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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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tonyo m: my \x = "line 1\nline 2\nline a\n"; grammar a { rule TOP { :my $*LINE = 0; ^ <line>+ $ }; token line { \s* "line" \s+ <number-or-fail> <nlr> }; regex number-or-fail { | \d+ | <.dieln> }; token nlr { ("\r\n" | "\n") {$*LINE++} }; token dieln { { die "Expected number on line $*LINE" } }; }; say a.parse(x) 00:40
camelia Expected number on line 2
in regex dieln at <tmp> line 1
in regex number-or-fail at <tmp> line 1
in regex line at <tmp> line 1
in regex TOP at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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guifa curiosa: if you're also going to be using the default whitespace, you'd redefine it similarly to what tonyo has 02:32
tellable6 guifa, I'll pass your message to curiosa
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tonyo very low magic example 04:57
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elcaro hi tonyo. just used fez for the first time and got a little confused by 'Meta error: "auth" is absent or not a string' 05:19
I fixed the error, and tried upload again, but kept getting the same error...
... because I hadn't actually committed my changes. 05:20
maybe a clearer error might mention that the meta located at source url "blah" has an error
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Voldenet m: say DateTime.new('2021-12-24T12:23:00.43Z').day-fraction; 06:15
camelia 0.5159772
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elcaro that's an interesting method. 06:28
elcaro wonders why there's no .year-fraction
Voldenet well, it's relatively new api 06:35
lizmat and month-fraction :) 06:38
and week-fraction for that matter :-)
Voldenet in fact, I wonder why those methods are available only on DateTime and not Dateish role 06:46
m: say now.Date.DateTime.julian-date
camelia 2459619.5
lizmat I guess that was an oversight 06:59
Voldenet it makes sense when you look at the code, which uses .day-fraction 07:08
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Geth doc: jaffa4++ created pull request #4026:
Update nativecall.pod6
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moritz a recent discussion about perl made me notice that I had the implicit assumption that heredoc markers must be idneitfiers 10:26
both in perl and in raku, this is not the case
m: print q:to<!$ ?>;␤just a string here␤!$ ? 10:27
camelia just a string here
moritz I hope y'all appreciate the beauty of terminating a heredoc by a single . on a line of its own :-) 10:28
nine I wonder how many actually know where this comes from :) 10:30
lizmat moritz: there was a time you could end a heredoc with an empty line in Per 10:31
moritz nine: you mean besides "from larry" or "from the shell"? 10:35
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Geth ecosystem: 893c7828d9 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Fix MIME::Base64 on github ecosystem to last commit

While we're working on moving it to the zef ecosystem
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tbrowder using a . instead of, say, HERE, is kinda like poetry vs a tech doc 12:41
i'll stick with HERE, but . would be cool for golfers 12:42
fore \.
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moritz (I don't plan to use it, just found it curious) 12:56
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tbrowder it is curious, and kind of neat 13:30
is it smtp or mail that uses a . to end a transmission? 13:32
moritz smtp 13:34
lizmat ah doing SMTP in a telnet session... the memories :-) 13:36
clarkema Is it possible to call one grammar from another mid-parse? For example, suppose you're parsing a web page and have an HTML grammar and a separate one for CSS 13:38
moritz that's possible, yes. Rakudo does that interleaving quotes and code and regexes etc. 13:45
I believe the syntax is <Other::Grammar::entry_regex>, but I could be mistaken
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clarkema \m/ it works! Thanks moritz 13:51
I was so close as well, I'd been guessing at something like <Other::Grammer.parse>
doesn't really make sense now I think about it
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clarkema looks like the two parsers end up both triggering methods in the action class assigned to the top parser; is it possible to disambiguate that somehow? 14:00
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moritz well, one could also argue that <Other::Grammar.entry_regex> would be more fitting, after all the :: denotes namespace nesting, and the regex isn't part of the namespace table (but of the method table) 14:00
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moritz re action methods, I don't know; passing a separate action class to the sub-grammar seems more sensible to me 14:01
clarkema that would make the most sense if possible 14:02
moritz you'd need to do this like token call_other { { my $other-match = Other::Grammar.subparse($/.orig, :continue($/.to)); $m } } or so 14:03
I'm not entirely certain how to indicate the the outer grammar should be continue parsing where the inner left off 14:06
clarkema hmm, yeah, i've got it parsing the inner grammar (using :pos($/.to)), but the outer grammer needs to be aware of what's been consumed in that case 14:09
moritz in the worst case, you could have it followed by something like (.*?)<?{ $0.to == $inner_match.to }> 14:13
clarkema I'm having a look through the rakukdo source to see if I can find examples of this kind of madness 14:15
moritz I suspect that rakudo uses some lower-level APIs, since its grammars are actually NQP grammars 14:19
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clarkema something odd is going on 14:57
I can skip over the consumed characters with (.*? <?{ $/.pos == $m.to }>) 14:58
I thought I'd try to do something like . ** { $inner.to - $/.pos } but that fails
.. at the same point (immediately after the inner match) also fails, and I know there is more than one character available 14:59
. succeeds, matching a character that was a lookbehind match in the outer grammer, and the first character of the match in the inner grammar 15:00
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clarkema well, that was an adventure 15:32
