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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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moon-child m: say so(0,); say so (0,); say so (0) 01:38
camelia False
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SmokeMachine m; sub a { .&dd }; a(0,); a (0,); a (0) 03:28
m: sub a { .&dd }; a(0,); a (0,); a (0)
camelia ===SORRY!===
Calling a(Int) will never work with declared signature ()
at <tmp>:1
------> sub a { .&dd }; ⏏a(0,); a (0,); a (0)
Calling a(Int) will never work with declared signature ()
at <tmp>:1
------> sub a { .&dd }; a…
SmokeMachine m: sub a($_) { .&dd }; a(0,); a (0,); a (0) 03:29
camelia 0
SmokeMachine m: sub a($_) { say .^name }; a(0,); a (0,); a (0)
camelia Int
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Geth doc: b98e4f248a | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/modules.pod6
Eliminate copypasta closes #3894
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/modules
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moon-child m: my $*x = 5; start { say $*x } 11:34
camelia 5
tbrowder happy day-after-christmas rakuuns 11:38
i need help with translating a perl thingy into raku: Storable's dclone 11:39
i think i understand that it somehow serializes an object into a file on disk, but i don't understand how that file is found by the next object... 11:42
but maybe a eureka moment! use a class attribute!
thanks to my munging a doc change, i discovered class attributes that apply to all instances of a class--i think that's my ticket for dcloning 11:44
stay well... 11:46
lizmat tbrowder++ 11:56
holyghost merry christmass, tbrowder 12:04
moon-child I want to automatically rebind a dynamic variable on every newly created thread. Is there a good way of doing that?
in particular: I want to make http requests concurrently using 'race', but to share client state. The client seems not to be threadsafe. Obviously it would be wasteful to recreate the client for _every_ raced element, when the batch size is not 1 12:05
holyghost In UNIX, shm
tbrowder holyghost: merry christmas! 12:06
lizmat: merry christmas!
moon-child: merry christmas
lizmat is still adjusting to her new 5G capabilities 12:07
holyghost lol
moon-child tbrowder: eh, so I'm not good enough for an exclamation point? :)
tbrowder sorry,
moon-child: merry christmas! 12:08
5g, haven't
holyghost Sorry to ask, liz but 3G capabilities ?
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tbrowder i heard that there might be some radiation issues with it? 12:09
lizmat holyghost: /me got boostered yesterday: had 4G before :-)
holyghost ach
What you want, dear :-) lol
I thought you were working on 3G in raku (a package for example) 12:11
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holyghost Damn, it would be a nice project, I like asterisk for example 12:13
holyghost ponders
Problem is, it's huge 12:14
So nm for me, except for a start
moon-child lizmat: typo 'The tools that “new-disp” have made available' have->has 12:18
(in the advent post)
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lizmat moon-child++ # fixed 12:19
holyghost I'm somewhat working in ruby these days : made 2 projects : sf.net/projects/ruby-nes-joker and sf.net/projects/rubywebcrawler 12:24
feeding you the links
They're not finished though 12:25
I will transfer then to the raku language later on 12:28
especially the web spider, the NES emulator is more stupid
unterhacking 12:32
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holyghost brace for impact 12:54
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El_Che sourceforge, wow, that's ages ago 18:47
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El_Che pushing linux rakudo packages atm 19:53
lizmat El_Che++ 19:54
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