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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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guifa alright, yay I have some color in Pretty::RAST. Unfortunately, Comma's terminal gobbles up all the colored text 00:32
japhb wonders what terminal it's emulating
guifa Not sure. But it's weird that IntelliJ hasn't added basic color support — I tried searching online and I'm definitely not the only one that's missing color output 00:33
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guifa__ github.com/alabamenhu/PrettyRAST <-- Xliff, you may be interested in this module (altough it doesn't support very many nodes yet) 04:49
moon-child oh cool 04:50
guifa__ moon-child don't peak in the code LOL it's full of half baked ideas and not clean code 04:52
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whatnext do promises/threads leak - does anyone know? :) 12:06
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lizmat that's a real existential question :-) 12:09
I can only say: if you can produce a gist that shows memory leakage in your opinion, people could have a look at that 12:10
afaik, there aren't many known leaks anymore
whatnext ok that's good news
however I definitely have one 12:11
I wonder if there are any basic safeguards I should be doing but am missing?
lizmat we can't say without you showing any code :-) 12:12
whatnext  ok I have put the method which the api is calling in a gist here:# gist.github.com/whatnext/a33b7bff8...3a3daa6377 12:19
not sure how much sense its going to make out of context mind you :D 12:20
I tried both with `start` and `Thread.start` - it does the same thing 12:23
tbrowder hi, rakuuns! 12:37
i'm working on a module needing textual user input to describe detailed 2d drawings and trying to decide whether to use a custom design (line oriented with tags) or json, toml, or some other well-known system. any opinions? 12:47
the module is already published but i'm adding more capability: Draw2D::Furniture 12:49
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tbrowder the new, yet p-unpublished version already can draw basic rectangular room outlines, but the follow-on version will be able to draw any kind of 2d line segment (and maybe 3d drawings after that) 12:56
as usual, and mentioned by someone cited by lizmat recently, my modules are usually for my needsinput ideas 12:57
*needs but someone else may find a use for them 12:58
lizmat whatnext: nothing obvious shows in that code, but it definitely doesn't show the whole story 12:59
tellable6 lizmat, I'll pass your message to whatnext
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whatnext lizmat did you see the gist? :) gist.github.com/whatnext/a33b7bff8...3a3daa6377 13:32
tellable6 2022-01-27T12:59:37Z #raku <lizmat> whatnext: nothing obvious shows in that code, but it definitely doesn't show the whole story
whatnext ah sorry messages just caught up
yeah its not obvious
lizmat afk for a few hours& 13:33
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[Coke] in general in raku, you're better off using the builtins than managing Threads directly. 14:35
but yah, nothing obvious
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guifa__ vrurg I'll start moving to fez soon 15:16
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japhb tbrowder: Textual 2D vector drawing formats that have worked well in the past (for different use cases): GraphViz, Pic, SVG, PostScript, ... (almost definitely a few more I'm forgetting) 15:29
Oh, how could I forget Logo?!
vrurg guifa__++ :) 15:31
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whatnext [Coke] by "builtins" do you mean e.g. `start` ? 15:38
I'm not even sure it's a memory leak tbh - I just got "segmentation fault"
something is definitely not happy 15:39
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japhb whatnext: segfaults definitely should not happen (barring forcing one via NativeCall, of course) 15:41
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vrurg guifa__: BTW, I quick-looked into the module. Why don't you use a Term* module to colorize the output? 15:48
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Guest46 Hello, 16:22
I am an employee with the U.S. Army Intermodal and
Distribution Platform Management Office (AIDPMO) responsible for maintaining
ownership records for containers on behalf of the U.S. Army.
Container FLZU2004640 was found during our inventory.
