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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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tbrowder i’m looking at creating a raku module from perl/c components licensed under lgplv3. anything i should watch out for. essentially all i’m doing is converting the algorithms to raku. 00:37
i’ve never had to worry about lgpl3 and am not a lawyer. 00:38
[Coke] Are you doing this for a company? Do you expect to be able to make money on it, keep the source private? 00:41
if any of those questions are yes then you might want to consult someone.
</not legal advice>
(we always have to consult legal for anything, but gpl basically gets rejected and lgpl gets a very serious examination) 00:43
qorg11 how to use unix sockets in raku? 00:50
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moon-child tbrowder: I think there may be legal complications if you do not license the raku module under lgplv3 01:23
tbrowder: you may want to look into clean-room reverse engineering. Will require somebody else to help you
tbrowder it’s for a public module 01:36
so just keeping same license should work i assume. my only concern was the conversion and some of the legal lingo about mods and such. 01:39
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Xliff Is there a way to tell if a CArray was allocated by Raku? 05:02
If not, what would be the best way to add such a feature?
moon-child could make your own table of them
Xliff moon-child: No, you can't. 05:05
It would not be sufficient.
I don't want to call .elems on a C-allocated CArray. That will crash the script.
And I don't want to deal with a table as said table might be out of scope when you need it. 05:06
Unless said table is kept as a class value within the CArray type, itself.
*sigh* -- the logic I need is in nqp. 05:07
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jjatria I've been playing around with AI::FANN, which seems to be very unmaintained, and I've made a bunch of changes to it. Now I'm wondering if there's a Raku equivalent to adopting a dist, specially since this is apparently a community module 🤔 10:42
I mean, I _could_ just release with a new auth. But I'd rather fix the dist we have 10:43
El_Che jjatria: you are welcomed to adopt a community module as fair as I know 10:55
lizmat jjatria: yes, if you want to take over maint of it yes 11:01
jjatria Sweet :D
El_Che *far
jjatria How does that work then?
lizmat I could move the repo to your github ID so you have the whole history
El_Che over to lizmat
jjatria El_Che++ 11:02
I guess we're not there yet with zef having org support
But in the end, the net effect will still be a release with a different auth, I guess 11:03
lizmat IMO that's fine 11:04
as in Raku you can decide which auth of a module you would like to have
and if you don't, you definitely don't care :-) 11:05
El_Che if you transfer it, github will redirect the old url, which is nice 11:06
lizmat indeed... the same goes for renames of repos, btw
so if you want to change all of your p6- repos to raku- repos, that's fine 11:07
jjatria Ok, let's do that then. I already have a fork on my namespace. Would me deleting allow the move on your side, lizmat? 11:09
lizmat yes, it would
jjatria Ok, let me do that then 🏃 11:10
lizmat what's your github ID ? 11:11
jjatria jjatria, I'm boring like that :)
Poof, gone. Ready when you are
lizmat hhhmmm You can only transfer a repository from an organization to yourself at this time 11:12
I guess it will be a two-step process then
jjatria Thanks for taking the time!
lizmat or I could give you the right access
jjatria: should have an invite now 11:13
should have rights to move it to yourself now
jjatria Interesting. Ok, let me try
That worked :D Thanks a lot! 11:15
lizmat ok, good luck! 11:16
and thanks for the adoption!
El_Che jjatria: I would have expected 🐧jjatria! 11:20
jjatria I'll have to open a ticket so Gthub allows emoji in usernames :P 11:23
lizmat weekly: jjatria has adopted AI::FANN 11:27
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
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El_Che _weekly: the world-renowned programmer and philanthropist �jjatria has adopted AI::FANN 11:38
jjatria Now you'll make me blush 11:39
El_Che _weekly: the world-renowned programmer and philanthropist �jjatria has adopted AI::FANN: "the smile on the children's face is thank enough. And now fix utf8!" 11:40
.oO( schei� encoding )
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colemanx I'd like to make a CLI tool with beautiful help text 15:03
Does anyone have an argument parsing libary they can recommend?
