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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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Petr i found C++ examples - andrewshitov.com/2020/01/08/callin...interface/ 00:12
can be useful to someone
[Coke] .seen rba 00:14
tellable6 [Coke], I saw rba 2021-09-03T18:05:21Z in #raku: <rba> Good step for the YAS
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Petr How create string pointer aka const LPCSTR? 02:45
Solved )) 02:50
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Geth doc: 14c834c4c0 | (Daniel Sockwell)++ (committed by Juan Julián Merelo Guervós) | doc/Language/typesystem.pod6
Clarify that enum iteration is unordered

Because enums are Maps, they do not iterate in any defined order. But the docs didn't mention this, and provided an example that suggested ordered iteration. This commit adds a note to that effect and updates the example
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/typesystem
Geth doc: 2a1c3781d6 | (Daniel Sockwell)++ (committed by Juan Julián Merelo Guervós) | doc/Language/typesystem.pod6
Correct statement re: cause of unordered iteration

My previous commit stated that `enum`s provide unordered iteration because they _are_ `Map`s. That is incorrect. `enum`s provide unordered iteration because the relevant iteration methods _create_ a corresponding `Map` to iterate over.
This commit corrects that misstatement.
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Geth doc/master: 5 commits pushed by (JJ Merelo)++ 10:30
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rba [Coke]: Did you search me? 11:14
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[Coke] rba: hi 12:20
rba: is examples.raku.org one of the site you're doing admin on? 12:21
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mfiano Hello all 12:36
I have a nitpick about some syntax, that is unlikely to change, but still bothers me enough to say something :)
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sena_kun raydiak, hi. Not sure why do you want to unsubscribe from the issue, I hope my latest reply has cleared a possible misunderstanding a bit. 12:54
MasterDuke mfiano: what syntax? 12:57
mfiano "class Z is A is B is C does D does E does F {}" instead of "class Z is A, B, C does D, E, F {}" is not only more verbose, but it reads as if A and B, and B and C are relatives, when they may be disjoint. 12:58
rba [Coke]: yes. examples.raku.org is on one of my servers 13:02
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guifa o/ 14:19
One of my modules tests suddenly started failing on me, and I'm investigating through my port of C code. And so I feel like I've asked this question but … is there a way to do a multidimensional native array and neatly set it? like array[int32] @foo = (1,2,3,4), (5,6,7,8)? 14:20
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raydiak sena_kun: So, where I got hung up was that some of the errors there really should be addressed even if you don't immediately see visible breakage. Web broswers try extraordinarily hard to not reveal problems. It's like writing perl 5 without using strict and warnings. Everything seems fine until it isn't, under some combination of browser and platform that you haven't tested, or you make some change that seems 16:07
harmless and it causes a mysterious bug, or whatever
As such, it seemed rather dismissive to ask about visible problems, point out what I already had about some validator warnings being harmless, and not say anything about any of the specifics I highlighted. It seemed more like a response I'd expect from a salesman, if you can see what I mean.
That said, I was fully aware that I could be reading attitudes into your comment which were not intended. So I decided that instead of continuing to take things the wrong way and make a jerk out of myself, it would be best for me to disengage, since my point was that you could be getting useful feedback from the validator and javascript console, which doesn't require my involvement anyway.
I hope that makes sense. I neither assumed that I should or shouldn't be offended, I just decided to stop pursuing it. I hope I didn't cause you any undue stress, and again, I do very much appreciate what you've done on that project, and all the other work you do in our community.
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[Coke] rba: Looks like it's not built automatically - can we kick off a manual build against master for examples? 16:53
sena_kun raydiak, I think we are not quite on the same page. You say "and not say anything about any of the specifics I highlighted" but I wrote "As for the warnings, we will address the bogus ones" as the second thing in my reply. This doesn't look to me like "nothing". As for my question about visual issues, that's due to me assuming people stumble upon bugs and then they start to investigate to save up some time and post problem B instead of problem A. 17:00
It's interesting in your reply you have this: "Maybe that's why the search form throws a JS error on sumbit" and "maybe that's why someone on IRC was reporting elements stacking in the wrong Z order under certain circumstances". 17:01
So there are bugs I asked about and welcomed to report! But a question about them is now dismissive.
With warnings or not, we certainly want to look at the visible ones (e.g. neither of those two I can reproduce with the steps I tried) and it's a cool thing to report them. :) 17:03
In any case, we severely lack web devs here, so any spare expertise and other efforts would help a lot IMO, booing others away is something I am familiar with and the last thing I can intend. 17:04
raydiak the js error is in the js console, not visible unless you open that and look for it. search still works anyway, for whatever reason. I didn't see it until I was checking something else to write that comment. if you were being dismissive as I erroneously suspected, I would have expected to get the same resonse about that as the validator 17:05
the other thing was not my observation to report, it was someone elses. I haven't even tried it on mobile yet, which I think is what whoever it was was talking about 17:06
lizmat raydiak: thank you for your efforts and your time 17:08
and of course sena_kun as well...
I will look at the search JS error, that should be easy to fix :) 17:09
raydiak when I say specifics, I mean I was pointing out particular points that you had no particular responses to. even lizmat was asking you specifically about the duplicated IDs in that thread, which you at the time hadn't said anything about. I'm not saying you did anything wrong, I'm just trying to explain where my perceptions went askew. I put the fault entirely on myself after sleeping on it
lizmat I'm not sure... but I know at least two of us in this conversation do not have english as their first language :-) 17:11
subtleties can be missed / misinterpreted / etc.
sena_kun No worries, maybe my reply was too morning one. As long as we can clear any misunderstanding it should be fine enough to move forward.
lizmat yes, *that* I would really like to do :-)
re mobile: on my iPhone, the channel pulldown doesn't work *except* on the day view 17:12
now, if I make my browser window as small as a mobile phone on my MBP, it *does* work
so I'm a bit flabbergasted... 17:13
raydiak that's really all I'm trying to do, is explain what I misunderstood so you can maybe forgive me and not think of me as a jerk...too much :)
lizmat people would have to do a lot to become a jerk in my book :-)
but then, you will find it hard to get rid of that classification in my book :-)
raydiak fair enough :) 17:14
sena_kun I don't think I do (think of someone as) and state it explicitly, the rest is up to anyone's self-judgment mechanism. 17:16
mfiano Does Ovid come around these parts? 17:18
lizmat mfiano: I can't recall seeing Ovid on any #raku named channels 17:20
mfiano: which could very well be on account of my failing memory :-)
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mfiano I see. I sent a message on Twitter thanking him and he responded. 17:21
His recent talk at fosdem sold raku for me very well
Also you sigil talk was very nice too :)
lizmat mfiano: I'm glad to hear, on both accounts :-)
mfiano I'm glad to be here learning this wonderful language with such a great community. It's very freeing, having been locked to a single language for decades. 17:23
Geth doc: eb9cd09926 | Coke++ | util/sort-words.raku
Add utility to sort word listings.

