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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
ugexe the example shown only makes sense when its literally just tweaking the value you are cloning. it does not make sense for almost any other code TWEAK might run 00:01
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japhb ugexe: Not sure about that. I use TWEAK in several cases to make sure that I cache some slow-to-compute values based on the public attributes at object creation time, to avoid any risk of concurrency races to compute it later. 00:30
*compute them
ugexe thats fine, why would you want TWEAK called again? 00:32
.clone would be copying the attributes after that heavy lifting has been done, so i dont see why you would want TWEAK to do anything
japhb ugexe: If one of the changed public attributes affected that computation. 00:33
ugexe class Foo { has $.a; has $.b submethod TWEAK(:$!a, :$!b) { $!b = $!b * 100} }; Foo.new(a => 1).clone(a => 2) 00:34
japhb Meaning, if my internal cache had been invalidated by an attribute override.
ugexe .clone should not be affecting $.b
it should clone $.b over, not run TWEAK again
although if you did want it to do so then thats a case for writing a custom clone method
in general that does not seem ideal 00:35
japhb OIC. You're merging BUILD and TWEAK, I think.
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Xliff How can I get a list of currently loaded compunits? 04:08
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Geth Raku-Steering-Council/main: d35d096a68 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | minutes/20220219.md
Add RSC meeting minutes for 2022-02-19
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CIAvash Xliff: `$*REPO.repo-chain.map(|*.loaded).grep(&so)`? 09:38
Geth doc/updated-ecosystem-faq: 52606e4027 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Language/faq.pod6
Update the ecosystem FAQ
doc: lizmat++ created pull request #4037:
Update the ecosystem FAQ
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Geth doc/updated-modules-setup: 59eaa27b31 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Language/modules.pod6
Update modules setup for zef | fez
doc: lizmat++ created pull request #4038:
Update modules setup for zef | fez
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Nemokosch Offtopic but is there something like qqx in Perl? 10:56
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CIAvash As I mentioned in [problem-solving#317](github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/317) and other places, I don't understand why everyone wants to create and maintain their own project, when [problem-solving#158](github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/158) can solve and cover all those issues. It can be the main website, it can have a core blog, it can have an advent-blog, it can have an announcements section, it can have a community blog 10:58
where members of the community or others with relevant content can post their articles, maybe this can also be the place you revive or store old blog posts? it can be home to weekly blogs as well, for even different Raku implementations. It probably can be home to Documentation too, but that's another matter. Anyway I created my own website, maybe that's what people like to do, create their own things 😀
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lizmat CIAvash: good points... I had quite forgotten about that.... but the demo is not working (anymore) ? 11:00
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lizmat also: I think more generally now that we can have a full Raku stack for websites, I have a slight preference for having the main website being a full stack Raku thing 11:01
dogfooding and all that :) 11:02
El_Che I think we miss oidc before we can speak of full stack 11:06
CIAvash Updated the demo link, either I forgot to change it or something happened to the redirection. www.raku-lang.ir/en/ 11:07
Nemokosch: don't backticks and `qx` do that in Perl? If you mean variable interpolation 11:11
Right now Raku can't do everything, so in some places you end up using external tools or well, creating them. A simple example is Raku syntax highlighter, do we have one written in Raku? 11:14
Altai-man CIAvash, nope. It depends on having a Raku parser written in Raku, but rakudo guts are not to be touched, Perl6::Parser is not active anymore. 11:17
There is a speculation the sitatuion can get better with introducing the RakuAST, as it opens a way to have something like "Parse the text and give me a stream of tokens" which then can be formatted and/or highlighted. 11:18
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Geth doc: 743f394c93 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/faq.pod6
Update the ecosystem FAQ (#4037)
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lizmat yes, I'd expect a Raku syntax highlighter in Raku to become available after RakuAST lands 12:18
CIAvash But it won't highlight code of other languages used in POD; Chroma does 😀 12:24
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Geth problem-solving/sunsetting-p6c-cpan: 3de16a68c8 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | solutions/meta/sunsetting-p6c-cpan.md
First stab at resolution document for #316
problem-solving: lizmat++ created pull request #318:
First stab at resolution document for #316
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Geth doc: f68ed10ab1 | Coke++ | doc/Language/faq.pod6
doc: 097fce4e4a | Coke++ | doc/Language/faq.pod6
doc: 5a4ac27425 | Coke++ | xt/pws/words.pws
new word
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/faq
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Geth ecosystem: 5d6d128964 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Remove modules from p6c that now live in zef

