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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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colemanx Regarding the call for infra volunteers, I thought I'd share this note on reddit: envs.sh/A3 (shortened link) 01:19
Rust has good docs around that stuff, imo 01:20
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Xliff bda: Although you've probably already figured this out, given "token type { | <fp> | <integer> | <complex> }", you would want "method type ($/) { $/.values[0].made }" 01:43
tellable6 Xliff, I'll pass your message to bda
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Xliff Is there another browseable resource for IRC logs aside from colabti? 02:12
japhb Xliff: logs.liz.nl 02:21
(Though I doubt that's a permanent location) 02:22
Xliff japhb++ 02:34
Another thing: Does Test::is-deeply consider that comparing hashes means accounting for different key order? 02:35
I have a failing test in a Raku module that suffers from this and is making a false failure.
japhb++ 02:37
Oh, nevermind. I missed an addition I made. LOL
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lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2021/10/11/2021-...-patterns/ 08:39
pony clicks 08:46
Altreus Is it Monday again? :D 08:56
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patrickb o/ 09:12
[Coke]: Re repo for the CI bot grant. I haven't published it yet. I will definitely do so, but didn't bother because the thing itself doesn't run yet (it passes a lot of tests though). If you're interested, I can publish what I currently have. 09:15
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moritz_ developing in the open is a great idea for a TPF-funded grant :D 10:13
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sena_kun patrickb++ 10:14
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patrickb Oh well, I'll push the thing online then. :-) 10:42
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[Coke] patrickb: just as a former grant person, interested to see where things are. 13:10
Please don't just on my account.
but thanks if you do!
patrickb [Coke]: I'm very fine with pushing things online. I just didn't bother up to now. But given someone actually looks at it, I'm more than willing to put it online ASAP. If you spot things you'd do differently, do tell, I'm very interested in feedback. 13:13
[Coke] (y)
... I need a macro for irssi that converts that into a thumbs up. )
patrickb I got it anyways. :-)
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Altreus Stuart Mackintosh was happy to have me livestream dev work. It was open source but not TPF, but there's definitely sentiment on the board in favour of developing publicly 13:39
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melezhik small update, now projects on main mybfio are sorted by modification time (e.g. last review/upvote/reply action time ) - mybf.io 16:39
please come and add your favorite Raku modules )))
also now multiple replies for review are available , that might help discussions ))) 16:40
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ggoebel what is the not match operator? the perl 5 equivalent of !~? 17:09
!~~ 17:11
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lizmat yup 17:16
or !(foo ~~ bar)
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tonyo CIAvash: cool curry mod 18:28
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CIAvash tonyo: thanks! 19:39
[Coke] I have a raku script that is calling out to git a few thousand times over a few dozen repos. any suggestions on speeding it up? 19:45
(some of these repos have thousands of branches, and I have to do a rev-parse, merge-base, and show in each one) Using run ono each of the calls, then out.slurp(:close).trim to get the output from the run. 19:48
I guess step one might be to at least ||ize the x git calls done for a single branch (and maybe more) 19:49
looked for a git module, but it looks like everything in the ecosystem is a bit old/undone. 19:50
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lizmat set up in such a way that you can .race it ? 19:52
*it 19:53
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MasterDuke directly use a Proc::Async? 19:54
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[Coke] old code was using indir to run the git command in the right place - does indir( -> {... Proc::Async }) work? (doesn't look like it) 20:27
ugexe i dont understand the need for `indir` since you can just pass `run` :CWD 20:29
[Coke] Sure; that worked as well; but Proc::Async doesn't seem to support either. 20:31
ugexe it does
[Coke] ah, in start.
ugexe whenever $proc.start(:$ENV, :$cwd) { } 20:32
patrickb <[Coke]>: There we go: github.com/Raku/RakuCIBot 20:41
[Coke] patrickb: Danke 20:42
patrickb I'm very open to feedback of any kind. 20:44
And with that I'm off to bed. o/ 20:45
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[Coke] my advice: sleep tight. 20:46
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joeyxl hello everyone 22:21
lizmat joeyxl: welcome... but most of the people at +UCT have gone to bed... 22:23
as will I shortly
joeyxl Ah ok, well goodnight then!
lizmat thank you... please do check in again around 9 hours from now :-) 22:24
joeyxl ok!
pony I just got up :I
joeyxl hello pony lol 22:27
pony :P
joeyxl hows it going
pony good, you? 22:28
joeyxl not to bad just hanging out. reading about raku
pony nice
joeyxl thinking learning it as my first programming language
pony yay
joeyxl do you like it? 22:29
pony yeah :)
joeyxl cool :) 22:30
is it good language to start with?
or am i getting myself into somthing advanced?
pony shouldn't be a problem, nah 22:32
I don't think picking a first language matters as much as people think
joeyxl nice. im going to read think raku
pony as long as it's something you like 22:33
joeyxl yeah i agree
pony ok, I don't know that one. I read learning perl 6 (now learning raku) and then docs.raku.org
joeyxl raw.githubusercontent.com/LaurentR...k_raku.pdf
pony ahh 22:35
looks good :)
joeyxl perfect :D
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