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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
[Coke] looks like it was completely missed since at least the rename 00:00
perryprog Yup 00:02
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[Coke] lizmat: Happy to do more work cleaning up examples if we can get it deploying again. 00:28
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Geth examples/master: 5 commits pushed by Coke++ 00:37
[Coke] duff++ :|
perryprog [Coke] s/freenode/libera.chat 00:38
Geth examples: c5d99fe100 | Coke++ | README.md
Actually fix irc link

[Coke] thanks
I had fixed it elsewhere, didn't realize this was a new instance.
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perryprog I'm imagining that "you'll be welcome" as a threat 00:41
"oh you'll be welcome you joined"
[Coke] PR to update welcome. :) 00:42
(in my mind it sounded like the old sinistar game from the 80s)
... like, from the arcade. where you'd go to.
perryprog never heard of it 00:44
an arcade, that is
[Coke] :P 00:45
[Coke] hurls youtu.be/xcyBtVwAsfg?t=59 00:47
perryprog oh so like those joke retro games people used to make, huh 00:49
Geth examples: f5c3e073cd | Coke++ | categories/euler/README.md
add a note about the first 100
[Coke] youtu.be/0cSW6qhLwio 00:56
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perryprog ha that means ur old 00:59
[Coke] Born at least a decade before Sinistar came out. 01:01
perryprog holy moley 01:02
born decades /after/ Sinistar came out...
[Coke] I am not the oldest here, either, youngling.
perryprog I've played some MUDs where there are people there who have been playing the same game I am, continuously, since before I was born 01:03
the internet is weiiird
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[Coke] I'm honestly surprised you know what a MUD is, so good on you. :) 01:11
heading afk, see you later. 01:12
perryprog Hard to match the depth that any good (sadly usually commercial) MUD has in terms of world detail, roleplay-ability, and while simultaneously having a rich player combat system. I don't know of any MMORPGs that really do that combination in the way that most MUDs do. 01:13
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frost hello, how can I convert any length of byte string into an integer according to byte order in Raku? 03:16
Mondenkind frost: Blob.read-(u)bits, perhaps 03:55
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xkr47 %lx 04:42
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Petr good *, <#633753286209699870> )) 06:45
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Manifest0 I'm trying to get single keypresses from stdin. The docs have this "Using getc to get a single keypress from a terminal will only work properly if you've set the terminal to "unbuffered". " 09:40
but what does this mean? In bash i just do "read -n1". How can i achieve the same in Raku?
mfiano I would assume `read` does the unbuffering itself. 09:43
Nemokosch I don't know but the meaning is rather clear: stdin is typically more greedy than waiting for sole characters, it has a buffer and that buffer is filled whenever you are asked for input 09:44
mfiano There are various ways to control the chunk size in Linux 09:45
one way is the unbuffer command from expect
Mondenkind Manifest0: it is a pain. You must mess with ioctls
mfiano Another is stdbuf from coreutils 09:46
Mondenkind I suggest looking at Term::termios
Manifest0: github.com/krunen/term-termios
Nemokosch is "read" bash-exclusive or a program? 09:47
mfiano its part of bash
Nemokosch well meh, then I'm not sure if it would work with qx
Manifest0 checking Term::termios
is github down? :-( 09:48
mfiano It's just you 09:49
Nemokosch just you, can confirm 😄
Manifest0 "No server is currently available to service your request. Sorry about that. Please try refreshing and contact us if the problem persists." 09:50
it works from the german proxy 09:51
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mfiano Does raku accept any unicode symbols for the fat right arrow used to create a pair? 11:10
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mfiano or just the 2 ascii subset characters 11:10
lizmat mfiano: this is the list: docs.raku.org/language/unicode_asc...codepoints 11:15
I don't see => among them
mfiano Ok thank you 11:16
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Altreus m: say (a ⇒ 'b') 11:50
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Bogus term
at <tmp>:1
------> 3say (a 7⏏5⇒ 'b')
expecting any of:
argument list
infix stopper
Altreus :(
cialandro I see a lot of raku scripts written with a shebang line to rake and a "use v6;" line. The v6 line seems redundant or am I missing something? 11:53
lizmat Just a "use v6" is redundant nowadays
use v6.c, use v6.d, use v6.* use v6.e.PREVIEW
are meaningful though, as they indicate a language level version 11:54
cialandro Got it. Thank you.
