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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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lizmat Ecosystem::Archive is just code for maintaining github.com/lizmat/REA 00:01
El_Che japhb: I think users without Internet have already a flow in process (it can be as simple as a tar)
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lizmat ok, I think I found the reason: 00:03
El_Che japhb: my team is very security focussed and we look in detail what we pull (dockers images, software + shsum etc) but we don't close to the internet. THe running containers, in contrast, are heavily firewalled
lizmat the script I was using to load the module, had a "use v6.*" in it
without it, it doesn't re-precompile
oops, wrong channel 00:04
El_Che in the no-internet scenario, it sounds to me like star is used like a poor man's Carton (metacpan.org/pod/Carton)
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tbrowder ugexe: zef is not finding the new Geo::Location 10:58
tellable6 2021-10-28T03:16:27Z #raku <melezhik> tbrowder can we change mybfio slogan to "Friendly Software Reviews Network" ? (on raku.org page)
tbrowder uploaded to cpan yesterday
.tell ugexe ^^^ 11:05
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to ugexe
lizmat tbrowder: zef installs it fine for me
raku.land also shows it
and it's in the archive now
tbrowder hm, i see it in archive, maybe i need to upgrade zef... 11:06
lizmat zef update 11:08
tbrowder update? ok... 11:10
did that, no change. on two of my hosts zef is not seeing new version of Geo::Location 11:11
do i need to nuke some zef thing? 11:12
lizmat zef uninstall Geo::Location / zef install Geo::Location ?
tbrowder tried that, too, no help 11:14
bummer... 11:15
i'll try asking for the ver
that worked, weird! 11:17
i may inadvertently be the culprit: during dev i couldn't wait for cpan and zef installed from the repo. 11:18
but later i zef uninstalled it. 11:19
lizmat ah, yes... that can confuse things, I know from experience :-)
tbrowder gotcha 11:20
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andinus does .hyper/.race make difference when using it in `for` loop? 12:16
lizmat personally, I like to use it with .map for clarity 12:17
the syntax of hyper / race with for is a bit iffy, imo :-)
andinus ah, i could use map but the job i'm doing is not really for .map 12:18
its takign inputs, generating images
^ does this seem like a thing for .map? i havent map like this before 12:20
lizmat well, anything that is a stream of data that you can process in parallel 12:21
my %hash = @inputs.hyper.map: { ....; key => value } 12:22
is a common idiom
andinus i see, makes sense, thanks! 12:27
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[Coke] reinstalled xcode - macports still complains it's broken (OS 11.6) 13:57
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[Coke] wonders when .NET MAUI is going to land 16:48
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melezhik I am reading this - github.com/lizmat/IRC-Client/blob/...ference.md , how can I use SASL authentication? 16:50
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melezhik ^^ lizmat 16:51
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melezhik looks like this - github.com/lizmat/IRC-Client/blob/...nce.md#new 16:52
password? 16:53
lizmat github.com/lizmat/IRC-Client/blob/...d#password 16:54
yes, I'd think so, yes
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melezhik still no luck, even after passing a password ... 17:01
gist.github.com/melezhik/a287c22cc...22bfefcefb 17:02
lizmat melezhik: I have no immediate idea 17:04
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melezhik sure, no rush 17:04
this is how I run irc client via Raku
btw the login/password works for me if I use web client 17:05
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El_Che lo 17:06
lizmat melezhik: if you add a `say %*ENV<LIBERA_SASL_PASSWORD>` before that, does that say what you expect ? 17:07
melezhik I am checking this right now, let me see
lizmat alsoL if you want to test your bot, I've set up a #bottest channel for taht
melezhik yeah, password is set and passed to the script 17:08
thanks will use that one
however I guess is taken place _before_ I join a channel, right?
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lizmat hmmm... maybe you're logged in already somehow with that username ? 17:10
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melezhik no, in that case Libera gives you an error - nickname is already taken 17:12
it's basically IP based restriction, requiring some IP address use SSAL authent
libera.chat/guides/sasl#sasl-acces...-ip-ranges 17:13
lizmat hmmm.. but the web client, would also work on your IP ?
melezhik I am by the way not required to authenticate at all when run irc bot from MY laptop (it has different IP)
but this is the case when I run irc bot from mybf.io host 17:14
which has another IP
lizmat melezhik: the only thing I can say at this point, is to make an issue for it
melezhik and yeah basically my web client (browser) has the same *white listed* IP as my laptop
lizmat maybe other people will immediately recognize with the problem is]
melezhik so issue for who? 17:15
lizmat fwiw, I'm not completely "at home" in the IRC::Client codebase
github.com/lizmat/IRC-Client/issues/new 17:16
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El_Che .tell AntonOks I started playing with your ps1 workflow (without knowing much ps) :) 21:29
tellable6 El_Che, I'll pass your message to AntonOks
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melezhik .tell lizmat - github.com/lizmat/IRC-Client/issues/65 22:33
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to lizmat
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whatnext hello all :) Anyone know if there is any new development on this issue: "Cannot find method 'EXISTS-KEY' on 'BOOTHash': no method cache and no .^find_method" (while using Inline::Python) ? 23:15
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[Coke] Is there an issue open for that one? I remember it from chat, but haven't heard anything on it 23:23
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nahstra How do I keep chaining when I need to remove a value? .splice ruins my chain :( 23:48
[Coke] m: my @a = <1 2 3 4 5>; (@a.splice(2,3, <7 8 9>), @a).head.say 23:50
camelia [3 4 5]
nahstra danke 23:51
[Coke] that's not right. :)
m: my @a = <1 2 3 4 5>; (@a.splice(2,3, <7 8 9>) && @a).head.say 23:52
camelia 1
[Coke] That works I feel it might not be nuanced enough.
(like maybe I made a mistake but it still worked.)
but, basically, since splice returns what you deleted, you need to force the part of the chain to pass along the array itself, not the result of the splice. 23:53
nahstra right with the && 23:55
[Coke] honestly I'm surprised that worked. :) 23:56
m: my @a = <1 2 3 4 5>; dd (@a.splice(2,3, <7 8 9>) && @a) 23:57
camelia Array @a = [IntStr.new(1, "1"), IntStr.new(2, "2"), IntStr.new(7, "7"), IntStr.new(8, "8"), IntStr.new(9, "9")]
[Coke] Yah, it seems to be doing the right thing.
nahstra I should prob just split it up over a couple lines anyways '=D just started learning an hour ago, raku is fun (y) 23:59
[Coke] Agreed!