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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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tonyo [Coke]: ? what's up with houston? 00:13
tbrowder my prob with houston is it’s so BIG 00:17
hard for a country boy to find his way around 00:18
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tonyo where are you from tbrowder ? 00:25
tbrowder i now live in gulf breeze, florida. lived in fl since 1985. born in sandersville, ga. lived in four countries outside us. one of my best friends lived in houston until he passed last year. 00:28
tonyo ah, sorry to hear
tbrowder thnx. actually, i had talked bill into going to the tpc in houston in 2020 until it got cancelled. 00:30
he was a hard-core windows guy even though he had wrked for ibm in his younger days. 00:31
i was trying to get him to learn raku but he wasn’t real excited about it 00:32
but he loved conferences—a real ppl guy 00:33
he would have been a good used-car salesman 00:34
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tbrowder tonyo: did i see somewhere you live in tx, or was that ca? 00:50
tonyo i live up in oregon. originally from michigan..just got back from the woods milling some beams for a green wood sauna 00:51
i think ugexe lives in tx, though 00:52
guifa My guess is that after organizing it for 2020 and 2021 and each getting cancelled, allt he work had already been done, it was mostly just changing around dates with the hosts, etc. 01:00
ngl houston works well for me since I've got some friends down there I can see before/during/after.
"Lexical with name '$foo' has a different type in this frame" — any idea what this means? I double checked and the types are the same 01:06
errrrrr 01:07
nm, found it I think
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guifa aaaah, an `int` is somehow getting upgraded to an `Int`, I think, but not sure why 01:14
tbrowder .tell [Coke] i’ll fix tweak prob but i’m still away frm home and have unreliable internet. maybe in a few days. 01:15
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to [Coke]
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[Coke] .tell tbrowder ok, I'll re-revert. Please run tests before pushing in future. 02:31
tellable6 [Coke], I'll pass your message to tbrowder
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melezhik I hit an interesting bug with Curlies gets called in loop, I wonder if this relates to Rakudo itself? - gist.github.com/melezhik/812837c04...b049059316 02:32
[Coke] issue not with Houston specifically, but TX in general. I personally have an issue with their recent abortion ban.
tellable6 2021-12-24T01:15:40Z #raku <tbrowder> [Coke] i’ll fix tweak prob but i’m still away frm home and have unreliable internet. maybe in a few days.
melezhik it only starts with iteration number high enough ... 02:33
say from `400`
in my case
don't how to fill it, as the project is hosted on source hut - git.sr.ht/~bduggan/raku-curlie 02:35
Geth doc: 49314f7eea | Coke++ | doc/Language/classtut.pod6
Revert "TWEAK is a submethod, use ! in twigid"

This reverts commit 49bf7a27188e9fecc94da35a3c31d927147d27ae.
This also doesn't work.
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/classtut
melezhik and I am not sure if the module author is at raku IRC 02:39
I am working on Sparky Job Api at the moment , if someone is curios. It's pretty experimental, but allows to do an interesting stuff for CICD pipelines - github.com/melezhik/sparky#job-api - like running recursive builds and asynchronously wait them using `supply` subscription model ... 02:42
also doing things in "fork" style - it's not a process fork, but Sparky scenario fork ... 02:43
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guifa [Coke]: Understandable, but Houston itself is quite different from the greater state. Basically same thing we get around my parts with Atlanta vs GA 02:45
[Coke] Yup, used to live in Houston. 03:04
I still need to make my concerns known. Wish I had a PM group here that we could offer to put together a hosting proposal in the future. 03:05
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tonyo The TX abortion thing is wild 04:19
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guifa "operand type 32 does not match register type 24 for op decont_i in frame time2" any ideas what causes this? 05:55
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TheAthlete Hello! How find docs for methods with colon 09:32
@array.map: some_code
andinus , check the docs for map
`@array.map: some_code` is same as @array.map(some_code) 09:33
m: put (1...5).map: * + 1
camelia 2 3 4 5 6
andinus m: put (1...5).map(* + 1)
camelia 2 3 4 5 6
andinus just an alternate syntax
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moon-child TheAthlete: docs.raku.org/language/syntax#Precedence_drop 09:37
TheAthlete Thank you! 09:38
qorg11 Why does assigning a variable to Nil and then printing it gives (Any) instead of Nil? 09:39
andinus docs.raku.org/type/Nil#index-entry...assignment 09:40
moon-child m: my $x := Nil; say $x; my \x = Nil; say x 09:42
camelia Nil
qorg11 m: my Nil $x = Nil; $x.say;
camelia Nil
qorg11 m: my Int $x = Nil; $x.say;
camelia (Int)
qorg11 Hm
Well, i guess it makes sense, as in C anything can point to NULL, regardless its type 09:43
how is the equivalent of @INC called in raku? 09:47
like the directories from the modules are
moon-child what is @INC?
