exclusively - when I need a library; i'd like alternatives and other aggregators across the different software forges 18:54
melezhik colemanx ++
the idea is to give an information on a certain software something in between "way too technical" and "way too marketish" , something from an ordinary ends user view ... ))) 18:55
colemanx I might suggest renaming the category "infrastructure as a code" to simly "Infrastructure as Code" 18:57
or even IaC, which is a common abbreviation
melezhik colemanx - thanks, I changed to a "infrastructure as code" 19:03
i keep it lowercase so far, as other categories have it
colemanx Nice; cool website, by the way :)
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melezhik thanks, I am not a front-end guru, but basically it's just a cro + bulma ))) 19:05
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melezhik El_Che "At work, admins are upgrading Puppet 5 to 7. They skipped the 6 altogether. Who told them? " need to told them that Raku solves this "6" number problem :) 19:54
tell Petr: Hi! Good to see you here. I am Russian as well 19:56
.tell Petr: Hi! Good to see you here. I am Russian as well
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to Petr
El_Che melezhik: we are the poster child of bad timing, so while some winning, not a great example :) 19:57
Petr HI))
melezhik El_Che yeah, still funny they skipped number 6 ))) people on your work ... 19:58
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El_Che melezhik: they were so nice they even did not tease me 19:58
melezhik oh, so they know you write Raku code? 19:59
El_Che somewhat
I will ever be know as the Perl guy
melezhik ok, I see ... Many people still don't see the difference ))) 20:00
El_Che nowdays I mostly write Go and Raku when possible
melezhik oh, cool
I made some reviews for go tools on mybfio recently ...
I even run a golang contest, sorry for the off topic ))) 20:01
honestly after Perl and Raku, every time I try to write something on go, I struggle with it's syntax
El_Che go is a great complement for Raku: they are so far apart that it's easy to step in a different mindset when writing in the other language 20:02
melezhik I know one binary and stuff it is all cool
but the syntax, maybe I am just not used to that ...
El_Che Syntax is clean and easy to master once you're used to it
melezhik yeah , they are a far for sure ...
yeah , they are a far for sure ... 20:03
El_Che but for lots of stuff you need to write extra code
melezhik I mean not syntax itself, but kinda feeling - it's minimalism ...
El_Che in contrast with raku's stdlib
melezhik that bothers me ...
El_Che (on the other hand, they have lots of libs)
melezhik asceticism if you will ..
yeah they do
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Petr Nice day)) 20:04
melezhik "but for lots of stuff you need to write extra code " - and that the thing, I don't want to ))) I am lazy ... I need a language to do that ...
El_Che melezhik: I did some java in the past, but I can stomach writing it nowadays 20:05
melezhik: you end up having a lot of ready code after a while
melezhik yes you do and you master the language itself, but I don't know ... my recent mindset I am a bit tired of mastering things, I just want to use them ))) 20:06
El_Che but I agree that for stuff like "is this element part of this array" is completely silly to write a loop every time
melezhik here we are )))
El_Che and wat kills me, is that you need one for each type
(they are working on the generics though)
melezhik yeah, that's a drawback of static typed languages I guess? I am not too sure though ... 20:07
El_Che with the risks of making the code less readable (that's why many oppose the planned inclusion of generics in 2.0)
melezhik: no, java and c# have generics
go also has generics in the internal library 20:08
but not exposed for the user
melezhik ok ... I probably know what generic are . I mean the thing people try to solve using generic, We don't have them in dynamically typed languages, huh?
El_Che it was a choice to keep the language simple
melezhik: well, raku is somewhere in the middle :) 20:09
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melezhik yeas, it reminds the pattern, when I start with a SIMPLE design, over time I get challenges from business logic and temptation to make may design more complex to adapt those challenges ... 20:10
it happens in general with every design, not just a language ...
El_Che melezhik: nothing a good refactoring can't fix :)
but, Go 1 has been very stable code support wise 20:11
melezhik yeah
afk &
El_Che nice chat
melezhik El_Che likewise!
Petr Can i build simple GUI in Raku? 20:21
moritz_ sure, check out GTK::Simpler for example 20:26
melezhik raku.land/cpan:BDUGGAN/Terminal::UI as well 20:27
if one needs terminal only app
Petr Thanks! 20:28
there is serial port communication module? 20:36
I found only Perl 5 module... 20:53
japhb Petr: You could always use it via Inline::Perl5 ... 20:55
tellable6 japhb, I'll pass your message to Petr
Petr ok, i will try ) 20:56
Nemokosch Do you have something concrete in mind or are you just asking around? 😄 21:11
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