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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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Geth problem-solving: 81cfdd3a23 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | solutions/meta/sunsetting-p6c-cpan.md
Resolution: Preparing the Raku Ecosystem for the Future (#318)

Resolution document for problem solving issue #316
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Altreus Is there a whenever equivalent to next? To skip the rest of the block? raku.org seems to be very much down 17:51
drakonis check out raku.guide 17:55
ugexe next
drakonis by the way, is rakudo's js backend usable for anything yet?
ugexe m: react { whenever 1 { say 42; next; say 43 }; whenever 2 { say 555 } }
camelia 42
drakonis and i take there's nothing analogue to clojurescript built with the js backend yet? 17:56
ugexe though you can't use a label ala `FOO: react { whenever 1 { next FOO } }` 17:59
drakonis by the way, is goto ever getting implemented :V? 18:00
nqp is supposed to already have it but its not available with rakudo? 18:01
and now for a code question
how would i use thunks in raku?
i want to delay function evaluation by storing thunks inside a data structure 18:03
ie: an array of functions that will be called in sequence
so i can just push function calls inside the array and then call them
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japhb drakonis: Code is first class in Raku. Subs, Blocks, Routines of various sorts can all be treated as function pointers, and behave as closures. See github.com/japhb/Terminal-ANSIPars...er.rakumod for a rather aggressive example of building up function tables to create a state machine. 18:11
drakonis that's fantastic.
it solves the extensibility problem i had in mind for the automation framework i'm writing 18:12
pure raku, as opposed to sparrow's approach 18:13
which has been to shell out to subprocesses as much as possible 18:19
uzl[m] This website raku.org/ is currently offline. Cloudflare's Always Online™ shows a snapshot of this web page from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. To check for the live version, click Refresh. 18:41
^ Getting that when visiting raku.org
lizmat uzl[m] I'm aware of it, trying to contact our infra team :-) 18:42
uzl[m] <lizmat> "uzl I'm aware of it, trying to..." <- Oh I see, thanks ;-) 18:47
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stevied i'm not seeing the link to the wayback machine. guess i'll have to do it manually 19:07
lizmat Raku infra team is trying to find out why the server has become unreachable 19:08
stevied wayback has gotten a lot snappier
ask putin 19:09
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_ed is raku.org down? 20:45
lizmat yeah... we're still trying to reach the right people 20:48
p6steve looks like its back up 20:49
_ed guess i'll just switch back to Ruby :_(
moon-child lol
lizmat not up for me :-( 20:50
showing a cached version from Wayback Machine
docs.raku.org appears to be up again 20:52
just *very* slow 20:55
ah, no, locally cached version :-( 20:56
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melezhik . 21:01
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lizmat update on raku.org: it appears a server move has gone awry 21:03
drakonis codesections: is there an status update on épee? 21:06
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drakonis Épée, rather. 21:10
lizmat raku.org and associated sites should be up again
drakonis fantastic.
lizmat thanks rba maettu nine ! 21:11
El_Che thx for those involved! 21:15
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melezhik I am contemplating on building ci server for Raku projects, I wonder if people are quite happy now with GH/Ado etc? I think I can build a solution that would be as close to Raku as possible with many features out of the box, but before starting anything ... I'd like if there is a niche for that ... 21:23
so right now people would write yet another yaml file with devopsih stuff init - like git repo info , zed install and maybe something else ... I am thinking that it's possible to build a solution where people would just point a git repo and that is it, setting all options via web UI 21:25
no yaml coding required at all
so eventually many features could be added without necessity to change anything on users side ... 21:26
like even now I am thinking about  adding App::RaCoCo test coverage out of the box 21:27
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guifa_ drakonis: I'm not sure how far the JS will get, but I had it working decently well for a localized exceptions editor 22:13
drakonis i see 22:14
guifa_ the problem is (at least doing things in browser) it takes a little bit for Rakudo to compile 22:15
That might not be a problem on node.js though? I haven't done anything there though to and dunno if it precompiles its modules
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guifa_ I don't imagine it ultimately be used too terribly much on JS or JVM, but it not being pinned to any single VM has been very beneficial for the project in general, I think 22:21
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Geth Raku-Steering-Council/main: 500c241101 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | minutes/20220319.md
Add RSC meeting minutes for 2022-03-19
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melezhik so ... a very prototype example of such a Raku ci system report could be - sparrowhub.io:4000/report/fastspec.notify/440 23:40
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melezhik this build runs zef tests for Test::Async module checked out from GH repo 23:41
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melezhik also one can test coverage for this module made by App::RaCoCo 23:42
we can think about all other features included out of the box  by default ( not required any modifications from user side  ) - which are actual for any typical Raku project 23:43
even now for example it's possible to publish test coverage statistic in html format as App::RaCoCo already does that 23:44
so modules author would just register in this CI service and point their Github, Gitlab whatever source code urls 23:45
and that is it