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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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eof is there a limit on heredoc sentinel length? I'm inclined to say there isn't. 02:35
unfortunately for the purposes of an expirement I am doing with treesitter, I need to at least impose an artificial one for the parser... 02:36
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MasterDuke Xliff_: ping 07:34
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patrickb m: say $NonExistent::var; 09:20
camelia (Any)
patrickb o/
Is there an obvious way to make such variable accesses error? 09:21
lizmat messing with the AT-KEY in a meta-class ? 09:22
patrickb Hm. Thanks. I think I'll go a different route then. 09:34
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RaycatWhoDat Morning. I seem to be having trouble with inputs this morning. 14:45
I'm doing something akin to `loop { my $name = prompt; redo unless $name ~~ $regex }` 14:46
actually, no, it's not a `$regex`, it's a subset with a where clause that uses a regex 14:47
So, closer to this: `subset Command of Str where * ~~ /:i ^ EXIT $ /; loop { my $command = prompt; redo unless $command ~~ Command; }` 14:48
Said code only loops and doesn't ever break. What am I missing.
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dakkar RaycatWhoDat#0001: wild guess, a newline? 14:53
oh, no, `prompt` removes the newline already
oh, no, `prompt` removes the newline already 14:54
RaycatWhoDat#0001: suggestion: replace that `prompt` with `prompt(">")` or something similar 15:01
there's a *separate* bug in that loop, in that it doesn't detect EOF 15:02
then, the real bug: `redo unless …` should probably be `last if ...`
the loop will loop until you exit it, but you are never exiting, you're just looping in a different way 15:03
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dakkar RaycatWhoDat: subset Command of Str where * ~~ /:i ^ EXIT $ /; loop { my $command = prompt(">>") // last; last if $command ~~ Command; say "I will do <$command>" } 15:04
tellable6 dakkar, I'll pass your message to RaycatWhoDat
RaycatWhoDat I see it
dakkar `re
`redo` is pretty uncommon, in my experience 15:05
Nemokosch `redo` is basically continue, isn't it 15:06
Juerd loves redo for retries 15:12
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Anton Antonov Hi! I plan to make a Raku package / repository that generates random data, like, vectors of random words or pet names, or random tabular datasets. Right now I am using the working name `Data::RandomDataGenerators` and there are sub-modules like `Data::RandomDataGenerators::RandomWord` and `Data::RandomDataGenerators::RandomPretentiousJobTitle`. I think that maybe it would be better to use the more gen 17:56
lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2021/10/25/2021-43-thank-you/ 18:01
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melezhik SmokeMachine you can announce the need of help with Red using "help wanted" comment on mybfio, as an example - mybf.io/project/mybfio/reviews 19:03
the "raise hand" icon will stick to a project in the listing for a month 19:04
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SmokeMachine melezhik: thanks! Good to know! 19:06
melezhik: fone! Thanks! 19:13
melezhik mybfio might be slow at the moment, I am trying to fix that ... 19:15
SmokeMachine++ 19:16
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melezhik I switched mybfio to `2021.10` version 19:26
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tbrowder melezhic: have you thought about renaming your code site to something easier to remember? 20:03
i want to link to it on the Raku.org website if no one objects 20:04
melezhik: (sorry) ^^^ 20:06
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gfldex CIAvash: did you consider to create a multi on-the-fly in PatternMatching? 20:50
melezhik tbrowder - do you mean having easier to pronounce dsn name? 20:52
CIAvash gfldex: no, how would it look like? and what are the benefits? error when no candidate is matched? 21:01
melezhik I might change dns in the future, right now I am not sure I am ready to book a "permanent" dns, name, will it be difficult to change it later on raku site and meanwhile use the current one? 21:02
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gfldex CIAvash: I got something in my blog. If that works you need to catch the default exception and emit the one defined in your module. gfldex.wordpress.com/2021/04/21/re...g-a-wheel/ 21:04
CIAvash Will look into it, I need to go to bed now 🙂 21:09
gfldex sweet dreams then
CIAvash thanks 21:10
tbrowder melezhik: yes 21:29
no, changing will not be a problem 21:30
thnx 21:31
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tbrowder whatever happened to the bot that announced new module releases? 23:35
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