According to the 3 Letter BIC code this container, at one time belonged to your
Please let me know whether your records indicate that Fine
Link Holdings Limited  still owns the container.   If no longer
owned by Fine Link Holdings Limited, can you let me know who it was sold
to?  (Contact, POC, Email)
Leidos Contractor
Ms.Chasity Cosby
Inventory Team
SDDC G4 Container Management / AIDPMO (LEC-A)
Scott AFB, IL
[Coke] Can someone block this idiot? 16:23
Guest46 disregard that message
[Coke] (block them anyway)
Guest46 Hello, 16:24
I am an employee with the U.S. Army Intermodal and
Distribution Platform Management Office (AIDPMO) responsible for maintaining
ownership records for containers on behalf of the U.S. Army.
was found during our inventory.
According to the 3 Letter BIC code this container, at one time belonged to your
Please let me know whether your records indicate that RAKU still owns the container.   If no longer
owned by RAKU, can you let me know who it was sold
to?  (Contact, POC, Email)
Leidos Contractor
Ms.Chasity Cosby
Inventory Team
SDDC G4 Container Management / AIDPMO (LEC-A)
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guifa__ vrurg: meh, I like not depending on things. but yeah, long term I should probably go that route 16:26
but also, didn't I say don't peak at my code? hahahaha 16:27
it's such an embarassing mess right now
[Coke] ~Guest46@ec2-54-80-24-206.compute-1.amazonaws.com in case they're gone by the time someone with admin privs shows up 16:29
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whatnext japhb for me, impossible is nothing! ;) 16:31
at least when it comes to doing something undesirable 16:32
how about this one: "longjmp causes uninitialized stack frame" - when using Inline::Perl5 (? I'm guessing)
guifa__ but I'll just be updating the prettifier as I end up hitting more stuff, bu for my formatters I think basic if/then, method and infix calls, and string concats will be the bulk of what I use 16:35
whatnext I added a comment to my gist here: gist.github.com/whatnext/a33b7bff8...3a3daa6377
i guess it's not looking like a memory leak, but something else 16:36
`can't locate object method "DESTROY" via package "Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Workbook"` seems to be the only thing in English :D - we are using this module from Perl 5 using `Inline::Perl5`. Suggestions anyone? :) 16:39
lizmat you might want to create an Inline::Perl5 issue
whatnext: OOC what version of Rakudo / Inline::Perl5 are you using ? 17:13
whatnext $ raku --version 17:14
Welcome to 𝐑𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐝𝐨™ v2021.09.
Implementing the 𝐑𝐚𝐤𝐮™ programming language v6.d.
Built on MoarVM version 2021.09.
lizmat then you might want to upgrade to 2021.12 and the latest version of Inline::Perl5 17:15
a lot of issues with NativeCall and Inline::Perl5 were solved in that period
whatnext - Identity: Inline::Perl5:ver<0.58>:auth<github:niner>
ah really 17:16
ok thanks that could be useful
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[Coke] Are you on windows, whatnext? 17:29
the $ says no but the XXX says yes. :)
whatnext CentOS 7.9 17:30
[Coke] thanks. 17:32
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El_Che XXX? 17:35
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[Coke] 𝐑𝐚𝐤 17:38
I was too lazy to cut and paste the first time.
... ah. could just be me, nevermind!
El_Che Rakudo™
on mine
ah that Raku® 17:39
the TM and R make it USA-silly
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El_Che are we forced to do that kind of silliness of is it cargo cult? 17:43
$ ruby -v 17:44
ruby 2.7.4p191 (2021-07-07 revision a21a3b7d23) [x86_64-linux-gnu]
$ go version
go version go1.17.3 linux/amd64
I don't think google is giving up on trademarks and copyrights 17:45
gfldex If you don't use a R it can become void in many countries.
