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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
tonyo new keyboard just got here, maybe this cro post will have enough time to make it into RKW 00:01
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guifa I'll be posting a return to the "What's everyone working on" on reddit tomorrow 03:23
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Xliff tonyo: Got a URL for that blog? 04:34
guifa: For me? GDA/GDA-UI bindings for Raku
www.gnome-db.org/ 04:35
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guifa Xliff: I look forward to a post on it 05:15
I think codesections had the right idea. Weekly is probably too much, but maybe a stickied monthly one will be the right trick. It'll also draw attention for casual viewers of new cool stuff happening
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El_Che morning 09:05
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Nemokosch ^^ 09:05
okay, this explains why I didn't notice the weekly challenge 09:10
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p6steve_1 hi - is there a neat way to get back the sort order indices from .sort on a List (I can imagine some map that uses kv somehow, but is there just a methos I have missed? 09:34
(ah I see I am now 3 people ... soz, will fix after this) 09:35
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Nemokosch I don't think I could help but still it would be good to understand the question... 09:41
MasterDuke something like `[2, 6, 4].sort(:indices)` to return `[0, 2, 1]`? 09:44
m: `say [2, 6, 4].pairs.sort(*.value).map(*.key)` 09:49
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Bogus statement
at <tmp>:1
------> <BOL>⏏`say [2, 6, 4].pairs.sort(*.value).map(*
expecting any of:
statement list
MasterDuke m: say [2, 6, 4].pairs.sort(*.value).map(*.key)
camelia (0 2 1)
MasterDuke but i don't know of a single pre-existing method/sub to do that 09:50
Nemokosch oh 09:57
p6steve_1 yes MasterDuke, that's the correct interpretation of the question 10:08
and the kind of thing I meant when I was imagining a map of kv (or Pairs)
CIAvash m: say [2, 6, 4].antipairs.sort».value; say [2, 6, 4].antipairs.sort.hash.values; 10:16
camelia (0 2 1)
(2 0 1)
CIAvash m: say [2, 6, 4].antipairs.sort».value; say [2, 6, 4].antipairs.sort.hash.values;
camelia (0 2 1)
(0 2 1)
p6steve_1 thanks - some neat options! 10:23
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p6steve back to my true self (rather than p6steve_1) ... thanks to the magic of screen -r 11:06
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lizmat PSA: the next Rakudo Weekly will be posted on 7 March, unless someone pressed a red button somewhere 13:27
perryprog drat, no red button emoji 13:28
dakkar 🈲 (U+1F232 japanese "prohibited sign") maybe? 13:31
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guifa was thinking about adding flairs on the reddit page 18:16
User flairs could help nwecomers see that vrurg and lizmat work on core that way, and some the regular posts could be flaired like weekly challenges, weekly editions, new release, etc. 18:17
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Xliff \o 18:28
Given the signature for a method, the first parameter should always be the invocant, correct? If said invocant is class A, how can I turn that parameter from A:D to A:U ? 18:29
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japhb Xliff: I'm not sure what you mean. Do you want to know the type object of the invocant? Like 'self.WHAT' or so? 18:32
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Xliff japhb: See here - replit.com/@Xliff/DeadExoticRecords#main.raku 18:32
Is there a way to turn the first so that it is like the second? 18:33
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japhb I'm now *more* confused. I get two identical lines output. What do you get? 18:39
Xliff Oh. Sorry. I was doing more debugging. One sec. 18:41
OK, If you run it now, you will get two different type constraints. 18:42
I'm trying to figure out how I can turn a signature like the first, into the second.
tonyo m: class A { method a(A:U: Str $a) { say $a; }; }; A.a("hello"); 18:43
camelia hello
tonyo m: class A { method a(A:U: Str $a) { say $a; }; }; A.a("hello"); A.new.a('test')
camelia hello
Invocant of method 'a' must be a type object of type 'A', not an object
instance of type 'A'. Did you forget a 'multi'?
in method a at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Xliff tonyo: So if I want, at compile time, to change method A from A:U to A:D -- how would that work? 18:44
japhb Oh, wait, are you trying to figure out how to change the signature *during* the compile? As in, at BEGIN time? 18:45
Xliff Yep
japhb I mean, I suppose you could go wrap the method with something with a different signature. Seems a little odd, and feels like an XY question. 18:46
*Why* do you want to do this?
