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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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Geth ecosystem: jjatria++ created pull request #599:
Remove AI-FANN from p6c
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Geth ecosystem: 23889b2e17 | (José Joaquín Atria)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Remove AI-FANN from p6c

Development has been moved to zef, which has now seen a release
ecosystem: f72ebe7847 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Merge pull request #599 from jjatria/patch-1

Remove AI-FANN from p6c
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atroxaper Hello! is there a way to take an access to private attribute of an object from a method of its class? Like class A { has $!a is built; method plus(A:U: A $one, A $two) { A.new(a => $one!a + $two!a) } 08:14
moritz_ do you want it to initialized in .new generally, or do you want that option only inside the class? If the latter, you need to write a private constructor. 08:36
atroxaper moritz_: I need to get an access to privete attribute inside a class method. method foo(A:U: A $var) { $var!attribute } means call !attribute method instead of !attribute attribute 08:43
moritz_: In C I can manipulate private attributes of not only 'this' object, but any object of the class inside of a class's method. 08:45
moritz_ C doesn't have anything private, I believe :D 08:56
and in C++, you know at compile time that the object is of that class 08:57
currently I don't know how raku handles it
atroxaper moritz_: I think there should be some syntax construction. Because $var!private-method works. I found solution only in creation a method !a() {$!a} 09:03
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Nemokosch Class private vs object private 09:13
stackoverflow.com/questions/197038...70#1970570 09:18
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ssaint When is Raku supporting mobile (android, ios, etc) development? 10:05
moon-child ssaint: when you implement it
ssaint Who? Me???? That will take 1000 years. How am I going to do that? 10:06
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ssaint I am a Mechanical engineer who like to code at home. No background in Computer Science. 10:07
moon-child well, I think no one is _disinterested_ in such things, but it is no small effort, and there are other things that are farther up on people's priority lists
so for it to happen requires somebody to take an interest and make a concerted effort 10:08
synthmeat everyone needs their thing :) 10:09
ssaint I get you. Indeed Raku is great...so I was just wondering why the developers are not giving much attention to desktop/mobile development. 10:10
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synthmeat they're paying a lot of attention to a lot of things 10:10
lizmat and they're generally not getting pid for what they do 10:11
ssaint and mobile/desktop development is not necessary as at now? That is strange!!
moon-child what synthmeat said. But, here is something concrete: most mobile devices run arm, and the only performant raku implementation (moarvm) does not have an arm target
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lizmat goodbye ssaint, pleasant dreaming 10:12
synthmeat i'd personally be happy with getting rakudo-star new linux release. that ain't asking too much, is it? :P
that's something ongoing, right?
lizmat again, we would need somebody to do that
synthmeat kinda needs someone with developed taste/experience with modules ecosystem 10:13
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ssaint ...had low battery. Went offline, and now I can't find the discussion I raised about Raku supporting mobile development. 10:15
lizmat logs.liz.nl/raku/2021-12-16.html#10:05 10:18
ssaint: sorry I interpreted your leaving of the channel as a rage quit
lizmat tries to be less grumpy
ssaint Thank you. I can't leave Raku community just like that. 10:19
synthmeat aww
lizmat ssaint: but seriously, yes, I would love to see more Raku development on mobile devices 10:21
ssaint I have been jumping around programming languages but I think Raku seems to have got things RIGHT. Nice Powerful Language. It only pains me I can't use it for mobile apps.'=(
lizmat ssaint: well apart from walled gardens like on Apple making it hard to do anything that is not within company policies 10:22
there's no inherent reason why things wouldn't work on mobild
and maybe performance isn't such a big issue for the things that one may want to do on mobile apps
at least for some applications 10:23
ssaint Thanks for your responses. I am grateful. 10:24
...maybe I can politely request to leave now. Thank you once again. 10:25
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tbrowder .ask ssaint what kind of mobile app do you want? 11:06
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to ssaint
El_Che synthmeat: what do you need specifally? There are up-to-date linux packages and zef 11:07
synthmeat El_Che: i guess someone to make a binary build newer than 2021.04 and put it on rakudo.org/star 11:19
and for rstar specifically, i've no idea what to choose from ecosystem (which json/csv parsing libs, etc.) so i welcome someone picking out those
so that's what i like about it, is all
that someone went out and confirmed all those run fine 11:20
El_Che synthmeat: so the only thing you miss is someone recommending a library? 11:21
synthmeat: install this github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg, and use zef to install whatever you need from here github.com/rakudo/star/blob/master...odules.txt 11:22
synthmeat: I don't think there will be a rakudo star release any time soon. I don't think there is a star release manager any more (I may be wrong) 11:25
synthmeat okie, that's good enough for me. thanks.
