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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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Util elcaro: thanks for looking. The .count == Inf gives me a bit more insight. 00:38
BTW, my example of -> *@a on a Seq: rosettacode.org/wiki/Bell_numbers#v...relation_2 00:40
Util waves back at Coke
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melezhik . 02:11
hi folks!
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guifa meh, just when I think I figured out how to handle blocks in slangs, I'm stimied by a crashing optimize bug with RAKUDO_RAKUAST=1 =\ (and with it = 0, I can only obtain a QAST which won't integrate with my RAST code) 04:27
guifa waves at all
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razetime is this the correct place to ask beginner questions? 05:07
elcaro razetime: yes it's fine 05:29
razetime: yes it's fine 05:30
StackOverflow is also good. the IRC channel gets quiet sometimes so you may not always get an immediate answer.
razetime i see. I got my answer in #raku-beginner, thanks for the advice 05:44
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El_Che I even didn't know that channel existed :) 07:48
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younder github.com/Microsoft/language-server-protocol/ 10:40
tellable6 2022-01-24T23:49:07Z #raku <elcaro> younder Phasers are contructs than can "fire" (get triggered) outside of the standard flow control. The ALLCAPS are to make them stand out because of this
2022-01-24T23:50:06Z #raku <elcaro> younder eg. and INIT block at the bottom of your script doesn't happen last... or you could have a single CATCH block handle _all_ exceptions in a script.
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younder Seems to me to get the most out of raku in editors like VS Code, Atom and Emacs you need to implement an interface to the LSP protocol. That allows things like intellisence, and errors marked in the text to work. 10:43
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leont Yeah, a good LSP implementation would be useful 12:46
Having something that can quicky almost-parse raku would be useful to have first though 12:47
Raku's dynamic nature makes this quite difficult, AFAICT 12:48
El_Che are you stuck with "only perl can parse perl" scenario, here?
leont Kind of 12:49
But gor both, a mostly accurate parse is much easier
El_Che s/you/we/
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El_Che leont: I saw you release a threading module for perl. Nice! 13:01
leont :-) 13:05
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El_Che +d 13:09
otherwise is sound creepy real-time :)
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whatnext Hello all :) I have this error: `Missing serialize REPR function for REPR MVMContext (BOOTContext)` when trying to use `Cache::Memcached` - doesn't happen in development but annoyingly decides to appear in production. Can anyone shed any light? 15:12
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guifa lizmat: is there a PARSE function equivalent to RakuAST::Node's DEPARSE? 15:52
(with RAKUDO_RAKUAST=1 I'm getting an error mixing in the language in a module, so I figured maybe I could just capture the string and doing a parse on it to get the tree in some way) 15:53
lizmat guifa: that'd be Str.EVAL, and that's one of the things jnthn is working on 16:02
guifa ah okay. At first I figured I'd could just grab a reference to the language grammar and use RakuGrammar.parse( :actions(RakuActions) ) but then I remembered that'd get me the same QAST tree that is incompatible with my RAST tree haha 16:03
lizmat yup
guifa I think I can just leave that spot open in the grammar for now. Should be a one line fix once the RAST branch is ready 16:04
main thing right now is to convert all of my Binex nodes to produce RAST 16:05
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leont They're not really the same, are they? PARSE is just the first step of EVAL 17:06
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japhb leont: The stages interleave, because BEGIN. 17:14
leont True
lizmat also: EVAL :-) 17:15
leont codesections: I'm very much looking forward to your presentation tomorrow, I rather enjoy that sort of philosophical content 17:26
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patrickb Will `done`s ripple through cascaded supply blocks? Or do the blocks have to do something like `LAST { done }`? 20:18
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Zgredu[m] I was planning to go through the CLRS book and learn an interesting language along the way. Is Raku a good choice for learning algorithms? 23:46
guifa Zgredu[m] Raku is nice because it lends itself to the various programming paradigms. I've not used that book, but looking at the topics in the book, I think it should be rather nice for them. It really just depends on how close to the metal the book gets 23:58