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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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thowe guifa: ipv6 addresses should be lower case. There is actually an RFC that says so... I can find it if you like. 00:26
Wasn't always that way, but it is now.
I think texts and whatever prior to 2010 may not follow that 00:27
rfc 5952 00:28
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guifa thowe: yeah, that's newer than the original. The problem is, the original format has already been used in the wild so … 01:48
"It is expected that the canonical format will be followed by humans and systems when representing IPv6 addresses as text, BUT all implementations MUST accept and be able to handle ANY legitimate RFC 4291 format." (emphases mine) 01:49
so you still have to be able to accept an initial `00AB::`, even if RF 5952 says you must only ever produce `ab::` 01:50
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yosik Is there any way to redeclare types (like classes or enums) in runtime? 08:55
This is what I am getting now: 0x0.st/ozWZ.txt
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yosik Such errors make experimenting in REPL harder as I need to constantly restart raku process 08:56
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holyghost_ yosik, I don't understand what you mean but AFAIK you cannot 09:04
In python you can use a. def to redeclare 09:05
In perl6 everything is uni
yosik Looks like I do not need to redeclare types each time I want to change them a bit. It is possible to modify existing enums/classes/etc. via MOP. Not the best solution, but works 09:13
holyghost_ no idea then 09:14
El_Che when I think about ipv6 I think of the [] inconsistencies pain, where each side points to a different rfc to include or omit the surrounding [] :) 09:55
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Skarsnik hm, there is no routine to die without having the raku backtrace? I need to say + exit ? 10:51
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lizmat use Die; raku.land/zef:raku-community-modules/Die 11:05
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Skarsnik blogs.perl.org/users/sylvain_coline...day-4.html for bored people x) 11:43
I wonder if I should group these post when I am done 11:49
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Skarsnik Probably a dumb question: How to store ref to objects? using := ? or = does not clone? 12:07
lizmat an object is already a ref, really 12:08
when you say: my $a = 42
you're creating a Scalar object bound to the local lexpad, and bind the Int.new(42) object to the $!value attribute of the Scalar object 12:09
El_Che The first thing to unlearn for me was the use of references in perl 12:10
Skarsnik I mean, I have @allthings and I want to build a @thingstofix where the things are not copy in this
m: my @t = (0..4); my @p; @p[0] = @t[2]; @p[0] = 42; say @t" 12:14
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Two terms in a row
at <tmp>:1
------> my @p; @p[0] = @t[2]; @p[0] = 42; say @t⏏"
expecting any of:
infix stopper
statement end
Skarsnik m: my @t = (0..4); my @p; @p[0] = @t[2]; @p[0] = 42; say @t
camelia [0 1 2 3 4]
Skarsnik Ok, so I need to := when affecting to @p 12:15
lizmat yes, and you might find this interesting: opensource.com/article/18/8/containers-perl-6 12:18
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Skarsnik Thank, it's starting to became a strain to work with too much language x) 12:22
tbrowder happy new year, rakuuns, i hope to see some of you in houston in june at us raku conference 12:42
lizmat tbrowder o/ hope you'll have a great time there 12:44
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Nemokosch I don't think I would make it to Houston but glhf in advance 😄 12:49
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anyways, for the "language speedrun" article... I learned the lesson 12:52
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if I ever write an article about Raku, I will call the behavior of "list assignment" a "bug" 12:53
maybe that would make an impact xD
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lizmat hehe... :-) 12:55
in that case, I might actually agree :-)
Nemokosch Probably not the first time that I bring this up but the overall behavior of @variables seems troublesome 12:57
We have people asking about Int @sth every week
there are very serious anti-dwim things with the @ sigil 12:58
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Skarsnik passing @ to a routine is always something... weird 13:15
my wish was for a pragma/whatever that enforce Raku to check for type when you specify then, even in method call x) 13:16
moon-child m: class A { method f(Int $x) {} }; class B is A { method f($x) {} }; my A $x = B.new; $x.f('bubbles') 13:19
moon-child Skarsnik: ^^ is the problem with something like that
(and this is why I suggest using multis over methods) 13:20
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Skarsnik I guess it's a tricky thing 13:20
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Skarsnik related, can you do multi in a child class from a parent class that was not multi now? 13:21
moon-child yes
Skarsnik I remember having this issue when wanting to add some specific debug option in User::Agent a long time ago x) 13:22
can you do circular deps now, or it's still NYI because too much issue in precomp? 13:23
MasterDuke you just have to forward declare one of the deps 13:25
Skarsnik I had this issue when writing a Discord module (user are in channels, channel contains users) and trying to generate the libxml binding in multiple files (can't fw declare for native stuff) 13:27
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[Coke] NYI makes it sound like it's on the roadmap. I think it's just not implemented. 17:26
moon-child my primary association with 'NYI', at least in fairly mature projects, is 'this is gonna be a pain to implement and people don't really need it that badly, soo ... we're probably gonna get to it. Eventually' 17:33
[Coke] it's just literally not yet implemented, which implies the intent *is* to do it. 17:34
but yes, that's a reason why it's often "not yet"
Sorry, not trying to coke-splain. Just wanted to underscore that I don't think anyone is planning to make it work. :) 17:43
japhb imagines a Pepsi rolling its eyes at Coke-splaining -- "Yes, we all know what cola is, thank you. Yes, we all know about your original formula ...." 17:49
Nemokosch Pepsi just doesn't taste like something you'd want to give real money for 😄 17:55
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guifa imagines Coke telling Pepsi to stop embarassing itself and pull up its pants 18:12
branddunk.files.wordpress.com/2008...usnew1.jpg 18:13
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