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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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Anton Antonov @Coke Support of parquet or feather would be nice. 01:30
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stevied where do I report a bug about raku.land? 05:29
don't immediately see a repo for it
oh, found it on gitlab
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/01/17/2022-...kucon-how/ 13:01
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Nemokosch ValueList will be veeery useful 16:20
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Xliff What would be the easiest way to re-export a CompUnit's symbols without using something from modulespace? 16:35
lizmat Xliff: perhaps this can be of inspiration: github.com/lizmat/P5built-ins/blob...ns.rakumod 16:38
Xliff lizmat++ -- I might use this and see if my suspicion about #4655 plays out. 16:41
lizmat: Why are you using late binding, here? Can't you just use '%export = MY::.map'? 16:48
Or do you have to do it that way to limit it just to Callables?
lizmat the late binding is because you can limit on what gets imported as parameters 16:49
use P5built-ins <shift quotemeta lcfirst>
Xliff Ah! I see. 16:50
lizmat if you don't specify anything, you do get the early bindings in %export
Xliff If I'm not interested in that and just exporting everything in ::EXPORT::DEFAULT, would using MY::.map work?
lizmat from the first EXPORT candidate
probably, never tried that 16:51
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Xliff lizmat: This isn't working -- github.com/Xliff/p6-ICal/blob/expo.../Types.pm6 17:14
Anything loom out at you as being wrong?
lizmat my @default-symbols = MY::.keys; # that's runtime 17:15
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lizmat also, why the module? 17:16
also: %exports = MY::.pairs.grep({ .key ne @default-symbols.any }).Map; is runtime 17:17
Xliff Equivalent compile time?
lizmat also: the sub should be called EXPORT not EXPORTS
whatever you put in %exports needs to be done at compile time 17:18
Xliff After rename to EXPORT it works. 17:19
lizmat it does?
Xliff My small golf worked.
Now testing via compile
lizmat are you "need"ing this module, or "use"ing it ? 17:20
Xliff using
Prior it was need
Now to see if I trigger SET-SELF error
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Xliff And... no such luck. Still encountering the message. 17:46
lizmat and if you make all of that happen at compile time ? 17:51
camelia 5
.oO( that's a start :-)
moon-child haha
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tbrowder a question about stubs. docs indicate stubs are used for methods in abstract classes. i thought they could be used as declarations before being defined as in C++ 17:55
moon-child m: sub f { ... }; sub f { 5 }; sub f { 6 }; say f 18:01
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Redeclaration of routine 'f'. Did you mean to declare a multi-sub?
at <tmp>:1
------> sub f { ... }; sub f { 5 }; sub f { 6 }⏏; say f
expecting any of:
horizontal whitespac…
moon-child gah
repl bites again
tbrowder example: class Foo {...}; class Bar { has Foo $.foo } 18:02
then define Foo after Bar
lizmat m: class Foo {...}; class Bar { has Foo $.foo } 18:03
camelia The following packages were stubbed but not defined:
lizmat m: class Foo {...}; class Bar { has Foo $.foo }; class Foo { }
camelia ( no output )
lizmat seems to work ?
tbrowder yes, but i had a problem a few days ago (i think my error) and wanted to revisit the docs. i think the forward decl use needs to be mentioned, but i wanted to be sure it's correct. 18:05
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Xliff Getting a lot of these, now: 18:18
Missing serialize REPR function for REPR CArray (NativeCall::Types::CArray[uint64])
Will CArrays ever have serialization into a CompUnit?
moon-child hmm, seems doubtful, as there's no way in the general case to know the length of one 18:21
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Geth__ ¦ doc: tbrowder self-assigned Describe "forward declaration" of classes using a "stub" github.com/Raku/doc/issues/4018 18:43
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younder I have a problem with 'zef install JSON::Name' it gives a error 'Can't use unknown trait 'is' -> 'json-name' in an attribute declaration'. This is a real pain as alot of libraries including Cro use this module. 19:36
lizmat installs fine for me. Which version of Rakudo are you using ? 19:53
younder verion 1019.11 19:54
lizmat that's *really* old :-)
El_Che :)
lizmat but I'm afraid that's the reason it doesn't work
El_Che Around the time of the first cities
lizmat please try it with a more recent version :-) 19:55
younder That's the version on the rakudo website..
El_Che younder: what os do you run?
younder Ubuntu 20.04
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El_Che ok, that's what the OS provices on 20.04 19:57
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El_Che on the rakudo there is normally the latest version listed 19:57
lizmat 2021.12 on the website as far as I can see 19:58
El_Che younder: I supply ubuntu repositories with the latest version: github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg#os-repositories
they are also listed on the rakudo website
younder Yes, I downloaded that now.. Must have done 'sudo apt install rakudo' .. These Ubuntu repositories always lag a bit behind. 20:03
El_Che normally OS repos are good enough, but 2 y is a little too much for a lang with lots of development 20:04
younder Yes! It works now. Thanks. 20:09
El_Che \o/
lizmat :-)
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Geth__ examples: sdondley++ created pull request #91:
improve link to POD example template
younder 'zef install rakudoc' failed.. I needed 'zef -v install github.com/Raku/rakudoc.git'
El_Che that looks related to the module itself 20:56
MasterDuke istr rakudoc is known not to install cleanly right now, i think it doesn't pass all its tests, so you have to do something like `zef install --/test rakudoc` 20:58
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Xliff I'm in this branch of p6-GLib (only this project!) github.com/Xliff/p6-GLib/tree/raw-...s-refactor 23:35
And I'm now getting this error whenever I "use GLib::Raw::Types" -- Missing serialize REPR function for REPR CArray (NativeCall::Types::CArray[uint64]) 23:36
Could someone clone the above and attempt to run ./build.sh in the root and see if it triggers on their end?
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