It works now, thanks moritz 15:33
moritz you're welcome 15:52
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curiosa One difficulty I find when writing a Raku grammar is where should be the limit of using dynamic variables while parsing, and how much to put into Actions instead of the Grammar 15:55
tellable6 2022-02-09T02:32:26Z #raku <guifa> curiosa: if you're also going to be using the default whitespace, you'd redefine it similarly to what tonyo has
curiosa guifa: thank you I've done that way
tellable6 curiosa, I'll pass your message to guifa
curiosa what I mean is that dynamic variables fit in extremely well in the design, and are extremely useful for instance to provide warnings or other feedback 15:56
but then I am left wondering if I shouldn't just use them and load the info directly in match object, instead of replicating work in the Actions 15:57
moritz the answer is pretty simple: dynamic variables are scoped to a rule and (recursively) all of its subrules. If that's the scope you need, a dynamic variable is almost always best 15:58
if you want to put data into the action object, ask yourself: can I still parse with this grammar in the absence of an action? If the answer is "no", that might not be the best approach 15:59
(this heuristic might not quite work when you parse something with declarations that influence the rest of the parse) 16:00
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curiosa what would be the situation where you surely need an action to solve a parsing problem? Maybe I just didn't study the right science or I suffer from dunner gruger effect, but it feels to me that you can always parse without actions? 16:00
moritz the prime example is raku itself: code like 'use MyModule; say 1 <+> 2'; can only be parsed successfully if you actually *execute* the 'use MyModule;' that imports the infix:«<+>» operator 16:02
and to execute the 'use' statement, you have to actually run the code, which (in a sensible compiler design) happens in/through the actions, not the grammar itself 16:03
curiosa ah, so actions can provide feedback to the grammar, how, through dynamic variables?
moritz that's the easiest case 16:04
curiosa more basic question: are actions called while parsing, or after it?
moritz and there's crazy shit like mixing roles with additional rules/regexes/mutlis into the grammar while it's parsing
actions are called while parsing
if you have token a { <b> 'c' }, then the action for <b> is run before 'c' is parsed 16:05
curiosa wow that's powerful
moritz promptly considers an "advanced" addenunm to his parsing book
curiosa please do, I think that the current docs don't do the honors to Raku enough, but don't take it as a critics it is a lot of work I understand it 16:06
if you read the docs you get the impression that actions are there as a convenient way to transverse the parse graph 16:08
moritz that is indeed one of their functions 16:18
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gfldex lolibloggedalittle: gfldex.wordpress.com/2022/02/09/fuzzy-commands/ 17:59
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Guest9360 I'm trying to install Raku on Linus per the instructions outlined at raku.guide/#_installing_raku and it breaks on the final step.  I receive this message:  Can't open perl script "Configure.pl": No such file or directory.  Any suggestions? 19:11
Should I try again, later? 19:13
El_Che try maybe these linux packages github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg#os-repositories?
moon-child Guest9360: I don't think Linus will appreciate that 19:14
ugexe that is for building rakudo star, which you probably don't want to do 19:16
Guest9360: ^
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ugexe my preference is rakubrew.org/ 19:18
`rakubrew build moar-2020.10 && rakubrew switch moar-2020.10 && rakubrew build-zef` 19:21
`rakubrew build moar 2020.10` rather
my preference for building from source anyway 19:22
Geth doc: f5f26bd447 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/nativetypes.pod6
Adds pointer to index, closes #4028

Also adds a bit of introduction
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/nativetypes
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Geth doc: 1fc1d1ebc4 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/nativecall.pod6
Fixes syntax error closes #4027
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/nativecall
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Geth doc: 48b3951f5c | (JJ Merelo)++ | 2 files
This place is probably better for definition
doc: 736519413f | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/nativetypes.pod6
Add link
[Coke] did JJ force push!? 20:05
ah, whew. 20:08
Geth doc: 50f4853bef | Coke++ | doc/Language/nativetypes.pod6
clarkema I put together a summary of this afternoon's discussion on multiple grammars: clarkema.org/lab/2022/2022-02-09-ra...-grammars/ 20:36
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MasterDuke weekly: clarkema.org/lab/2022/2022-02-09-ra...-grammars/ 20:47
notable6 MasterDuke, Noted! (weekly)
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[Coke] is there a way to get a trace? I have a script that is just stopping at some point, would love to see what it's doing before it stops. (--ll-exception shows nothing) 22:00
MasterDuke add a nqp::sin right before it stops, break on that in gdb, then run `call MVM_dump_backtrace(tc)` 22:05
[Coke] ... I don't know where it's stopping 22:06
that's what I'm trying to find out. :)
debug output it is...
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MasterDuke could create a coverage log instead 22:09
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[Coke] ... note "Project: $project" if $debug; note $Project.IO.d; ... - I get the Project, but not the output of the .d 22:11
I get one line of output, it hangs for several seconds, then exits. 22:14
MasterDuke if it hangs for long enough you could get the pid and attach gdb that way
[Coke] this is windows 22:15
running inside git bash.
MasterDuke then i got nothing 22:16
[Coke] building HEAD... 22:17
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[Coke] oh hey, forgot to hit nmake 30m ago... 22:52
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