Email::Simple, Net::IMAP, NET::SMTP, PSpec, Time::Duration::Parser, Web::Template
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ggoebel is it possible to create or use interpolation to generate a regular expression character class? I.e. something like... @filter = <d .. z>; "abadaba" ~~ /^ <[a .. z] - [{@filter}]>+ $/ 14:30
MasterDuke nope, not without using EVAL to create the regex 14:32
lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2022/02/21/2022-...rly-co-op/ 14:34
ggoebel say I have an @dictionary and I'd like to filter out all words that match any letter in an array... what approach would you take? @filtered = @dict.grep({ ... }}? 14:36
lizmat ggoebel: probably would put the letters in a Set or a hash, and then grep on non-existence in that Set or hash ? 14:38
my %s is Set = @letters; @filtered = @dict.grep: { .comb.first: { %s{$_} { 14:41
my %s is Set = @letters; @filtered = @dict.grep: { .comb.first: { %s{$_} }
of the top of my head :-)
or perhaps use Map::Match 14:42
my %m is Map::Match = @dictionary.map: * => 1; @filtered = %m{@letters}.unique 14:44
also off the top of my head
my %m is Map::Match = @dictionary.map: * => 1; @filtered = %m{@letters}:k.unique
you don't want just 1s 14:45
ggoebel m: my @filter = <e .. z>; say @filter.any ∉ "abadaba".comb.cache 14:48
camelia any(True, True, True)
ggoebel my @filter = <d .. z>; say @filter.any ∉ "abadaba".comb.cache
evalable6 any(False, True, True)
ggoebel lizmat: thank you 14:50
m: my @filter = <d .. z>; if @filter.all ∉ "abadaba".comb.cache { "ok".say } else { "nok".say } 14:57
camelia nok
ggoebel m: my @filter = <e .. z>; if @filter.all ∉ "abadaba".comb.cache { "ok".say } else { "nok".say }
camelia ok
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japhb m: say <d .. z> 15:04
camelia (d .. z)
japhb m: say <d .. z>.elems
camelia 3
japhb Yeah, I was pretty sure that wasn't a range 15:05
The .. is being taken literally
m: say ('d' .. 'z').elems # I'm guessing this is what you were looking for?
camelia 23
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guifa ggoebel perhaps you could tool this for you in some way: 15:23
m: my token filter ($x) {.<?{~$¢ (elem) $x}>}; my @abc = 'a'..'z'; my @nope = 'm'..'z'; say 'b' ~~ /<filter: @abc (-) @nope>/; say 't' ~~ /<filter: @abc (-) @nope>/ 15:25
camelia 「b」
filter => 「b」
guifa the token <filter: ... > takes either a list or a set, so you can piece things together with standard set operators 15:26
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japhb File::Directory::Tree tests chew RAM for anyone else? I stopped it at 40 GB or so 15:58
ggoebel japhb: thanks 16:00
guifa: will try to wrap my head around that. thanks! 16:01
japhb Not many places you see someone actually use $¢
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guifa japhb I legit think that's the long string of non-alpha characters I've written in Raku 16:05
japhb Use ∈ and you can make it even longer! ;-) 16:06
guifa was litearlly already typing it out :-) 16:07
my token filter($_){.<?{~$¢∈$_}>};
:D :D :D :D
japhb Yep, hard to resist once you've gotten started, isn't it. It's like you gave yourself a challenge and immediately accepted. ;-) 16:08
APL: "Seems legit." 16:11
guifa Perl: *yawn*
MasterDuke japhb: can repro F::D::T eating ram. it's not the recent mimalloc bump, i still see it even with a moarvm compiled with --no-mimalloc
guifa still, that works pretty nice as a runtime character class, esp since it lets you use all of the normal set operators (so technically, even, a bit more powerful). Performance will be not as good though I'm sure, since I'd imagine character classes can optimize for ranges and this one can 16:12
MasterDuke it's spinning in mktree somehow 16:16
spinning in github.com/labster/p6-file-directo....pm#L7-L10 16:18
guessing it's github.com/rakudo/rakudo/pull/4795 16:21
japhb Good thinking 16:24
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Nemokosch Hyper can be used with mutable operations, right? 17:04
moritz yes 17:06
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Nemokosch okay, thanks 17:13
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Guest12 r: loop { await ^2 .map: { start { require ::("Test") } } } 17:15
camelia Can't open perl script "/home/camelia/rakudo-j-inst/bin/eval-client.pl": No such file or directory
An operation first awaited:
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1

