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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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japhb lizmat++ # Ecosystem movement 14:23
kawaii_ Any ideas why this type check fails and complains about being fed a UUID when well... That's exactly what it's supposed to be? `Type check failed in assignment to $!uuid; expected UUID but got UUID (UUID.new(bytes => Bu...)` / `my $user = User.^load(uuid => %request<auth>);`, in this case `%request<auth>` is technically a string I guess but it should validate as a UUID... I also tried `my $user = User.^load(uuid => UUID.new(%request<auth>));` 14:40
but for some reason UUID complains about being passed multiple arguments when I clearly have only passed it one.
lizmat does running with --ll-exception provide any pointers? 14:46
kawaii_ hmm the error output looks no different with that flag added 14:49
I'll make a paste with more complete code in a moment
lizmat you should have more :-)
kawaii_ I stripped out anything irrelevant www.irccloud.com/pastebin/eXJq1i1B/ 14:51
%request<auth> contains a string which in this case is a UUID-like object, and my database does indeed contain a single entry in the User model with a valid UUID in the uuid column 14:52
lizmat kawaii_: perhaps better asked on #cro :-) 14:54
kawaii_ I had a slight suspicion Cro might be responsible for my issue, I'll go bother them soon if I don't make any progress myself :) 14:55
lizmat kawaii_: also, make sure you have the latest versions of IO::Socket::Async::SSL and HTTP:HPACK 14:56
if you're using 2022.02
japhb kawaii_: Actually, on #red might be good too. Does Red know how to inflate/deflate a UUID from the DB?
guifa Is it possible there are two separate UUID classes? (maybe one from Red and one from Cro?) 14:57
kawaii_ ugh, that's a good point
guifa i haven't yet jumped into either yet, but UUID is one of those things that's so simple I can see many people making one to avoid dependency hell. Maybe if you use UUID(Str()) ? 14:59
Clunky but I'd assume any UUID package could coerce to-from strings 15:00
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kawaii_ guifa: interesting, `Impossible coercion from 'Str' into 'UUID': no acceptable coercion method found` 15:02
guifa lol someone needs to update their UUID to add a COERCE method hahaha
(sorry, that's not helpful for you though righ tnow)
guifa pokes SmokeMachine 15:03
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Altreus Maybe Raku should try new as one of its coercion methods :) 15:11
lizmat it is! it coerces a type object into an instance! :-) 15:12
Altreus gosh
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[Coke] I have lost my instructions on how to get a raku run in devenv on windows. anyone have a sample command ? 17:15
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[Coke] figured it out in the gui. "raku.exe has triggered a breakpoint" 17:23
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[Coke] m: say (-2³¹+1).chr 18:26
camelia Codepoint -2147483647 (0x-7FFFFFFF) is out of bounds in 'chr'
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
[Coke] m: say (-2³¹).chr
camelia Codepoint -2147483648 (0x-80000000) is out of bounds in 'chr'
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
SmokeMachine japhb: yes, Red does know how to handle UUID 18:50
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SmokeMachine github.com/FCO/Red/blob/ba22ca8b90...ver/Pg.pm6 18:55
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stanrifkin is there something like symbolic references in raku? 20:11
ugexe m: my $foo = 42; say $::("foo") 20:16
camelia 42
ugexe m: class Foo { method bar { 42 } }; say ::("Foo").bar
camelia 42
stanrifkin ok. i just have to qualify it. thank you. 20:18
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