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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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Xliff_ Soooo out of my p6-GLib suite, I've now added GEGL, which actually has a working fractal-explorer.... which I've ported to Raku! :D 04:28
Anyone have any interesting fractal parameters to animate?
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japhb Xliff_: Mandelbrot at these coordinates: github.com/ab5tract/Terminal-Print...ls.p6#L135 06:15
Curious what that looks like with a high-end program.
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Xliff_ japhb: Do those readily convert into x, y? 09:02
japhb: I'm using this implementation. I don't think it readily converts. 09:06
japhb: Goes by too fast for me to see! 16 zooms of 12608 pixels each in 1.234 seconds = 163423 pixels/second 09:21
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lizmat hmmm... stormy on the interwebs 11:56
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lizmat raku.land/zef:lizmat/App::Browser # if you like to be able to start a browser for a given url easily from your program or as a CLI 13:35
currently only really supports MacOS, PR's for other OS's are very welcome :-)
m6locks that + chromedriver and you'll be soon able to bruteforce website logins 13:37
Altai-man just must note raku.land looks very neatly, wow 13:40
Geth ecosystem: 0db7d0e993 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Remove Bailador from old ecosystem

It's been living on CPAN as well since version 0.0.15, and all versions after that are identical between the old ecosystem and the CPAN version.
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lizmat m6locks: I just got tired from copy pasting a URL into a browser field :-) 13:46
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m6locks nice, nice 13:46
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tbrowder lizmat: hi, are you now using mi6 for fez? 13:50
lizmat yes 13:51
add [UploadToZef] to your dist.ini file
tbrowder can you write a little blurp for
lizmat and adapt the auth your class statement 13:52
tbrowder ...i thought there was some issue about fez not respecting versions or something similar... 13:53
lizmat ? not sure what you mean
tbrowder i'll have to look back but tonyo i thought said something about not checking ver bewtween META6 and the auth line in the main lib module 13:55
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lizmat fwiw, all of my modules have been uploaded with mi6 to zef for the past month or so 13:56
tbrowder ok, sounds good. so you are first uploading to fez and then removing from cpan? 13:57
or wating for some period before removal? 13:58
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lizmat I haven't really removed my modules from CPAN yet 14:00
still working on a "backpan" like content provider
the content is already saved, btw 14:01
tbrowder cool, so i should, for each of my pub module repos do these 2 things: add the upload line to dist.ini, change auth line in module namesake module. 14:08
but how is email handled? 14:09
lizmat you need a fez login 14:12
it will be sent to the email address you specify when you register 14:13
but only if something went wrong (no news is good news)
tbrowder one 14:17
does fez create a dot file in one's home directory? 14:19
lizmat I think it does
tbrowder thanks!
lizmat .fez-config.json
jjatria El_Che: you mean search by license in raku.land? 14:24
lizmat: wow... that change you made pointing AI::FANN to my repo in the github ecosystem means there is now a "release" of my WIP :( 14:26
lizmat no, that's a consequence of github redirecting :-( 14:27
I ran into that myself with IRC::Client :-(
releasing a version to CPAN or zef should fix that
jjatria Unfortunate... Oh well: I guess I'll have to bump to 0.2.0 when the time comes :D
lizmat (with a higher version) 14:28
jjatria Thanks for the clarification
Incidentally, does anyone know of any examples of passing a callback from Raku to C using NativeCall? I'm struggling to figure out the wiring
lizmat if I hadn't changed it in the ecosystem, Github would still redirect and produce the same effect
I'd rather be explicit in that respect 14:29
jjatria Yeah, no worries. It's just another reason to move away from the Github eco, IMHO
It just caught me by surprise :)
lizmat it did me as well :-( 14:30
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tbrowder yo, someone needs to make an advent article on Telegram! @jj, among others, has contributed to it and it has a "Perl" bot example (really in "Perl6" which should be changed to "Raku"). 15:15
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tbrowder i haven't looked at it since it was first announced in 2013 but it looks interesting for my class website to replace the old twitter msg for announcements 15:21
i do have a .fez* from my original regis, but it doesn't show the email i used. 15:27
i assume fez doesn't send out that email anywhere else. 15:28
lizmat I only have a ~/.fez-config.json 15:29
maybe ugexe or tonyo can enlighten 15:30
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atroxaper Hello, #raku ! 16:45
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tbrowder lizmat: that's ok. two more questions ref zef/fez: 1. did you get the autoincrease in version number when you published to fez/zef? 2. can you point to or briefly describe use of fez/zef as opposed to cpan (i am finishing a pr to mi6 describing all this)? 16:49
atroxaper Does anybody meet an issue with Rakudo on the last macOS Monterey? Rakudo randomly does stuck in runtime. Without high CPU usage or any visible reason or clues. Even on 'zef install ...' or any other scripts. Rakudo v2021.09, v2021.10
lizmat atroxaper: there are several reports about various problems on Monterey afaik 16:51
mi6 takes care of the versioning, fez just uploads what it is told by mi6
apart from the changes in the auth and dist.ini, there are no differences wrt to mi6 16:52
atroxaper lizmat: A read the last Weekly about that on M1 mac. There are knows issues even on x86?
