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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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tonyo If you guys have questions or want something clarified lmk and I'll update the post 00:58
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CIAvash weekly: deathbykeystroke.com/articles/2022...art-1.html 07:50
notable6 CIAvash, Noted! (weekly)
CIAvash tonyo: I didn't run your code, but this part confused me: `"?client_id={encode-percents: config<gh-client>}"`; isn't `encode-percents` a sub? adding a `:` makes it a label, doesn't it? 07:53
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Geth problem-solving/sunsetting-p6c-cpan: 48d2b014bd | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | solutions/meta/sunsetting-p6c-cpan.md
Stop the REA harvester at the same time as zef

This will make the sunsetting of p6c and cpan clearer and more definite. It also wouldn't necessitate REA offswitching by default.
Anybody who would still like to use p6c / cpan as an ecosystem, is welcome to take the REA harvester code and set up their own ecosystem which can then be activated in zef by those people who would like to do that.
p6steve m: my $n=1.11; $n.round(0.1) 09:10
camelia ( no output )
p6steve m: my $n=1.11; say $n.round(0.1)
camelia 1.1
p6steve m: my $n=1.11; say $n.round: 0.11
camelia 1.1
p6steve m: my $n=1.11; say $n.round: 0.01 09:11
camelia 1.11
p6steve CIAVash: just wondering if tonyo intends colon method call variant 09:12
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lizmat weekly: twitter.com/CondemnedCell/status/1...1418392583 11:21
notable6 lizmat, Noted! (weekly)
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Geth problem-solving/sunsetting-p6c-cpan: e1c5d9e097 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | solutions/meta/sunsetting-p6c-cpan.md
Use deprecated instead of sunsetting initially

  - also refer to sunsetting at shutdown of harvesters
  - remove spurious i
ecosystem: 871c6ec825 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Freeze DateTime::Math

