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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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[Coke] are both repos on github? 00:25
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tbrowder yes 00:51
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andrzejku hi 08:35
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Nicholas good *, #raku 09:46
This seems wrong. What am I misunderstanding? 09:47
m: for (0e0) { .say if defined $_ && $_ ~~ /^ "Anything you like here" $/ }
camelia 0
Nicholas I was expecting the regex not to match
m: for (0) { .say if defined $_ && $_ ~~ /^ "Anything you like here" $/ }
camelia 0
Nicholas (That was the original case) 09:48
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lizmat m: for (0e0) { dd $_ if defined $_ && $_ ~~ /^ "Anything you like here" $/ } 10:19
camelia 0e0
lizmat m: for (0e0) { dd $_ if defined($_) && $_ ~~ /^ "Anything you like here" $/ } 10:20
camelia ( no output )
lizmat Nicholas: precedence ?
Nicholas that's plausible
sjn m: for (0e0) { .dd if .defined && /^ 0 $/ } 10:54
camelia No such method 'dd' for invocant of type 'Num'
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
lizmat sjn: yeah, making .dd a method was a bridge too far :-) 10:56
sjn maybe useful if .dd is in a role one can apply? 10:59
meh. dd is everywhere anyway :) 11:01
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sjn 11:21
hm. 11:22
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m6locks so uhm where does rakubrew install zef? 12:08
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Ergo444 hello 12:11
I would like to ask something.
El_Che hello 12:14
Ergo444 Is the channel dead?
I have this subset StrNoQuotes of Str; 12:15
El_Che Ergo444: no, the channel is pretty active
Ergo444 sub rec(StrNoQuotes s)
but the problem is if I say "hello" ~~ StrNoQuotes, it says true 12:16
I would like to make a string with a special type I can recognise it within a sub 12:17
if I say sub mysub ($s)
if ($s ~~ StrNoQuotes but it is not good.
because that matches if $s is a normal string
I see no activity now. 12:18
El_Che people are having lunch on a saturday :) 12:19
stick around, people will pop up
(that reminds me: lunch)
Ergo444 Only If you are in Euroope. 12:20
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tbrowder Ergo444: have you looked into enums? 13:02
Ergo444 I can do with roles... I found out
tbrowder ok, cool 13:03
and where are you located, not in Europe i assume
Ergo444 role NoQuotes {} my $s="3+4" but NoQuotes; $s.WHAT --> (Str+{NoQuotes})
I am in Europe. 13:04
tbrowder ok
did you try single quotes 13:06
Ergo444 For what reason?
tbrowder dunno, yr result seems it broke up the string
Ergo444 brokeup? 13:07
tbrowder nevermind. can you put it in the repl here (m:) 13:08
Ergo444 m: role NoQuotes {} my $s="3+4" but NoQuotes; $s.WHAT
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Strange text after block (missing semicolon or comma?)
at <tmp>:1
------> 3role NoQuotes {}7⏏5 my $s="3+4" but NoQuotes; $s.WHAT
expecting any of:
infix st…
Ergo444 m: role NoQuotes {}; my $s="3+4" but NoQuotes; $s.WHAT
camelia ( no output )
Ergo444 m: role NoQuotes {}; my $s="3+4" but NoQuotes; say $s.WHAT 13:09
camelia (Str+{NoQuotes})
Ergo444 m: role NoQuotes {}; my $s="3+4" but NoQuotes; say $s.WHAT, $s~~NoQuotes;
camelia (Str+{NoQuotes})True
tbrowder is that what you expect? 13:11
Ergo444 yes...
tbrowder good deal!
\o/ touchdown! 13:12
Ergo444 it allows to tag strings with different attributes... and perform different actions on them... relatively easily, depending on what roles they have. 13:13
tbrowder i have only used roles a couple of times and they are very useful
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SmokeMachine Hi! Could someone help me? Could someone try to run the tests for github.com/FCO/Test-Describe? it's breaking on GitHub actions, but works on my machine... 15:35
lizmat is the problem that you cannot actually see the errors? backtraces ? 15:36
SmokeMachine lizmat: the tests are just not passing: github.com/FCO/Test-Describe/runs/...focus=true but I can't reproduce it on my machine... I'd like to know if someone can reproduce it to let me know if that's my machine's problem or GitHub action's problem 15:38
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lizmat SmokeMachine: t/04-change.rakutest also fails for me 15:44
SmokeMachine lizmat: ok, so that's my machine's problem, thanks!
