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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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Geth doc: 06c85115f1 | Coke++ | xt/01-raku-version.t
track new release
gfldex Is there a way to tell an infix to take a WhateverCode as an argument instead of forming a closure? 00:54
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moon-child &[whatever](*, whatever)? 01:26
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Geth raku-mode: Mercerenies++ created pull request #56:
Temporary fix for Issue #43
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immediate hello! I have a string of length 4, I need to make it 7 by repeating things. Context: 3 digit CSS color code, e.g., `#FAB` to become `#FFAABB`. I do this 07:58
m: my $s = "#FAB"; say "#" ~ $s.comb.skip.map(* x 2).join 07:59
camelia #FFAABB
immediate Question is how you would do it? Some regex could be?
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immediate or is it fine enough? (im relateively new to language) 07:59
oh there is raku-beginner i should have posted there I guess... 08:01
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CIAvash m: say '#FAB'.subst: :g, /\w/, * x 2 # regex version 08:27
camelia #FFAABB
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CIAvash m: say '#FAB'.comb.rotor(1, 3).&{.[0] ~ .[1]Ā».&(* x 2).join} # Another way to write your solution 08:46
camelia #FFAABB
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immediate thanks 08:50
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CIAvash m: say '#FAB'.wordcase: :filter{.combĀ».&(* x 2).join} # and another solution 08:52
camelia #FFAABB
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lizmat immediate: I would have used your original version 09:13
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lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2022/02/14/2022-...-released/ 13:46
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[Coke] bisectable doesn't work on windows, right? 15:22
is it something I could run on my laptop and use directly rather than via IRC?
MasterDuke yeah 15:30
checkout how Blin does it 15:35
ugexe i think those might relying on some non-windows commands 15:37
[Coke] I just figure if I have to do another bisect on this windows laptop, I'm going to want it to be a managed thing, not me doing the bisect and rebuild by hand (throwing out the deploy each time.)
I can fix that part.
I mean, theoretically 15:38
ugexe on windows i usually bisect by release 15:41
just switching between them with rakubrew
so yeah not the most automated process
you can also build specific commits ala `rakubrew build moar 234jfj39` 15:42
for once you find the release it started
[Coke] I used git bisect in a rakudo build, and did rm -rf /c/raku /c/sandbox/rakudo/nqp before each build, and it's gone ok 15:52
but either way there's management going on I'd rather script
crap. typed "git bisect good' on the last one... and it's hanging. like 5m now 16:04
ah, windows highlight paused output. oops 16:05
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[Coke] one of two skipped commits, an NQP bump or github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/da...fd658300cd 16:08
will try master with the latter reverted and see if that works. 16:09
Xliff CAn you untap a supply or force a tapped handler to stop responding to events? 16:10
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[Coke] does bisectable deal with nqp bumps and dig into nqp commits, or just report that out as a single rakudo commit? 16:13
MasterDuke single rakudo commit. that's been a longstanding todo (same with moarvm commits) 16:14
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[Coke] crap. ok, still doesn't work with the one commit reverted. 16:34
which leaves the skipped NQP bump.
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[Coke] ... which includes a moarvm bump. :P 16:38
ah. it ONLY includes a moarvm bump. 16:40
with 15 commits. 16:43
so it looks like shareable is handing out builds to use, those builds are all a specific kind of build, so would step one to add windows be to add any second arch type to shareable? 16:45
(and then at some point, a windows variant can be one?)
Xliff Can you untap a supply or force a tapped handler to stop responding to events? 16:56
japhb Xliff: I think there's some implicit context in what you are asking. Are you talking about a live or on-demand supply? Are you expecting to undo a single tap without disturbing other taps? Do you have control of the code in the tap handler? 17:06
Xliff japhb: I'm not sure about supply type. I want to untap just a single event and yes, I would have control of the code in the handler. 17:07
I suspect the Supply being tapped would come from a source Supplier, since i would need .emit
japhb I think I would tend to have an atomic flag visible to the tapping react that indicates mode (whether to ignore or not), and just drop events that arrive when ignoring. 17:19
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El_Che opera just over-raku'd raku: www.theverge.com/2022/2/14/2293291...s-urls-yat 20:38
[Coke] with "NFT" in the article, it has lost all meaning. 20:39
El_Che very true 20:40
guifa So basically, we're at AOL keyword $foo all over again 20:56
El_Che yes, but with blockchain
guifa Are we gonna get a fezcoin so we can have NFT blockchain yadda yadda namesquatting for modules? 20:59
guifa . o O ( yadda is a real Raku thing after all )
El_Che I read somewhere yadda yadda came fron Lenny Bruce 21:00
tonyo i have 100% of the fezcoins 21:03
El_Che rakudo-pkg, now with free fezcoins included 21:04
[Coke] rakuoin 21:06
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El_Che rakuonion if you're a troll like me :) 21:08
[Coke] the most suspicious commits in the moarvm range for me are adding some JIT items. ... oh, I can run my tests without the JIT. Grumble. 21:09
(retrying with a fresh master.) 21:11
(should have thought to do that step 1!)
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guifa I get the utility of <?> as an always succeed. Is there any way to usefully use <!>? The only way I can think that it might be useful would be if it failed the whole token it was in (even when in alternation in some way) 23:04
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