lizmat yes, afaik... something with NativeCall I believe, Monterey being stricter on what is allowed to link against ? 16:53
atroxaper Grrr... I would help with that if I can. 16:54
lizmat normally I would have been on Monterey already, but Apple basically froze me on Mojave because otherwise all of my media workflows won't work anymore :-( 16:55
so I'm also seriously considering moving to Debian or so for my next notebook 16:56
Apple appears to want to get rid of anything that's not strictly in the Apple garden 16:57
atroxaper Sorry about that...
lizmat why should you be sorry about that? :-)_ 17:00
atroxaper lizmat: As I understand in English that means that I feel sad about your problems and annoyance, for example :-) 17:07
Altreus Apple doesn't fall far from the tree
atroxaper: you might say "Sorry to hear that", but "sorry about that" means it's your fault :D 17:08
atroxaper Oh... Lost in Translation. Thank you ^^ 17:09
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tbrowder i just pushed a pr to github.com/skaji/mi6 readme and would appreciate some more eyeballs on it. i tried to keep skaji's format with his FAQ style. 17:30
the change is to help us semi-reluctant mi6 users move to fez/zef from cpan 17:31
atroxaper tbrowder: Looks good for me. At least I have no appeared additional questions about moving to fez after read your changes. 17:35
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tbrowder atroxaper: thnx, but realize i haven't done it myself yet. that's why i want some more eyes on it ;-D 18:39
aha, i see lizmat has approved it, i'm going for my first zef/fez transform! 18:41
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tbrowder lizmat: i'm trying to upload to Zef but one problem: when i go through the process, the last msg from mi6 is "UploadToCPAN" 20:18
i have removed my ~/.pause file and moved my [UploadToZef] entry to the top of the dist.ini file but no change. 20:19
lizmat did you put the [UploadToZef] in the dist.ihi ?
tbrowder yes
lizmat hmmm 20:20
maybe my local mi6 version is more different than I thought ..
could you clone the App::Mi6 repo, and force install from there? 20:21
tbrowder i have removed all references to cpan in current files except the git refs still show cpan
the current mi6 repo has changed its "master" branch to "main". 20:22
i had to kill my fork of App::Mi6 and refork
i have not killed my mi6 zef installation but maybe i should and reinstall... 20:23
lizmat interesting... 20:25
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tbrowder got to go take meat off turkey now (with aid of beer)...will try a next step later... 20:26
mi6 FAQ needs more entries...
lizmat indeed 20:31
tbrowder: just uploaded a module with zef from repo and it worked like it should 20:34
ah, I see the issue 20:38
guess I forgot to make a PR 20:41
tbrowder: github.com/skaji/mi6/pull/128 20:47
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tbrowder i’m back, … 21:26
lizmat: what do you recommend i do now?
lizmat apply my pull request locally, install from repo, and you should be in business 21:27
tbrowder ok. will do. have you mentioned to ugexe the weird thing we’ve noticed about local repo install affecting zef installs later? 21:29
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tbrowder so install pr 128, …working… 22:03
avuserow is there an environment variable to disable hash randomization or specify a hash randomization seed? 22:08
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tbrowder hm, don't know how to do that...researching... 22:11
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tbrowder i've tried various incantations but nothing works for me. has skaji lost interest? 22:37
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lizmat tbrowder: I'm not sure... 23:07
applying the PR did not fix it for you ?
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tbrowder without copying the changes, i don’t know how to get git to merge yr pr into my repo 23:54
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tbrowder i think i don’t know how to get the required refs 23:56