Not everyone's `sort` is the same :(
doc: 426a25970c | Coke++ | xt/pws/code.pws
Sort as expected
lizmat sena_kun: fwiw, I've just put your fixes live 17:34
sena_kun lizmat++ 17:35
I'll get more fixes for the mobile view of home page.. ready when they're ready. 17:36
lizmat ++sena_kun
sena_kun by the way, what do you think about less padding between messages?
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lizmat sena_kun: I think you've misunderstood my intent... I tried to make it clear in a comment on the issue 17:38
sena_kun lizmat, I see, this one would be harder to do properly than what I suggested. :) 17:40
lizmat well... it would be easy to add an additional "same-nick" class on the <tr> to which this applies 17:41
would that make it easier ?
[Coke] what's the new log url again? 17:44
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lizmat [Coke] it's the same: logs.liz.nl 17:45
guifa whoa 17:48
One of my tests just failed on new-disp. Did something change with native number handling?
sena_kun guifa, please report!
guifa (there's nothing particularly weird in the module, and it's only one test so it's going to take a while to track down) 17:49
sena_kun well, golfing it down will help a lot
guifa sena_kun: not confirmed it's a native issue yet — it's in some code I ported from C so I'll try to golf it
well, first I have to figure out the exact issue, then I'll try to golf 17:50
[Coke] when you say "new-disp", you mean master/HEAD, aye?
guifa [Coke]: I'm going to test on master/HEAD next. But this build of new-disp was fairly close to the one that went to master/HEAD (new timezone data got released from IANA yesterday so I was pushing the update, and realized tests failed). Was cleaning up code and then thought to try to on my old install of 2021.01, and tests passed again. 17:52
Going to install master now, and see if error still crops up
[Coke] ok. 17:53
I just know there's been a few fixes since it was merged.
lizmat quite a few actually :-) 17:54
guifa is just excited to sit down with code. First weekend at home in months 17:55
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guifa Test still fails on master, time to find the source 18:03
japhb lizmat: Over 1000 commits across the three repos landed in this release. It's *huge*. :-) 18:15
lizmat yeah, new-disp is pretty impressive in that regards
although I came to: (at 922 commits and 335 files changed by 16 contributors) 18:16
El_Che that as many commits as bots on this channel :) 18:17
perryprog What release is this?
wow El_Che 18:18
guifa also good $deity I need to clean up some of this code
lizmat yeah, it's always nice to see how much you've improved yourself looking at older code :-) 18:22
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guifa part of it is also that it's a port of industry-standard C code. I don't want to Raku-ify it too much because then if changes are made in the original, it'll be harder to update accordingly 18:23
and so it's probably an indictment of 80s-era C code that's designed to run on everything under the sun
but I really should have commented more =/ 18:24
lizmat ain't that the (universal) truth :-) 18:26
guifa to new-disp's credit, it DID find two other little bugs of routines I called, they were in conditionals and I'm guessing old one just returnd a falsy value and I got no warning 18:30
I am wondering though how quickly I should embrace the new-disp stuff. It lets timezones work exactly as I'd always imagined it working BUT with the huge caveat that it would totally break on previous versions. I don't think it can be reasonably version guarded either. 18:31
japhb lizmat: Ah, I was going off git describe counts -- I'm guessing it includes things that aren't source commits. 18:34
El_Che lizmat: nice log site 18:41
lizmat: the shopping cart is funny
lizmat El_Che: thank you
well, it stIll needs some polishing :-)
the idea is that you will be shopping for messages :-) 18:42
El_Che So. all that coding to passive-aggresively telling me I talk to much? :)
ugexe you can buy NFTs of your favorite irc messages 18:44
guifa buying with... rakuin?
El_Che ugexe++ 18:46
guifa (nah, that doesn't quite work.... Racoin? Raku Inu? Rakureum? I'll let myself out)
ugexe camelia coin? 18:47
guifa bingo 18:49
El_Che ttps://www.rakucoin.com/ 18:59
it exists already
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Petr Tested Rakudo on Windows WSL2 - works great! 22:29
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Voldenet unsurprising since wsl2 is basically a linux vm 23:21