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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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gfldex lolibloggedalittle: gfldex.wordpress.com/2021/12/08/lazy-fishy/ 00:53
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Anton Antonov What is the easiest way to test that an object is a list or array of functions/callables? 14:30
moritz_ m: say (&[+], &map) ~~ all(Callable) 14:35
camelia False
moritz_ hm
m: say all(&[+], &map) ~~ Callable 14:36
camelia True
moritz_ better :D
Anton Antonov Thank you!
The solution above seems obvious after seeing it. Because of the Monterey-Raku problems, in the last 6 weeks I have been programming too much in Python -- not Raku -- so, I have some sort of mild Pythonitis... 14:47
Nemokosch lol 14:51
what is that like?
Anton Antonov @Nemokosch#9980 Ah... much easier to find answers to questions than Raku. The problem is that sometimes there are too many answers for a particular question, and many of those answers are not that good or applicable. Also, at least once or twice I read, (mis-)understood, and tried to apply a Python 2 solution to som of my Python 3 problems. 14:55
Another, more important point is that there are lots of "functionalities" implemented in Python -- in Raku too many things I have to do from scratch. (For the things I am interested in.) 14:59
Nemokosch there are more libs I guess
on language level, I would be lowkey surprised if there were significant features in Python that Raku misses, I've never had that experience 15:00
and I've used Python way more
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Anton Antonov Agreed, on "language level" Raku is better. (That is why I invest time in it.) 15:38
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@Nemokosch#9980 Have you used Python for scientific computations? And/or scientific visualizations? 15:43
Nemokosch not really, no 16:04
Anton Antonov I plan to make a blog post that compares Mathematica, Python, R, and Raku on random data generation. 16:07
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melezhik . 16:08
I have just released Sparrowdo with a new feature - watcher jobs - raku.land/zef:melezhik/Sparrowdo/c...s?v=0.1.13
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Altai-man melezhik++ 16:34
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ab5tract hey all, how's it going? I was happy to hear that we have a new release manager! 18:55
Geth doc/codesections-str-seq: c9aa67e804 | (Daniel Sockwell)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/operators.pod6
Document behavior of sequences like `'aa'…'cc'`

The sequence `'aa'…'cc'` does not use a `*.succ` default generator
   (and this is correct [per Roast](github.com/Raku/roast/blob/master/...ic.t#L58).
See also stackoverflow.com/questions/702392...r/70239585 and the links cited in the answers.
doc: codesections++ created pull request #3996:
Document sequences like 'aa'…'cc'
tonyo who's the new release manager? 18:59
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lizmat jdv 19:04
[Coke] jdv++ 19:20
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Geth doc/codesections-str-seq: e0cfc6644a | (Daniel Sockwell)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/operators.pod6
Fix whitespace/typo
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Geth doc/codesections-str-seq: d02443b724 | (Daniel Sockwell)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/operators.pod6
Fix typo
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Geth doc: d4688c653b | (Daniel Sockwell)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/operators.pod6
Document sequences like 'aa'…'cc' (#3996)

  * Document behavior of sequences like `'aa'…'cc'`
The sequence `'aa'…'cc'` does not use a `*.succ` default generator
   (and this is correct [per Roast](github.com/Raku/roast/blob/master/...ic.t#L58).
See also stackoverflow.com/questions/702392...r/70239585 and the links cited in the answers.
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/operators
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[Coke] codesections++ 20:09
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Geth CCR/main: 507a983715 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | Remaster/Zoffix Znet/IRC-Client-Raku-Multi-Server-IRC-or-Awesome-Async-Interfaces-with-Raku.md
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tonyo good stuff 20:26
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tonyo eh lizmat when groups is ready who is going to be admin for the rakudo community modules group? 20:26
lizmat I guess that would be an RSC responsibility.... we have a meeting next Sat, will discuss 20:27
Geth CCR/main: 2b424a0843 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | Remaster/Zoffix Znet/IRC-Client-Raku-Multi-Server-IRC-or-Awesome-Async-Interfaces-with-Raku.md
Some more s/freenode/libera
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tonyo tak 20:34
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Ergo444 hi 23:05
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