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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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SmokeMachine .tell whatnext Would you mind to test it? I think it will make your code work (I still have a lot to review and probably fix, but probably that problem Is fixed): github.com/FCO/Red/pull/526 01:04
tellable6 SmokeMachine, I'll pass your message to whatnext
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fiyorin hi, there's a old link at "raku.org/resources/", please update "Metagenomics, by Ken Youens-Clark (published, ebook)" -> kyclark.gitbooks.io/metagenomics/content/ 08:40
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Geth raku.org: 70ec7aafcd | Altai-man++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | source/resources/index.html
Update broken url, fiyorin++ for noting
sena_kun fiyorin, thanks!
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timo codesections: not sure if you can sensibly edit the post on news.perlfoundation.org, but there's a typo here: "But a scalar a container" 12:55
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timo "plus an Erlang)-style error recovery strategy" - either a typo, or a fork of erlang i didn't know about that takes inspiration from Sunn o))) 12:58
"when user input that doesn't produce valid output" ... "is sent"? "when the user inputs something"? 12:59
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timo codesections: with the bouncing ball application, structural sharing doesn't give a benefit, right? since all balls change their position on every frame? 13:09
now if we stored a position + direction + time-offset value for every ball in the frames as well as a top-level time, the inner frame data would only ever change individual balls when they bounce 13:11
but that's quite possibly not acceptable for the exercise any more
Xliff Sunn o)))? 13:19
Wow! Last place I expected to see that name! LOL
timo Erlang o))) 13:21
Cro))) 13:23
Raku»ö« 13:29
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pmurias hi! 13:49
how are things in Raku land? anything exciting happening lately? 13:50
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Xliff pmurias! Hi! 13:51
new-disp dropped.
(new dispatch) 13:52
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tbrowder howdy, thnx to todd i have a starting pt for a doc section on installing raku on ms windows. i think it should be in a prominent place and am looking for suggestions. i will convert it to pod so i think it should be part of docs and then have a link on the raku.org site somewhere. 16:03
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tonyo tbrowder: a section in the readme of the repo would be best i think github.com/rakudo/rakudo#building-...ing-rakudo 17:04
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Skarsnik Hello. Was there a way a to mark some block of code to be treated at something else like Raku? I think something like Inline::C ? 17:53
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timo Skarsnik: i do believe we have a Slang::SQL 18:18
Skarsnik ah that neat 18:19
My goal is to write snes asm directly in the raku file (to be 'compiled', not run) 18:20
tonyo compiled how? 18:30
Skarsnik into bytecode. Like I write my Buf $trigger-door = snes lda $45; sta $42; jmp $4850; 18:41
and that give me correct bytecode x)
tbrowder tonyo: roger, i'll give that a try... 18:43
i think it would be best to put it in a separate md file there, something like WINDOWS-INSTALL.md, and refer/link to it in the main README.md 18:48
thoughts? 18:49
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timo Skarsnik: you can do that. you'll probably want a clear terminator symbol for your slanged pieces, but after that you'll have a piece of raku grammar that you splice into the existing raku grammar 18:52
Skarsnik I wonder if could tag a sub to do that? like sub trigger-door is SNES ($door-id) { lda %door-id; sta $42; jsl $4820} 18:54
tbrowder lss 19:01
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Skarsnik (timo is like, "What weird bug he will find again?") 19:10
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timo :) :) 19:20
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tonyo Skarsnik: if you want that it might be easier to get with just writing `lda|sta|jmp` functions to convert that into byte code, you could do a slang for it too though - that'd be realllllllll easy 20:51
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[Coke] (instructions on installing on windows) - definitely incorporate into the existing instructions, which I thought were OK. 21:23
(but i do my own build on windows, so I may not be following them directly) 21:24
Skarsnik I think I installed rakudo-star for Comma to have it working on Windows, but I use raku in WSL x) 21:31
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Skarsnik it's weird you don't add a grammar for slang, but a role x) 21:51
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Skarsnik $*LANG not in the documentation :(- 22:01
this is interesting 22:06
skarsnik@DESKTOP-UIA12T1:/mnt/f/Project/QUsb2snes/tests/usb2snes-tests/raku-tests$ raku test-snes.raku
Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null; VMNull)
gfldex Do we doc `%a »+« %d` somewhere?
Or any hyper on Hash for that matter? 22:07
Skarsnik timo, look, I found a weird error! xD 22:15
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Skarsnik hm, it does not happen again now 23:41
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