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[Coke] I know there's discussion (from a while back) about ditching examples.raku.org, but in the meantime, where is the site hosted? I am happy to do some backend work to try to regen the site. 14:47
(looks like it's basically using the old doc site method) 14:48
Altai-man rba, ping? 14:58
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mfiano Does the file extension of a module matter? Reading an older book before the rename that recommends .pm or .pm6 15:00
Altai-man mfiano, should not, but using new ones is understandably preferred. 15:01
mfiano I'm not sure what is new
I have never used Perl before
[Coke] one sec:
this ain't perl.
(it was, but now it isn't) 15:02
mfiano It was
Altai-man at the very least, .pm will bring you some issues with Comma
for a module a recommended one is .rakumod
mfiano Comma doesn't even work on my computers (neither does Idea)
[Coke] docs.raku.org/language/intro 15:03
mfiano Ah cool thanks
[Coke] (that says RAKULIB is NYI - it is now, isn't it?)
also someone should s/recent// on that page.
RSC (lizmat/codesections et al.) github.com/Raku/examples/issues/82...-944343475 15:05
Altai-man's point there sounds like the RSC might want to opine on examples.raku.org now that we have an RSC. 15:06
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Altai-man [Coke], yes, that's one possible way to proceed. I hope the solution won't be to create an examples team to delegate. :P 15:07
[Coke] Altai-man: can you submit that branch as a PR for examples? 15:08
Altai-man: I assume the end result is we get nice examples somewhere, so let's update them in place for now, and if they end up in docs, fine. 15:09
Altai-man [Coke], sure, note it's only half baked (the web bit migration needs more tinkering).
[Coke] ah
it may be difficult to incorporate then. I'll see what I can do. I think I want to get the site generating again (at least once by hand), then we can pull in those bits. Thanks, looks like you did a lot of stuff already. 15:10
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Altai-man no PR needed then? 15:10
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[Coke] if it still has more work, I'll see about going the other way and rebasing the branch on master. 15:11
then we can get the branch to a decent merge point.
looks like a lot of good stuff so far, though, thanks.
Geth examples: Altai-man++ created pull request #89:
[Coke] (y) 15:12
Altai-man [Coke], opened one, feel free to tinker one.
[Coke] Thanks!
Sorry if I'm stepping on toes. I just wanted to fix the Euler issue and then yak shaving started.
Altai-man no-no, I know how it goes 15:13
it's a long story though
the thing is, my main concern about this repo is the website looking silly
[Coke] Agreed, could use a facelift just on styles (but also a bunch of other stuff) 15:14
Altai-man it's not about contents being outdated or something, it just looks very 2009 and IMO does the opposite to attracting new users. creates a negative image? maybe this fits
[Coke] I think it's the same as an older version of docs.
Altai-man so I wanted to completely remake it, did some work
[Coke] Is that in this branch? 15:15
Altai-man [Coke], we don't have a "new" version of docs, it's exactly the same design. :P
[Coke], no, no UI changes in my branch, only content.
But then people said "Oh, why bother with this, just improve the docs".
So I went and re-imagined the docs website, fixing the silly UI, broken search, added modern features etc 15:16
then it was ditched with insults and bikeshedding 15:17
thus we have docs from 2009 and examples from 2009
but what I think is that if we have it this way
then fixing docs tickets (like missing documentation bits! please, write docs, folks) is more efficient towards users 15:18
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Altai-man just my 100 cents on this 15:18
[Coke] I've done most of what I'm doing with docs. I also had meta issues there. 15:21
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[Coke] Altai-man: Between the two of us, maybe we can make some progress on both fronts. 15:22
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melezhik . 15:30
. 15:31
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mfiano This is the third day I spent all day reading Raku literature, and at this point I got a pretty good idea of the language. I just want to take this time to express my intense excitement over this wonder language. Thanks to the team and community! 16:03
[Coke] ... I'm glad you're still here after three days of that. :) 16:04
We're glad to have you.