qorg11 where the modules are*
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qorg11 @INC is an array which contains the directories where perl looks for modules 09:48
perl -e 'print join("\n",@INC) . "\n";'
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andinus docs.raku.org/language/5to6-perlva...INC_(Perl) 10:02
you can use `use lib 'xyz'` to include the directory
or the command line flag, `raku -Ixyz` 10:03
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El_Che so, a new rakudo, hey 10:30
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El_Che something changed related to directories in this release? error creating directory './opt/rakudo-pkg/share/perl6/site/short': No such file or directory 10:54
while unpacking a deb 10:55
lizmat_ El_Che: doesn't ring a bell with me
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El_Che I added this in the past for a workaround around zef-rakudo problems: 10:56
# Empty folders your package may need created. (overridable)
empty_folders: - /opt/rakudo-pkg/share/perl6/site/short - /opt/rakudo-pkg/share/perl6/vendor/short
# Empty folders your package may need created. (overridable)
in short, I package those folders as well while they are empty 10:57
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El_Che debian/ubuntu does not like that anymore because they may no longer exist 10:57
can someone with a fresh build check if they still exist?
other distro's don't care 10:58
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El_Che pretty sure the build will pass if I remove the empty dir additions to the package, but I fear it may trigger this: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/1515 (still open) 11:00
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El_Che as I thought, removing the directories is a no no and recreates the bug 12:07
tbrowder just trying to clear the air here, are we going woke and shunning ppl who have diff beliefs? 12:16
tellable6 2021-12-24T02:31:08Z #raku <[Coke]> tbrowder ok, I'll re-revert. Please run tests before pushing in future.
tbrowder if so, you’ll have to shun me… 12:17
Altai-man tbrowder, was there a recent drama I'm not aware of or how so? 12:22
AFAIK the rule of the thumb is still in terms of "be nice to people" here, not sure if it changed. 12:23
tbrowder some ppl giving views on abortion and how it affects going to certain parts of the country 12:25
Altai-man it's their right to give those, I think it's also yours to give yours. whether you go quarrelling about this it's another, but arguably falls under the "be nice" thing. and if people decide to quarrel over politics more, then it's already an offtopic, and an unpleasant ones. 12:28
SmokeMachine m: say @*INC 12:30
camelia Dynamic variable @*INC not found
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Altai-man having opinions is alright, keeping the atmosphere of kinship here, sharing little details of life, is alright (we're not robots here, at least I'm not). severe offtopic and flame is not nice, thus not ok.
that's only my opinion, though 12:31
lizmat Altai-man++ 12:35
tbrowder: afaik, [Coke] just gave his view and reasoning that mean that *he* will not go to Houston 12:38
tbrowder: fwiw, I won't be going there either, and the reasoning [Coke] gave is only one of them
tbrowder: the bathroom laws in TX just make me feel insecure, and having friends in TX being told *at gunpoint* to take the wrong toilet or go away, doesn't help 12:40
Houston and Austin may be ok, fact is, they *are* part of TX 12:41
and the gunpoint incident happened within commuting distance of Houston
tbrowder ok, i understand, thnx for sharing… 12:56
there are lots of evil ppl in the world 12:57
Anton Antonov Yes thanks for sharing stories and opinions. I got a job in Huston 10 years ago, and during the interview I asked the HR are we allowed to bring guns at work. She said until recently the rule of the company was "no guns at work", but they found out that is against the law in Texas; so when I asked the answer was "yes." 13:07
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tbrowder guns are not evil, ppl are 13:10
El_Che yeah guns are made to spray love and cinnamon 13:11
Anton Antonov I was fine either way, BTW. 🙂
@El_Che LOL !!
lizmat I agree that people can be evil, and I'd say very few of us are without any evil within us somewhere
ggoebel_ fwiw everything is political... IMHO, the best we can do is try to leave unrelated politics at the door 13:12
El_Che I am an asshole, hence don't give me a gun
lizmat making it easier to get a gun than to get a driver's license, feels wrong to me
Anton Antonov @lizmat I finally prepared a good enough version the document for Advent of Code I was promising. Here is a link: github.com/antononcube/RakuForPred...th-Raku.md . 13:13
I am definitely not that nice to the unwashed masses in that writing.
lizmat Anton Antonov: sorry, but it's too late for this year's advent 13:14
the final post is already scheduled
and I don't have much time atm to look at it now, but a quick glance tells me the article / blog post could well stand on its own without being part of the advent cycle :-) 13:15
ggoebel_ boxing day post? extra presents are nice
Anton Antonov @lizmat I understand and it is fine. 🙂
lizmat ggoebel_: yeah, a bonus !