lizmat yeah, same error output on MacOS Mojave 15:46
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SmokeMachine that's so odd... usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/.../image.png 15:48
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Anton Antonov "[...] the tests are just not passing: [link] but I can't reproduce it on my machine [...]" -- I think this is known as the "Mad Girlfriend Bug" -- when you see something strange is happening, but your software is telling you everything is fine. 16:37
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Skarsnik Is there something I need to do to have my own operator support Junction? 17:26
lizmat Skarsnik: use Mu in your signature 17:28
tellable6 lizmat, I'll pass your message to Skarsnik
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Skarsnik Not sure what do you mean? I need to support the Junction type? 17:33
tellable6 2021-11-27T17:28:37Z #raku <lizmat> Skarsnik: use Mu in your signature
Skarsnik and Positionnal/List arguments are a nightmare >< 17:34
m: sub infix:<type-eq>(Str:D $type, List:D @foo) {return @foo.join(" ") eq $type}; say "const char" type-eq <piko nyo>;
camelia Type check failed in binding to parameter '@foo'; expected Positional[List] but got List (("piko", "nyo"))
in sub infix:<type-eq> at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
lizmat "Is there something I need to do to have my own operator support Junction?" was your question, no ?
Skarsnik (this work in my code, but not here...) 17:35
Yes, I guess. I kinda expected Raku to run each Junction value to the op
lizmat I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to achieve, could you elaborate ? 17:36
Skarsnik (I am dumb, List:D @foo is a list of list
Hoo I see now 17:37
m:sub infix:<type-eq>(Str:D $type, List:D $foo) {return $foo.join(" ") eq $type}; say "const char" type-eq <piko nyo> | <const char> 17:38
evalable6 any(False, (const char))
lizmat I would just use @foo or Str:D @foo 17:39
correction: just @foo :-)
or @foo where .all ~~ Str:D 17:40
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Skarsnik The real operator work on a more complex Type that Str :) Basicly it allow me to transform something like 17:42
return 'Str' if ($t.ref-type ~~ FundamentalType and $t.ref-type.name eq 'char') || 17:43
($t.ref-type ~~ QualifiedType and $t.ref-type.ref-type ~~ FundamentalType and $t.ref-type.ref-type.name eq 'char');
to : return 'Str' if $t type-eq <Ptr char> | <Ptr const char>;
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Skarsnik hm 17:45
m:multi sub infix:<type-eq>(Str:D $type, List:D $foo) {return $foo.join(" ") eq $type}; multi sub infix:<type-eq>(Str:D $type, Junction $j) {say "junction"; for $j -> $n {$type type-eq $n}} ;say "const char" type-eq <piko nyo> | <const char> 17:46
evalable6 any(False, (const char))
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Skarsnik the operator is not "greedy" enought? 17:46
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lizmat for $j ... will **NOT** iterate over the eigenstates of the junction, if that's what you're thinking 17:50
Skarsnik it's not even called x)
I guess I need to check like the == operator in Raku x) 17:53
There is no definition for Mu or Junction. Is that this that allow to use the operator with junction? trait_mod:<is>(&infix:<==>, :prec($chaining)); 17:58
If I put () around the junction this work (without the Junction trait), but it's kinda sad ^^ 18:02
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Skarsnik nativecallable6, int foo(char* piko); 18:08
nativecallable6 Skarsnik, and I oop! Backtrace: gist.github.com/b7e192b2eeb5d21041...f54fc0667b
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Skarsnik Noo, I got random segfault now >< Can I do some raku without having weird issue? xD 19:33
nine Skarsnik: is it somewhat reproducible? 19:42
Skarsnik It's not consistent, so maybe not? Is there a command to run to have a bt? 19:43
I mean outside running in gdb, I doubt this will be very helpful 19:44
Ergo444 hi all
nine Well gdb does make these things a lot easier. But rr is even better 19:45
Ergo444 is the Javascript and jvm backend working?
Skarsnik I was expecting more like an argument you gave to raku x)
nine Skarsnik: does rakudo-gdb-m count? :D 19:46
Ergo444: jvm somewhat. Don't know about js
Skarsnik I happen since I added some code that delete stuff in both an array and hash while they are iterated over 19:47
Ergo444 are there many commercial users?
Skarsnik (gdb) bt 19:48
#0 0x00007fffff19ac28 in MVM_gc_mark_collectable () from /usr/lib/moar/libmoar.so
nine Ergo444: several are listed on raku.org
Skarsnik Not really useful, I think there was a command to have the "raku" code? 19:49
nine Skarsnik: if it segfaults there, it needs a closer look at VM level. Raku level backtrace won't help
Best course of action is to give instructions on how to reproduce this segfault 19:50
Ergo444 I wonder how fast raku now.
Skarsnik But I think I remember you could know what instruction was running? 19:51
nine, well it's a 'big' project (GPTrixie)
nine Ergo444: faster than it used to be. Whether it's fast enough depends on your use case. In essence, you'll just have to trie it.
