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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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tbrowder hi, rakoons: \o/ 00:04
need some advice, having probs with testing using zef or mi6
when i rub 00:05
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tbrowder *run module tests with "raku -I lib t/*t" they run fine 00:06
but when i run either "mi6 test" or "zef test ." i get all tests ok but a failure because "parse error, subtest 1 has no plan" 00:08
afaik i have NO subtests
any ideas? i'll send a link in a mo 00:09
see github.com/tbrowder/DateTime-US.git 00:11
zef and mi6 are the latest versions 00:12
i'm probably doing something stupid and can't see it, but...
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ugexe maybe its TAP module 01:07
sounded like you had an old version installed a few days ago
to see if thats true try `zef test . --/tap-harness` 01:08
tbrowder thnx, nick... 01:17
wow, that did it! what just happened? 01:19
i thought i upgraded TAP...
i did, it's the latest p: 0.2.1 01:22
hm, and how does that affect the mi6 test failure? 01:33
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tbrowder if --/tap-harness disables the tap-harness plugin, how can it be removed? 01:46
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tbrowder otherwise it looks like my module testing is broken (and the same thing happens in git testing) 01:48
ugexe mi6 uses TAP to test i presume 01:51
you would remove it via `zef uninstall TAP` 01:52
but then mi6 probably wouldnt work
might be worth submitting a bug report to TAP 01:55
i get the same behavior
skaji if you remove this line github.com/tbrowder/DateTime-US/bl...eral.t#L8, then the test will pass. 01:56
tbrowder skaji: thnx 02:00
ok, that fixed it, but what is the underlying problem? 02:08
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patrickb o/ 07:33
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Mondenkind \o 07:35
patrickb Anyone around with admin permissions on the GitHub rakudo, Raku and MoarVM projects? 07:36
I need to have the raku ci bot app installed in those projects. 07:37
Hm... Actually I'd favor being given access to those accounts, as I otherwise have to make the app public, which I'd rather not like to... 07:42
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tbrowder hi, folks o/ 10:51
patrickb: sorry, can't help
but i would like help with testing code writing to stdout as was causing problems yesterday until skaji and ugexe helped find the problem 10:53
Altai-man patrickb, hi! I have what you ask about, how can I help? 10:54
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lizmat FOSDEM will only be online in 2022: fosdem.org/2022/news/2021-10-22-fo...line-2022/ 11:56
Altreus oooooo 11:58
I wonder whether I can still justify staying in the Warwick Barset 11:59
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ugexe tbrowder: try changing `DateTime::US.show;` to `diag DateTime::US.show;` 12:52
that should prefix the output in such a way that it wont be interpretted as TAP 12:53
tbrowder ok…
that didn't work, bummer 12:59
i'm just ignoring that test for a while, but thanks, very much anyway 13:00
ugexe oh right, .show is doing the `say`s 13:04
i guess you could use github.com/JJ/raku-io-capture-simple to capture the output so TAP never sees it 13:05
it has a Test::IO::Capture modules it looks like 13:06
Altreus IMO test frameworks should set that stuff up for you
ugexe although you probably would just want to use IO::Capture::Simple since using Test::IO::Capture would require you to test for the entire string it outputs
Altreus or at least offer it 13:07
ugexe im sure there are some test frameworks that do
Altreus I guess I'm thinking they should black-hole it (or at least diag() it) by default, but if you wanted to test stdout then you can just capture it yourself 13:08
tbrowder thnx for suggestions…will report what wrx 13:19
Altreus raku's stolen tbrowder's vowels!
irritable vowel syndrome? 13:20
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melezhik . 14:49
tbrowder vwls r a wst of tym mny tyms 14:57
ref test problem: would using "note" instead of "say" be better? 15:00
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tbrowder okey dokey, success! i used IO::Capture::Simple inside of a "lives-ok 15:15
japhb lizmat: logs.liz.nl returning blank pages? Or is it just for me? 15:16
tbrowder block and no failure. now i will improve the test a bit with inspecting the capture output
lizmat japhb: home page works for me? 15:17
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lizmat ah, but after that bang 15:17
[Coke] logs.liz.nl/raku/2020-05-01.html gives a 500
tbrowder thanks so much skaji, ugexe, and Altreus
lizmat japhb: thanks for the nudge... fixed for now 15:19
[Coke] lizmat: logs.liz.nl/moarvm/2021-10-22.html - geth messages have an unprintable char in them. Not sure if that's on me or the page. 15:23
(e.g. on the last one, it's right after the word "callstack"
Altreus IO::Capture::Simple sounds like my sort of module 15:24
tbrowder: I think I only threw in tangential suggestions but yay!
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lizmat [Coke] yeah, it looks like Geth is putting control characters in the messages :-( 15:25
trying to figure out the best way how to deal with that
ugexe m: { my $out; temp $*OUT = class :: { method print($str) { $out ~= $str } }; say 42; }; say 43;
lizmat Altreus: have you looked at silently ?
camelia 43
Altreus lizmat: nyet 15:26
is it a role :D
lizmat no, it is a sub :-)
Altreus aw, can't do thing() but silently; 15:27
eh I guess you couldn't anyway
tbrowder Altreus: i agree, i’m putting that module in my goto list for testing as well as maybe other needs in future
[Coke] lizmat: when filtering, the first timestamp can be omitted (presumaly timestamps are done first, then filtering is done.)
so on this channel, filtered for me, only the second message shows the time. 15:28
lizmat yeah, that's a side effect of thefiltering 15:29
please make an issue for it :-)
[Coke] lizmat: minor usability item: once a filter is set, it appears to be universal. I was surprised just now doing a search that had result dates, but clicking through was empty (I quickly figured out it was because I had filtered on my nick earlier) - maybe if there was an icon to indicate filtering was active. 15:42
lizmat issue please :-)
[Coke] also: search for "motie" doesn't find anything despite there being a match in #moarvm yesterday 15:43
#23 15:45
melezhik funny, when I click on `#23` I gets connected to channel 23 )) 15:46
in my browser irc client 15:47
lizmat [Coke] that's probably because you selected "as words"
it does find "motie" when searching with "containing"
[Coke] thought I switched that. 15:49
j 15:50
oh. it's searching per channel, didn't even realize. 15:51
user error, I guess. Thanks.
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tbrowder someone please remind me: given a module with class methods as well as some exported subs with the same name as methods, should the methods use the subs for definition or vice versa? thnx 17:50
lizmat the subs should use the methods 17:54
that way someone can add another candidate sub to special stuff, dispatch will then do the right thing
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tbrowder lizmat: okey, dokey, as bing cosby (ithanks 19:40
*once sang "thanks for the memory"
*crosby 19:41
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melezhik now one can give "likes" to reviews on mybfio 22:49
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melezhik Uploaded file: uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/5fe3c944...005_c.jpeg 22:49
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Mondenkind still thinks everything should use multis 23:02
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Nemokosch what is this ACTION 23:42