Anton Antonov @lizmat Yeah, that was my problem -- I could not make it smaller and lighthearted. 13:16
tbrowder and it looks very interesting!
Nemokosch > guns are not evil, ppl are
this sounds nice in theory, the problem is, the consequences of "being evil" matter 13:17
if you gave me a gun in my worst mood, I might just shoot someone
when otherwise I would be pretty harmless
the problem with guns is that it makes causing the most possible harm look and feel harmless
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tbrowder lizmat, if you saw most us highways these days too many drivers obviously never intended to follow the rules anyway 13:23
lizmat well, that's partly my point: it's already *very* easy to get a driver's license in the US, compared to e.g. NL where you generally have at least 40 hours of driving lessons 13:24
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lizmat getting a gun is even easier in the US 13:26
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Anton Antonov Yeah, getting a drivers license in USA was definitely easier than in Europe. Also, USA is made to have car. (Only in very big cities like New York and Chicago you can live without one.) 13:27
Well, pre-Uber...
lizmat afk& 13:35
Anton Antonov Please watch this 7 min movie titled "Doing it like a Cro" : www.youtube.com/watch?v=wS1lqMDdeIY . I am interested to know do you find the input windows from Shortcuts too small -- maybe is too hard to discern the natural language commands and related dictations. 13:43
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Altai-man it looks alright to me if I set quality to 1440p (and I have 1440p on this monitor), but that's not very representative I believe. other than that it looks like magic. 13:51
jdv El_Che: you noticed there was a release y'day? 14:00
patrick says you do something after such
lizmat jdv I understand El_Che ran into some issues creating binary packages 14:01
afk& 14:02
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Anton Antonov @Altai-man Thanks! 14:07
guifa if I'm getting a bytecode validation error, is that something I should report to moarvm or rakudo team? 14:09
Altai-man guifa, moarvm, but do you have an easy way to reproduce it? 14:10
guifa Altai-man: I'm working on trying to golf it.
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Altai-man guifa, good luck! 14:10
guifa The core info that I have right now is that it's caused with native ints getting passed around from sub to sub 14:11
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El_Che jdv: yes, thank you, I am implementing a workaround for debian derived oses for a rakudo bug, hopefully this is my last test build before release 14:15
there are some flappers, though :/ 14:16
Altai-man we still have github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4212 14:22
posting the most severe ones and block the next release is something I would do 14:23
jdv El_Che: sorry, i hadn't backlogged yet. cool. 14:24
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jdv the only flapper i saw in the ?dozens? of test runs y'day was the destructor one 14:24
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El_Che jdv: no, but I run a 20-some builds 14:27
and if one fails, no uploads are done
jdv that's annoying
El_Che but it's ok, not a lot 14:29
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Nemokosch _Now the fool seeks to return to the past, and undo the future that is Raku_ 14:42
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holyghost Merry Christmass everyone, I am off to my children. HAND 16:09
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retupmoca lizmat: ping 16:52
tellable6 2018-08-05T01:37:23Z #perl6 <MasterDuke> retupmoca: i just created a PR for Compress::Zlib, github.com/retupmoca/P6-Compress-Zlib/pull/16
MasterDuke heh, thanks for merging that 16:55
retupmoca no problem :) I haven't been doing much raku lately, so I tend to lose track of it 16:56
lizmat suggested I move stuff into raku-community-modules, but I wanted to double-check that, since I have quite a few P6 repos
err, s/P6/raku (it's been that long) 16:57
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retupmoca .tell lizmat I moved 8 of my repos over to raku-community-modules (most of the ones with any open issues/PRs), but I have another 17 with no collaborators; is it worth moving *all* of them over? 18:02
tellable6 retupmoca, I'll pass your message to lizmat
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Geth doc: tbrowder++ created pull request #4003:
Correct TWEAK example and associated description
tbrowder .tell [Coke] i ran the tests and i think the pertinent ones passed. and the actual code example ran in the prog i built for it on my local host. 19:38
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to [Coke]
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