Xliff I'd like to try something.
So you can't change the signature on the method directly, I suppose? 18:47
I mean. I've always disliked the whole type-smiley mechanism. I want to see if I can do it one better via traits.
Have the trait pun the method, which alters the signature. 18:48
japhb Huh.
Interesting idea.
Xliff so -- class A { method a (Str $a) is static { 1 } };
Same as -- class A ( method a (A:U: Str $aA) { 1 } } 18:49
Same as -- class A ( method a (A:U: Str $a) { 1 } } # oops
And my syntax is all a mess, but you should be able to get the idea. 18:50
guifa Xliff: I think you could wrap the method and accomplish that pretty easily
Xliff guifa: But I'd have to wrap the method....
Please illustrate! 18:51
japhb m: class B {}; B.say; B:U.say; my $bu = B:U; $bu.say; 18:53
camelia (B)
japhb (Just thinking that might allow you to replace the type of the method, or at least programmatically create a :U version of a class) 18:54
m: class B {}; my $b = B; my $bu = $b:U; $bu.say;
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '$b:U' is not declared. Did you mean '$bu'?
at <tmp>:1
------> class B {}; my $b = B; my $bu = ⏏$b:U; $bu.say;
japhb Sadly, it doesn't like that.
m: class B {}; my $b = B; my $bu = ::($b):U; $bu.say; 18:55
camelia Use of uninitialized value element of type B in string context.
Methods .^name, .raku, .gist, or .say can be used to stringify it to something meaningful.
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
No such symbol ''
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
japhb m: class B {}; my $b = B; my $bu = ::($b.^name):U; $bu.say;
camelia (B)
japhb AH, and there's the rub.
guifa m: multi sub trait_mod:<is>(Method \m, :$static!) { m.wrap: anon method (|) { say "nope" and exit if self.defined; callsame } }; class F { method f is static { say "yay" } }; F.f; F.new.f 18:56
camelia yay
guifa You won't be able to have a static and non-static version with the same signature though. With RakuAST / macros / etc I think it'll be possible to actually manipulate the signature 19:03
Xliff guifa: That's what I'm hoping 19:04
guifa - Nice! For my purposes, that limitation is fine, I can always fall back on the original method in that case. 19:05
Hmm... would nice to keep the defined check at the dispatch level though. 19:06
RakuAST is going to have some large shoes t o fill.
tonyo you should be able to do that with nqp to set the $!flags attribute in the Parameter 19:07
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guifa an open question is to what degree a trait will be able to mianipulate stuff. if it received (and returned) a RAST::Node, tere's some amazing cool stuff you could do BUT it would probably break backwards compatibility where traits expect compiled objects instead. maybe there will be a different trait_mod keyword that gets the RAST (it's not like it shouldn't be possible to add in more trait_mods besides handles, is, and does) 19:09
tonyo update, you can. Xliff 19:14
m: use nqp; class A { method a (A: Str $a) { }; method b (A:U: Str $b) { }; }; my $param := A.^lookup("a").signature.params[0]; dd $param.modifier; my int $flags = nqp::getattr($param, $param.WHAT, "\$!flags"); my int $f = 1 +< 16; $flags = $flags +$f; nqp::bindattr_i($param, $param.WHAT, "\$!flags", $flags); dd $param.modifier
camelia ""
tonyo that 1+<16 should be replaced with the CONST in src/Parameter 19:15
guifa lol @ slurpy-lol 19:16
tonyo ? 19:17
guifa github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/0288...er.pm6#L19
my constant $SIG_ELEM_SLURPY_LOL = 1 +< 5;
ugexe didnt there use to be an lol method or sub?