El_Che I pkg the linux packages, so feel free to ping me 11:26
synthmeat cloudsmith. cool.
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tbrowder and i can attest to rakudo-pkg being easy to use and update! 11:37
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Nemokosch do you guys know how "is cached" works? let's suppose my function returns an object. Do I get the same object when a cached call is made? 11:43
or do I get a new copy?
lizmat you get the same object 11:44
Nemokosch that makes more sense 11:45
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atroxaper Am I right that if I want to avoid parenthesis when calling a sub or a method then I need a colon for method and do not need colon for sub. Why there is a difference? 15:03
Is this because we can control subs' signatures at compile time, but not method signatures? 15:07
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Nemokosch I don't actually know but I would always bet on syntactical reasons with Raku 15:19
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TheAthlete Hello! 15:24
How to convert domain to uppercase:
my $pattern = 'cvcv.com';
$pattern ~~ s:g/[cv]\.com/$0.uc/;
say $pattern
This don't work
$pattern ~~ s:g/([cv])\.com/$0.uc/; 15:34
atroxaper m: my $y = 'cvcv.com'; $y ~~ s/(<[cv]>*)(\.com)/{$0.uc}$1/; say $y # for example TheAthlete
camelia CVCV.com
atroxaper m: my $y = 'cvcv.com'; $y ~~ s/(<[cv]>*)\.com/{$0.uc}/; # if you do not want a tail, TheAthlete 15:35
camelia ( no output )
atroxaper m: my $y = 'cvcv.com'; $y ~~ s/(<[cv]>*)\.com/{$0.uc}/; say $y;
camelia CVCV
TheAthlete Thank you! 15:37
atroxaper TheAthlete: docs.raku.org/language/regexes#Enu...and_ranges
TheAthlete: Always happy to help ^^
SmokeMachine m: my $y = "cvcv.com"; say S/<[cv]>+)>\.com/{ $/.uc }/ given $y 15:44
camelia CVCV.com
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melezhik .tell tbrowder I decided to keep mybf.io a little bit longer ( for some reasons ). No promise to keep it forever though ))) You may also merge some recent changes from my branch to yours ... thanks 16:34
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to tbrowder
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moon-child m: my $y = 'cvcv.com'; $y ~~ s/(<[cv]>*)(\.com)/$0.uc()$1/; say $y #I find this slightly easier to read; ymmv 18:35
camelia CVCV.com
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[Coke] wish there was a way to say "I never want a Seq" 23:18
I find it painful to get caught by the "Iterator already consumed" when I never wanted iterators in the first place. 23:19
(found it, had an array of arrays that turned into an array of Seq after I used a map. 23:24
moon-child I definitely feel tha5t 23:26
maybe a dynamic variable?
lizmat [Coke]: the alternative would be that all Seq would be hidden (and cached) in a List 23:43
which would be a serious performance issue
moon-child yeah for performance-sensitive code you wouldn't want it, but for quick scripts it could be convenient 23:45
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Nemokosch I feel you, although I think there are good practices to help 23:49
and I'm not 100% sure but I think the @ sigil does give you an array 23:50