While we move it to the zef ecosystem
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p6steve ab73984354e0acdb1e968aa4afdce708674bf52 14:16
lizmat p6steve: if that was a secret, it is no more :-) 14:18
p6steve oops - will change it! 14:22
perryprog very colorful secret though 14:26
p6steve panic over 14:27
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Lucy . 15:15
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melezhik .tell Tony - good article on cro/oauth - I did similar things for my butterflies - github.com/melezhik/mybutterflies/....raku#L747 )) 16:23
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to Tony_
melezhik instead of saving authenticated users to database I used file system ... 16:24
guifa That article does have me thinking… does anyone know of any good hosting services that they can run Raku on? I tried doing a compile of Raku on mine, but the shared hosting memory limitations caused it to not work
melezhik but your approach is better I thinks, e easier to track statuses just by looking into db table 16:25
guifa from my experience with doing a lot of Raku applications and serving them via different clouds and hosting, so far I am quite happy with Digital ocean droplets , at least this is a good value for money 16:26
also if someone on a tied budget they might consider azure spot VMs - ready VMs with a good discount, but without guarantee they won't be destroyed one day )) 16:27
azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services...ines/spot/ 16:28
and yeas, any Rakudo web applications ( I guess most of the time we imply cro app ) is still quite thirsty in terms on memory 16:29
guifa the pricing for DO doesn't seem too bad. I was hoping for something in the $10-20/mo range for a side project I wanted. I mean, I *could* write it all in PHP with my current host but meh. I'd rather do Raku haha
melezhik so you'll want at least 4-8 GB memory for reliable configuration
guifa ++ ))
I host sparrowhub.io on DO 16:30
guifa Basically I've had an HTML/JS based scoreboard / scoresheet system for water polo, designed to be crazy cheap for schools to deploy (laptop + browser + HDMI cable to a TV) 16:31
melezhik I have I think 8 GB with DO droplet and I host 2 Raku web apps, one Raku daemon app and 1 Perl app 16:32
guifa I even had basic server code running locally for a while so multiple clients could control it simultaneously (mirroring a real world game's table set up) but it'd be much cooler to handle it remotely. But it feels like a good time to try to learn Cro and get it set up on that
melezhik I have a good experience with Cro. It still has some glitches, but I think it is ready for small and medium size projects for sure 16:34
need to drop off 16:35
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tonyo p6steve: CIAvash i prefer the colon method call when it doesn't make the argument ambiguous..eg @arr.push: <some stuff> 17:00
that style makes this type of thing ambiguous though: @arr.push: encode-percents: 'xyz' if True 17:01
guifa does it similarly to tonyo 17:03
The one I don't see as often is the reverse colon call syntax
tonyo reverse colon? 17:04
guifa push @array: <stuff>
tonyo ah
guifa method $invocant: @args
tonyo a strange artifact of perl
guifa when doing more OO or functional code it feels out of place, but when you're doing some more old-school like coding, it feels more natural 17:05
tonyo wasn't aware that even worked
maybe it's an effect of doing haskell a bit but that pattern looks natural for functional 17:06
guifa I just like the flexibility it gives. Sometimes you want to put a greater focus on the action
implode $server: $message jumps out a bit more than $server.implode: $message 17:07
tonyo that's convincing
guifa the other time it's nice is for teh pretty 17:10
$a.push: @foo; $aaaaaaa.push: @foo; $aaaa.push: @foo
most folks would just add spaces between the colon and @foo
but then the push bit isn't lined up 17:11
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guifa reverse syntax lets you line up method, invocant and args much nicer since there's that extra <ws> 17:11
tonyo also a good point 17:17
guifa Only reason I've avoided it is because I switched to Comma and for a long time it didn't understand the syntax. Haven't tried recently 17:18
tonyo ah, i'm still using vim 17:32
even for dayjob writing go
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El_Che tonyo: intellij is pretty sweet for go 18:23
tonyo too much mouse use in IDEs for me. i have a browser plugin that allows me to browse using only the keyboard 18:24
El_Che tonyo: I have a plugin showing the the shortcut every time I use the mouse 18:25
tonyo goland crashes both of my computers (slows the m1 down to a halt, seems to try to use all 20 cores in my desktop)
El_Che weird
I use it on a 12 inch linux dell inspiron and an old apple air 2015/17 model 18:26
CIAvash tonyo: I meant that `encode-percents` is not a method, so you can't write `encode-percents: config<gh-client>`, you would have to write `encode-percents config<gh-client>` or `config<gh-client>.&encode-precents`. Unless I'm missing something?
El_Che on the mac it's slow starting (everything is), but works fast
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CIAvash m: encode-percents: 'client'; dd encode-percents 18:27
camelia WARNINGS for <tmp>:
Useless use of constant string "client" in sink context (line 1)
Label encode-percents = Label.new(name => "encode-percents", file => "<tmp>", line => 1)
tonyo CIAvash: ah! encode-percents is exported by `Cro::Uri`, after all that code is explained you'll see a `use` block that imports that sub 18:28
CIAvash yes, I know, what I mean is that it's a sub, not a method 18:30
tonyo i think because it's not in the same package it's not interpreted as a label but as a sub in that package but now i'm not entirely sure 18:37
Geth ecosystem: 85d5188c75 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Freeze DateTime::TimeZone

While we move it to the zef ecosystem
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p6steve both: "yes, I know, what I mean is that it's a sub, not a method" is what stumped me too 20:18
btw m1 is definitely a minefield for all non-core (ie. Apple sic) toolchains 20:19
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p6steve viz. p6steve.wordpress.com/2021/11/18/r...rey-docks/ 20:20
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Anton Antonov @p6steve Thank you for you comment here: www.reddit.com/r/rakulang/comments...n_antonov/ ! 20:31
@p6steve I plan to use your work here github.com/p6steve/raku-Math-Polygons to program random mandalas in Raku. 20:33
@p6steve Thank you for you comment here: www.reddit.com/r/rakulang/comments...n_antonov/ !
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p6steve anton: cool - Math::Polygons was my tiny "starter" proto in the vein of "all real things can be represented as a raku class instance" 21:31
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p6steve Math::Polygons so far is a very tiny piece of all polygons and all polygon methods ... feel free to build on this seed!! 21:32
(and to PR back any improvements) 21:33
(PS. this can on;y be done with languages that are approachable and have "proper" polymorpphism (ie inheritance & roles)) 21:34
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