tonyo oh haha
ugexe pre 6.c
guifa I'm guessing it was "list of lists"?
ugexe yeah
tonyo also used to be a dragon with a gold tooth in zef 19:18
guifa I'm guessing
slurpy_pos = *@foo
slurpy_lol = **@foo
and slurpy_onearg = +@foo
(or maybe * and ** are flipped, I literally wrote a blog post on it and I still get them mixd up ) 19:19
Xliff tonyo: Yeah... looked at that. Not exposed, so I can't use it. 19:31
tonyo you can use it.
Xliff But thanks for the idea! My brain should have twigged on to it. I am still getting used to nqp.
tonyo you have to use nqp to get at it
Xliff Not $!flags... the constant. 19:32
tonyo i know. you could also do something funky like determining which bit it is by comparing A:U and A: so that it doesn't break if that constant changes 19:34
Xliff Um. That would need a known A:U for it to work. 19:35
But thanks for the ideas! # tonyo++
tonyo the flag is the same regardless of type 19:38
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Xliff japhb / tonyo / giufa--replit.com/@Xliff/DeadExoticRecords#main.raku 20:00
tonyo does that site take ~15s to show you the files @Xliff? 20:01
Xliff It should't. Hold on, I'll stick a version on tio.
tio.run/##hZBBa4NAEIXv/oqXIESJXeIl...hIursDcMvw 20:02
tonyo not too shabby
Xliff Dispatch doesn't catch it though, so.... 20:04
guifa went ahead and added flairs to Reddit. so all you redditors, go choose one!
Xliff Hmmm... the changes should be bound to .signature.params[0], but it looks like the changes just don't take affect. 20:06
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Xliff Any new blogs this week? 20:18
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gfldex Xliff: as long as there is already a multi, you can use add_dispatchee to transform arguments: gist.github.com/gfldex/0df500d560d...2a3a3bad6a 20:33
MasterDuke moritz: when could/would `$/` be readonly? 20:38
guifa MasterDuke seems when it's a parameter 20:40
MasterDuke github.com/Raku/old-issue-tracker/issues/3012 is the original bug report, i'm going to experiment with it's examples 20:41
hm, they give `Nil` now 20:43
and on all releases (from 6.c on) 20:44
guifa: but if you can come up with an example that would be much appreciated 20:45
guifa MasterDuke this seems quite different from that bug report but 20:46
m: grammar G { token TOP { . } }; class A { method TOP ($/) { 'a' ~~ /a/ } }; G.parse: 'b', :actions(A)
camelia Cannot assign to a readonly variable or a value
in method TOP at <tmp> line 1
in regex TOP at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
guifa $/ = always gives a perlisms error, and $/ := gives bad LHA 20:47
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MasterDuke i need to test it with s///, but afk for a bit 20:48
guifa MasterDuke same here, afk for probably the day, but this causes the same issue with s/// 20:49
grammar G { token TOP { . } }; class A { method TOP ($/) { 'a' ~~ s/a/b/ } }; G.parse: 'b', :actions(A)
m: grammar G { token TOP { . } }; class A { method TOP ($/) { 'a' ~~ s/a/b/ } }; G.parse: 'b', :actions(A)
camelia Cannot assign to a readonly variable or a value
in method TOP at <tmp> line 1
in regex TOP at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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ShaneC is it feasible to compile raku on windows without using the same toolchain that compiled perl? 22:20
compile rakudo* 22:22
MasterDuke should be, yeah 22:24
tonyo this cro post turned out to be a monster
tbrowder: Xliff: deathbykeystroke.com/articles/2022...art-1.html 22:26
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Xliff tonyo++ # Thanks! 22:50
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tbrowder tonyo++ you da man!!! 23:11
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