Skarsnik For me it's still too slow compared to other language, but depending on what you are doing it's probably not a big deal 19:52
nine Skarsnik: as long as all components are easily installable, that shouldn't be an issue. You can get a Raku backtrace in gdb with: call MVM_dump_backtrace(tc) 19:53
You're gonna need to compile MoarVM with debug info though
Ergo444 I tried it three years ago 19:54
I still use Perl 5 mostly
I must admit the language is very smooth 19:56
Skarsnik perl Configure.pl --gen-moar --moar-option='--optimize=0 --debug=3'--gen-nqp --backends=moar is enought nine ? 19:57
lizmat I don't think the --gen-nqp and --backends=moar are needed in that case
timo it'd be enough to change moarvm's configure options and "make install" only moarvm 19:59
Skarsnik let's try ^^
I don't want to spend too much stuff on that thou. I just wanted to fix GPTrixie to work better with castxml, I have a more interesting project to do after x) 20:00
Also not sure if that can be improved but compiling is still kinda slow (could be because of wsl too if there is too much IO) 20:03
Compile time of Raku module, not the whole moar/nqp/rakudo 20:04
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timo i think there's a way to get stagestats to show recursive timings now in rakudo master 20:09
Skarsnik (also this trigger me to see : fatal: not in a git directory x) 20:14
I work with release 20:15
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nine There have been 113 commits on MoarVM since that release including quite a few bug fixes. I wonder if the bug is actually still there 20:22
Skarsnik Reading symbols from /home/skarsnik/raku/bin/rakudo-m...
(No debugging symbols found in /home/skarsnik/raku/bin/rakudo-m)
0x00007fffff12d516 in MVMHash_at_key () from //home/skarsnik/raku/lib/libmoar.so this is more interesting x) 20:24
I supect this crash in gist.github.com/Skarsnik/f3adb82dc...697d01838b since I remove entry from the table/hash I am currently iterating 20:25
timo oh, what's your version btw? 20:32
Skarsnik 2021.10
timo since we've just had a new implementation of hashes a couple months back
Skarsnik I still don't have debug symbols for moar :( 20:33
I tried running make distclean && perl Configure.pl --gen-moar --moar-option='--optimize=0 --debug=3'--gen-nqp --backends=moar --prefix=/home/skarsnik/raku/ && make && make install but gdb still give me a "empty" bt 20:34
timo the libmoar.so should have debug symbols, can you "file" it? 20:35
Skarsnik /home/skarsnik/raku/lib/libmoar.so: ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, BuildID[sha1]=1527b691445b9a3be39cc60f5c9388024e86112f, not stripped 20:36
timo ok, so "not stripped" is already a good step forward 20:37
oh, right, turn off the JIT as well if you want proper C-level backtraces
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timo since we don't use the stack pointer / base pointer registers in the way gdb would require for things to go right ... at least that's how i interpret it 20:38
Skarsnik I tried objdump --syms /home/skarsnik/raku/lib/libmoar.so | grep debug and this show nothing outside symbols that are called debugsthing (no .debug entry) 20:40
So I guess this does not compile with symbol x) 20:41
timo yeah, you'll probably want dwarfdump honestly
the dwarf data has boatloads more information than just the publically exported symbols
but dwarfdump doesn't come with typical installations of gcc and such, like "build-essential" 20:42
nine Skarsnik: did you by any chance have gdb still running when you did make install? 20:43
It may not be able to actually replace the file while it's in use 20:44
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Skarsnik I restarted it, it was even using an old rakudo, the system one I installed a long time ago (package was still called perl6) 20:45
timo ooh, that is definitely a thing that happens, despite my best efforts (which were perhaps misguided and we'll perhaps want to actually revert that?)
Skarsnik I add -g
let's see if that fix it x) 20:46
huho fatal: unable to access 'github.com/Raku/nqp.git/': The requested URL returned error: 500 x) 20:54
Let's take a shower and eat, then try this later I guess 20:56
nine Github has a major outage 20:58
japhb A bit disingenuous to say that webhooks are working if git operations aren't .... 21:01
.oO( "Well, there are no *errors* occuring ... I mean, there's also no *traffic*, but that's just semantics." )
tbrowder lizmat: i should be able to clone yr mi6 repo and force install from it 21:04
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Skarsnik just when I rm -fr my raku install xD 21:20
Voldenet Is there a mirror for raku repo? 21:30
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Skarsnik that a good point x) 21:51
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timo i mean, with git everybody essentially has a mirror :P 21:55
Skarsnik could be nice if release could be build with github down, maybe copy each tagged thing somewhere and have the script use the mirror if regular git fail? 21:59
ugexe realistically what does that achieve? almost certainly something you will want to use in the chain will use github 22:01
Skarsnik sadly, yes ~~ 22:06
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