Nemokosch Raku for the win 😄 15:04
colemanx Given that this is a parsing task, I suppose I should write my own :)
Nemokosch I mean... you know that sub MAIN() signatures generate a help automatically?
colemanx I am aware, and I suppose that would make for some interesting techniques in library and cli design 15:05
Nemokosch too bad xD
colemanx I have searched the modules listing. I see this one github.com/tbrowder/Opt-Handler 15:06
Is there a way to override the help text output of MAIN() signatures?
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Nemokosch again, all I know is that you can add some tricky comments that will be used as a description of the argument 15:08
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lizmat colemanx: perhaps raku.land/github:nxadm/SuperMAIN is what you're looking for 15:34
if not that module, then for inspiration?
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tbrowder colemanx: i would appreciate any suggestions on Opt::Handler. I stopped dev for other priorities but it was designed to fit my style of CLI programming. 15:53
for instance, checkout the required supporting module Abreviations 15:54
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colemanx Thank you both 16:24
tbrowder *Abbreviations (& you’re welcome) 16:35
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tbrowder ref a lgplv3 licensed module: should such a module be published in any of our normal places (cpan, fez)? 17:04
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tbrowder i, for one, almost expect our public modules are under the Artistic license, and don't always look closely (but I don't do this for a living now so am a little more casual...than younger rakuuns may be) 17:08
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lizmat tbrowder: not sure I understand the question? 18:08
you mean with changes ? 18:10
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lizmat 1 18:24
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tbrowder lizmat: i just wonder if it’s ok to publish a module in our normal places if it’s NOT under an Artistic license. 18:28
lizmat as long as it is under *an* open source license, I don't see any issue with that 18:29
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tbrowder ok, it’s clearly LGPL v3, so that should qualify i think 18:30
lizmat raku.land/cpan:TYIL/Config::Parser::toml does not have the Artistic license, e.g.
tbrowder ah, good example, thnx 18:31
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El_Che tbrowder: what is a normal place? 18:35
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El_Che I don't think Raku impose a license, but foss is certainly appreciated 18:36
ugexe licensing should be handled through policy, but i'm not sure ecosystems are really the place to enforce such policy. 18:38
El_Che you could do that in a distribution like star, by example 18:39
lizmat foo # just checking something :-)
El_Che jjatria: maybe it could be useful for some people to look for modules depending on the license 18:42
lizmat: I pitty the foo
lizmat and you should be... :-)
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El_Che we all learnt to fear lizmat's fury :) 18:51
tbrowder cpan, fez, and whatever the git-only thing is called 18:53
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avuserow hey folks, I'm having intermittent installation failures with zef where it tells me that it doesn't understand a `git://` URL. Sometimes it works fine though. Here's a gist of a failure: gist.github.com/avuserow/5abddce31...7d7054fa8d - any pointers on how to narrow this down? 19:19
it's running in a debian-based docker image, and it has wget, curl, tar, and git. not sure what else might be missing that zef would want. 19:20
ugexe github.com/ugexe/zef/blob/7d6b48db...#L104-L109 19:55
thats what fires that check 19:56
and yeah some heisenbug seemingly in rakudo causes this (either failing to spawn the process for some reason, or an issue with string handling) 19:57
github.com/ugexe/zef/issues/352 is an old issue with similar behavior 20:00
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[Coke] we can put any license in our ecosystems, I think. I would be much more concerned if we had something that was community maintained that wasn't Artistic 2.0 21:43
concerned in that we should discuss it first, not that I'd say no 21:44
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tbrowder [Coke]: that sounds reasonable to me 23:34
i’m still looking at the code i want to translate, but the authors have made a point to include voluminous boiler plate repeating words from lgpl into each individual perl script, and, although it’s scriptable, i hope it’s overkill and i can ignore it. 23:38
so lizmat’s pointer about Config::Parser::TOML is an example of one way to take care of LGPL reqs 23:42