mfiano I'm old and have used several dozen languages over the years. I can honestly say I have only been this excited over 2 languages before. 16:05
Thanks :)
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RaycatWhoDat mfiano: I thought I recognized your name. You're one of the Lispers, yeah? 16:14
mfiano RaycatWhoDat: Yeah, for a long time. 16:17
RaycatWhoDat o7 16:18
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mfiano There is only 1 thing I don't agree with about the language so far, but that may change. 16:28
Normally languages that have multiple dispatch do not associate methods with classes...they are separate toplevel constructs. I can't see would want to couple behavior to state like this, as it is much less flexible. 16:30
Altai-man mfiano, there is no need to associate methods with classes.
mfiano There is no need to even allow it is my point. 16:31
Altai-man ah
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mfiano With multimethods, classes only need to contain state (their instances' attributes) 16:31
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Altai-man m: my &m = method ($a) { say self + $a }; m(42, 42).say 16:32
camelia 84
mfiano method dispatch selection determines which classes are involved
Altai-man at least this is possible if I understood what you mean
MasterDuke you can also have multi subs
mfiano I'll keep this oddity in my mind while I continue reading more about the language. It was just 1 thing that stuck out at me, being familiar with several languages with multiple dispatch 16:34
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melezhik . 17:08
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lizmat the new logs server is now live: logs.liz.nl/home.html 19:00
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Petr what happened with Rakudo.js ? Last publish 2 years ago... 20:11
lizmat small bus factor and lack of time I guess
Petr clear. Thanks ) 20:14
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berber44 mfiano: could you name the language with multiple dispatch methods as top constructs? I want to study more about it. 20:52
As for the Raku's binding methods to classes, I think that just because most users are accustomed to this, since this how things are in the top 5 or more languages 20:55
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berber44 my understanding is that you meant CLOS or maybe Julia 21:14
Nemokosch what is Rakudo.js anyway? 21:17
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timo it's a port of rakudo and nqp to javascript. it compiles nqp and raku code to javascript, and has a runtime to make all of it work 21:25
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melezhik lizmat - the log server has a very nice design! 21:28
lizmat thank you :-)
melezhik if this a permanent url?
lizmat I will pass it on to the designer :-)
no, it's still in beta
melezhik ah, ok
lizmat until I really think it's production ready, I will be more vocal about it
and it will probably get a URL under raku.org or raku.rocks 21:29
melezhik logs page also looks really neat
timo ooh that "gist" feature is cool
it's kind of an evolution of the summary feature from ilbot2?
lizmat I guess :-)
timo instead of storing it on the server, you just edit the URL with the data in it with the buttons 21:30
though it's easier in the summary mode since there you turn on checkboxes for every line and need one click per line instead of two
melezhik oh, it's even has a calendar, all the bells and whistles ... ))
SixPairsOfFeet menu spills out 21:32
timo cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/633...nknown.png 21:33
lizmat if you find any issues, please make an issue for it on: github.com/lizmat/App-Raku-Log/issues
timo: yes, I know... above my current layout paygrade I'm afraid 21:34
it was quite a journey from me doing HTML seriously for the first time in 15 years, coming from HTML 0.9 basically :)
melezhik yeah, html is never easy thing ))) 21:35
logs.liz.nl/raku/live.html works fine ... cool 21:36
lizmat server restart to fix search options on home page in mobile mode
timo there's a max-height: 450px rule for dropdown content 21:38
that's what makes the box too small
with "overflow: hidden scroll" you can get a scrollbar for up/down scrolling and keep the maximum size 21:39
not sure if a maximum size in actual pixels is a good choice, no clue how that interacts with hidpi and the like
lizmat timo++ # added that to the CSS, and put live. A reload should now give you scrollbar 21:43
timo "scrollbar" interpreted as german kind of translates as "scrollable" 21:45
lizmat calls it a day 21:47
keep those issues and PRs coming in github.com/lizmat/App-Raku-Log/issues :-) 21:48
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tbrowder lizmat: great work (and lots of it) on the historical irc logs! 22:18
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Petr how to call C lib function? 23:38
Mondenkind docs.raku.org/language/nativecall 23:39
RaycatWhoDat Nativecall
Yeah, that
Petr where can I find examples? 23:40
RaycatWhoDat I mean, that page has quite a bit of working code 23:41
Petr Thanks! ) 23:45
RaycatWhoDat gist.github.com/RayMPerry/90da6c76...0fa3c2248c
The code there is really 80% of what you need
Petr exactly what i need! thanks again )) 23:47