El_Che so google just lost their trademark after I ran the command?
gfldex No, they use their trademark in so many places, that they don't have to for go. 17:46
El_Che so, put the trademark somewhere in a dark corner on the site and problem solved
tonyo .tell tbrowder i can work on a tut for ya on sunday night 17:49
tellable6 tonyo, I'll pass your message to tbrowder
whatnext I am sure you all will be excited to learn I may have found a solution 17:57
that is for my particular case, and meaning it now seems to work but without knowing exactly why
I explicitly set the container for the `Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Workbook` object to Nil after the extraction 17:59
gfldex Magic! \o/
whatnext and apparently I need to use `Thread.start`. If I use `start` I still get an error
pretty weird - but whatever :D
japhb El_Che: Trademarks must be actively defended in order to remain valid. Hiding that you have one seems unlikely to count. Also, both the distinctive font (Unicode block actually, but it *looks* like a different font) and the TM/R were needed when we got the EU trademark registration. 18:02
El_Che so, ruby and go lost their trademark?
gfldex did they ever have one? 18:03
japhb El_Che: They're probably just protecting them in a different place, that's all. Like on their main website.
El_Che japhb: yes, that's my point
it looks more applicable there than in the cli
japhb El_Che: And I'm saying the reason that we did that is because the international trademark lawyers told us to.
We didn't just do it because we felt like it. 18:04
El_Che yes, I get that
I wonder why other more popular languages don't do it
there is a lot more money to rip off stealing the go or ruby trademark
ugexe to me it feels like a lawyer said that because its easiest to assume that to be correct, instead of verifying something else would work
japhb Possible, sure. 18:05
Interestingly `gcc --version` decides to be explicit about copyright and warranty, rather than trademark
TIL that `python -v` is rather different than `python --version` 18:07
El_Che perl -v does have a copyright notice and no trademark 18:08
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lizmat because perl doesn't have a trademark, and raku does 18:08
El_Che really? 18:09
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El_Che beside the chuckle every time I see it, I'don't care that much. Everything time I see TM is think of people that shout in social media they are famous. :P 18:11
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El_Che python seems to be trademarked as well 18:12
(and no TM in the cli)
japhb Hmmm, ruby has a --copyright option.
El_Che well, that looks like a sane approach to me 18:13
yay for ruby
japhb: good catch
damn, this didn't work: gcc --copyleft 18:14
Nemokosch Honestly, for me, the whole Raku™️ rather hints that Raku is good with Unicode 18:16
El_Che Nemokosch#9980: that was cool 5 years ago, no less so :) 18:17
Nemokosch of course you could just drop the ™️ part but frankly it would still remain flamboyant
Well, that's because you have seen it for 5 years 😛
El_Che true :)
Nemokosch the world hasn't moved forward that much in this regard in 5 years 18:18
El_Che yeah, buts langs did catch up
japhb Not very many of them. 18:19
El_Che do you encounter utf8 problems often in other languages?
Nemokosch not really tbh
japhb El_Che: Not a huge number of languages understand the difference between a codepoint and a grapheme. 18:20
El_Che I took it they did it by design 18:21
Nemokosch Emoji problems, for sure
tonyo half the stuff that says TM on it is just there and there isn't actually any protection unless you register it with specific entities (each with its own set of protections) 18:22
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[Coke] it was just me. (was remoted in to an osx box from windows and forgot) 18:24
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El_Che [Coke]: you see the discussion you started :P 18:25
[Coke] oops! 18:26
Nemokosch we may call it lazy by design, though
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[Coke] (TM/registration) was added to the version based on discussions with a lawyer, ping codesections for details. 18:34
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ugexe right, but the question still remains why would e.g. googles lawyer not have them doing the same thing 18:50
gfldex just ask them! 18:54
El_Che lol 19:02
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leont Is there a way to use a hash literal when dealing with non-string keys (in my particular case, enum) 22:51
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japhb leont: :{} IIRC 23:09
leont m: dd { (More) => 1 } 23:10
camelia {:More(1)}
leont That is a string key, not an enum key 23:11
Oh wait, I missed the semicolon
m: dd :{ (More) => 1 } 23:13
camelia :{Order::More => 1}
leont Yeah that's much better
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