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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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tonyo .tell curiosa if you're writing a slang, the parsing state info should go into the grammar and the actions should handle the qast generation (if that relies upon the token state then keep track of that state separately or design your tokens around the design so that you can tell which flavor the match is 01:47
tellable6 tonyo, I'll pass your message to curiosa
codesections . 02:01
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tonyo .tell tbrowder finally got cro to install and will start working on that tut 02:22
tellable6 tonyo, I'll pass your message to tbrowder
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jaguart In a Grammar - is it possible to use a changing quantifier that is captured within the regex? E.g. given: "s:3:abc;s:5:defgh" I want to do something like token str { 's:' $<num>=[\d+] ';' $<content> = [ . ** { $<num>} ] } so that $<content> is set to "abc" and "defgh" respectively? 08:35
The $<content> captures can contain any chars - quotes, newlines etc. so I really want to extract by quantifier, and the char-count is considered reliable. 08:38
MasterDuke m: say "a3bbbc" ~~ /a(\d)b**{$0}c/; say "a3bbc" ~~ /a(\d)b**{$0}c/; say "a3bbbbc" ~~ /a(\d)b**{$0}c/ 08:47
camelia 「a3bbbc」
0 => 「3」
MasterDuke jaguart: like that ^^^ ? 08:48
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dsad hey 09:06
can anyone help me?
I have school presentation of Raku
and i need some help
lizmat the school presentation is about the programming language Raku ? 09:09
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dsad yes 09:11
lizmat Cool
so what would you want / need ?
dsad i would like to know about most important features of raku 09:13
for example
like if its open source
and anything like that
just basics 09:14
lizmat If you don't know whether Raku is open source, then I suggest you do a little more home work, like visiting raku.org and come back here if you have more questions :-) 09:15
dsad im very bad at english 09:17
thats my only source
the original raku website
lizmat what is your native language?
dsad finnish 09:18
lizmat ah, hmmm... that's still missing from raku.guide :-(
perhaps the english version of raku.guide would be helpful for your school project? 09:20
dsad All i know its similar to perl ruby smalltalk haskell javascript and its for scripting web dev and managing different texts
well i will look at it 09:21
how can i access to raku by my own hands? 09:22
visual studio?
lizmat if you like IDE's, you should probably download the community version of commaide.com
dsad hmm i dont get raku running on that 10:06
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Geth doc: 70a96d3931 | jaffa4++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/nativecall.pod6
Update nativecall.pod6 (#4026)

Closes #4025
  * Update nativecall.pod6
More emphasis how to use Pointer class. ... (10 more lines)
doc: 6b9ae52b83 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/nativecall.pod6
Minor grammar tweaks
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Geth doc: 3b3f69306d | (JJ Merelo)++ | 2 files
Minor grammar fixes
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tbrowder .tell tonyo thanks, and see moritz’s info on setting up systemd for cro app 11:56
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to tonyo 11:57
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tbrowder .tell tonyo that was yesterday at about 1102 CDT 14:21
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to tonyo
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[Coke] hurls gist.github.com/coke/6e1d0d16c9027...b3830bbba5 just to see if the *leading* semicolons bother anyone else. 16:32
moritz yes, it hurts. 16:46
El_Che [Coke]: why do you hate people? 16:56
gfldex Looks like "art" to me. 16:57
perryprog why did you comment out all your code 16:59
and you forgot parens around each line
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gfldex m: ;&say.("copper {25-9+12+12+18+18+12}") 17:08
camelia copper 88
gfldex perryprog: like so ^^^ ?
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tonyo [Coke]: that reminds me of comments in some lang but can't remember which 17:20
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tellable6 2022-02-10T11:57:00Z #raku <tbrowder> tonyo thanks, and see moritz’s info on setting up systemd for cro app 17:20
2022-02-10T14:21:31Z #raku <tbrowder> tonyo that was yesterday at about 1102 CDT
tbrowder emacs? lisp 17:23
tellable6 2022-02-10T02:22:16Z #raku <tonyo> tbrowder finally got cro to install and will start working on that tut
tonyo lisp is most likely 17:24
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timo give the newest JSON::Fast a go, everyone 17:48
tbrowder okey dokey 17:49
lizmat timo : I guess we need to wait for about an hour 17:50
it's not in the ecosystem yet
timo ah, coming very soon to a cpan mirror and cpan content listing near you
lizmat it will be in the REA in a few minutes 17:51
actually, did you know that there are no CPAN mirrors anymore?
there's just a single load-balanced / distributed URL nowadays, afaik
timo OK, so less a loose network of mirrored servers with perhaps different update frequencies, more a CDN like thing 17:52
lizmat yup, a CDN 17:56
timo CDAN 17:58
japhb timo: What's new in the newest JSON::Fast? 17:59
lizmat :immutable
+ the ability to specify defaults for to-json and from-json 18:00
in the use statement
and 1% faster overall, and 9% faster for the immutable version (with a smaller memory footprint)
japhb Nice
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lizmat weekly: opensource.com/article/22/2/perl-c...Y#comments 18:33
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
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lizmat argh, looks like CPAN only gets updated every 4 hours or so :-( 18:56
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[Coke] wonders if anyone here has a CMS they have to deal with as part of their $DAYJOB 19:53
jdv not these days, no. used to be the lead dev on one a while ago. 19:57
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[Coke] ok, retried my windows issue with raku-latest; still broken. 'nmake test' was fine, so no obvious raku failures there. 20:12
will zef nuke remove everything installed? 20:13
will zef nuke remove everything installed? 20:14
20:14 vrurg_ is now known as vrurg
[Coke] or rather: how I nuke all installed modules so I can start fresh? 20:14
ah, need to specify all three? 20:15
oops. now getting: bash: /c/raku/share/perl6/site/bin/zef: No such file or directory 20:16
ah. rehashing command list now can't find zef on command line either, which is what I wanted, nevermind. :) 20:17
ugexe zef nuke site home 20:39
that will delete all installed modules fwiw
unless you have custom repos setup in e.g. RAKULIB
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[Coke] weird. zef install --deps-only . says "Searching for missing..." and then sits there. 20:55
I tried zef install File::Find, that immediately executed and installed.
(tried another, installed asap, tried deps-only again, hanging after "Searching" 20:56
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[Coke] ok, got through that... script still not working on windows, will try to golf it. 21:06
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tbrowder [Coke]: ref semicolon for comment. i knew it seemed familiar, besides in emacs lisp, also in assembler and algol 60 which was the second prog lang course i had in college (after fortran IV) 22:34
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perryprog ya, it's a lisp thing, hence my "why is the code commented / you forgot parens [for the S-expressions]" 22:41
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tonyo ahh snap, tbrowder it's likely from my asm days (and giving me a headache) 22:55
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Geth doc: ea4734ae68 | Coke++ | doc/Language/nativecall.pod6
word variant