Died with the exception:
Failed to seek in filehandle: 22
in block at <tmp> line 1
Nemokosch one more: does the list assignment operator return the assigned list?
guifa Nemokosch: it does. 17:17
Guest12 m: loop { await ^2 .map: { start { require ::("Test") } } }
camelia An operation first awaited:
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1

Died with the exception:
Failed to seek in filehandle: 22
in block at <tmp> line 1
guifa m: my @a; say @a = 1,2,3;
camelia [1 2 3]
Nemokosch cool, it seemed to work indeed 17:20
however, every solved thing spawns a new question 😅
> Potential difficulties:
> Useless use of >>[&eli-value-fallback]>> in sink context
can I somehow silence this?
like, I know it's sink context, I use it for mutation
nvm, found it 17:22
the sink prefix
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uh oh... 17:27
the assignment returns the very same array, right? not a copy
that's a problem with a state variable 17:28
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Geth ecosystem: 795f2cd4d0 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Freeze File::Bundled

While we move it to the zef ecosystem
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tonyo the zef eco grows stronger 18:08
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lizmat :-) 18:20
Geth ecosystem: 0d74ac92e3 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Remove Find::Bundled from the ecosystem

The code still uses @*INC and as such has not functioned for at least 6 years. The functionality it provided, is now standard in Raku with the %?RESOURCES interface. So it is a wrong solution to a problem that no longer exists.
The repo in raku-community-modules has been archived.
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Geth ecosystem: f85adfe926 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Freeze JSON::JWT

While we move it to the Raku ecosystem
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[Coke] when using --moar-option to rakudo configure, is it ok to use it multiple times? 19:11
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[Coke] (apparently yes) 19:12
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tonyo zef db is cutting over, might be a few minutes of login/upload problems 20:26
japhb tonyo: cutting over from what to what? 20:32
tonyo moving the db from aws to linode
japhb Ah 20:37
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tonyo alright, fez should be back up 21:00
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Guest1838 sorry, this got long:  it suddenly popped into mind, "-Ofun", optimized for FUN! :)   as an operational newbie (albeit longtime 10,000-foot lurker) to raku, could someone point me to something that i could do for the community that would be 1) low barrier to entry, 2) useful, 3) would help me (gradually) ease myself into the 21:06
language/ecosystem/community, while also be useful for everyone?  assuming i don't flake (like i'm sure many with a rush of enthusiasm ultimately do), my personal interest in raku is more in the "100-year language" sense, less in the "i have a TODO that i need to DO today" sense...  i would love if humanity had a "lingua franca" in the
computational realm, and the various contenders i am aware of for "total systems" are just... not inspiring to me, personally, for this or that reason... raku has great technology, but i think more importantly it has a wonderful community... polite, open, and *unrushed*... "rome wasn't built in a day" and all that
tonyo a pure raku gzip module would be nice 21:07
[Coke] there's bug queues for rakudo/nqp/moarVM/docs which usually have some tag to indicate good tickets or first users... what sort of skills? programming? (what langs), QA, documentation... 21:08
japhb Guest1838: You could ask lizmat if she would like help with her ecosystem update work, she's got like 100 modules left to convert (but may have gotten into an efficient groove already, I dunno) 21:09
Guest1838 i love the idea of a gzip module (compression is interesting theoretically and practically, and having something that was streaming, concurrent, etc. would be neat), but that's beyond my ken ATM 21:16
in term of bug trackers, where are those?  is rakudo.org/issue-trackers the canonical starting point?
as for module conversion, that's probably not yet appropriate for me either, given that i really am not up to speed on the language proper 21:17
[Coke] it's a great place to start, sure!
Guest1838 sweet! 21:18
MasterDuke well, i don't think the module conversion really requires any raku programming. i think it's mostly some git and shell commands and editing a json file 21:20
Guest1838 ahhh, okay, i didn't know that... is there a page that talks about what it is/entails in more detail? 21:21
MasterDuke i don't think so, you'd need to chat with lizmat 21:24
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guifa Guest1838 to be honest, if you take a simple module from another language and try to convert it, you'll learn a lot 23:03
You'll probably end up rewriting it all from scratch when you're done based on everything you learn, but having something practical as a goal is really useful
What language are you coming from? 23:04
lizmat Guest1838: what also could be helpful is collecting and / or remastering blog posts in the CCR github.com/raku/CCR 23:06
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