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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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Geth doc: 89867ddbdd | (Steve Dondley)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/modules.pod6
update information about methods for distributing modules (#4013)
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/modules
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CIAvash lizmat: Upgrade of `Gnome::Gtk3` failed with REA, but upgraded fine without it. the error message: 10:40
"===> Extraction: Failed to find a META6.json file for raw.githubusercontent.com/raku/REA...%3E.tar.gz -- failure is likely
[raw.githubusercontent.com/raku/REA...3E.tar.gz] Extracting with plugin Zef::Service::Shell::tar+{<anon|1>} aborted.
Type check failed for return value; expected IO::Path but got Any (Any)"
lizmat interesting, could you make an issue for that? so it doesn't fall through the cracks :-) 10:41
CIAvash on REA or on some other repository? 10:45
lizmat on REA please 10:47
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patrickb[] lizmat, CIAvash: That zef error is a duplicate of github.com/ugexe/zef/issues/444 11:36
lizmat I asked CIAvash whether it was on Windows, it wasn't ? 11:37
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moon-child m: say -4 < -3 <= -3 12:15
camelia True
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Nemokosch and this is fine, right? 12:17
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patrickb[] lizmat: But the failure isn't caused by a Windows filesystem, but by tar doing strange things with colons. 13:36
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Geth App-Rakubrew/fix-broken-versions: 5 commits pushed by (Patrick Bƶker)++ 15:08
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cognominal Trying to install Data::MessagePack with zef gives ===> Fetching [FAIL]: Data::MessagePack:ver<0.1.2> from [email@hidden.address] 16:42
Trying to install Data::MessagePack with zef gives ===> Fetching [FAIL]: Data::MessagePack:ver<0.1.2> from git@github.com:pierre-vigier/Perl6-Data-MessagePack.git
I don't understand the package is there on GitHub github.com/pierre-vigier/Perl6-Data-MessagePack 16:43
moritz cognominal: does 'git clone [email@hidden.address] work for you?
cognominal: does 'git clone git@github.com:pierre-vigier/Perl6-Data-MessagePack.git' work for you?
cognominal morizt: It says I don't have the access rights :( 16:45
I must do something from zef to enable them ? 16:46
moritz I tend to have an SSH key where the public key is known to github
cognominal Thx. Ok. Will do that. But why not providing access thru https ? 16:47
moritz dunno; isn't it the module author's choice which URL they put in? 16:49
cognominal Ok, I will ping the author. 16:50
The package is 4 years old and is used for MoarVM debugging. I would be surprised to be the only one one bit by that 16:52
$ ls -al ~/.ssh 16:54
Oops, it is a know problem : github.com/pierre-vigier/Perl6-Dat.../issues/15
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cognominal The work around works fine 16:56
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Voldenet the general workaround is `git config --global url.github.com/.insteadOf [email@hidden.address] 17:04
the general workaround is `git config --global url.github.com/.insteadOf git@github.com:`
I've used similar strategy to recursively clone projects with broken submodules 17:05
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Guest15 'nefertiti' =~ /(ti{2,})/; #'titi{2,} 17:24
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Guest15 give them the more than once we're going through a lot of things here taking a photo drive putting it on the map have a spice outing the dalles trainspotting 17:29
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Voldenet m: say "nefertiti" ~~ /([ti] ** 2..*)/; 17:31
camelia ļ½¢titiļ½£
0 => ļ½¢titiļ½£
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Guest15 somegostuff.com/usb 17:38
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Geth doc: mreitinger++ created pull request #4039:
Replace "Perl Grammar Guide" with "Raku Grammar Guide"
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Geth doc: 7705417aa9 | (Mathias Reitinger)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/grammar_tutorial.pod6
Replace "Perl Grammar Guide" with "Raku Grammar Guide" (#4039)
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/grammar_tutorial
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moon-child damn ... I think I will have to switch away from raku for my assembler's testrunner 21:26
too slow. Even threaded, it takes quite a long time
(granted this is generating nearly 50mb of test cases)
MasterDuke have any short example case we can profile? 21:27
moon-child well, hmm. Now I am confused. If I only make it generate the test cases, it takes about 10 seconds; if I only make it run the tests, it takes about 8 seconds. There is no way that should take 8 seconds; it takes just under a second if I run them manually from the shell 21:36
so maybe there is contention somewhere with starting processes? 21:38
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MasterDuke huh, what os? 21:40
moon-child linux
MasterDuke easy to share the code? 21:41
moon-child I'll see if I can reduce it, sec 21:43
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moon-child ix.io/3Qy1 this script runs in a little over 6 seconds 21:50
vs ix.io/3Qy2 this shell script which takes a little under a second
48 is the number of cores I have. 8 is not quite a large enough batch size to use up all those cores, but a smaller batch size is slower 21:52
MasterDuke i was just about to ask if you had those numbers switched
moon-child :D 21:53
gfldex m: dir('.').is-lazy 21:55
camelia Failed to get the directory contents of '/home/camelia': Failed to open dir: Permission denied
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
gfldex m: dir('.').is-lazy.say
camelia Failed to get the directory contents of '/home/camelia': Failed to open dir: Permission denied
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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gfldex run will create an instance of Proc what will create an instance of Proc::Async. So Rakudo is fighting with the spawned process over hardware threads. 22:00
you might be better off with xargs -P 22:05
MasterDuke picking three random other executables and a filter that results in ~60 files, raku is ~0.9s and bash is ~0.7s 22:09
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