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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
n1to El_Che: I can't find the option in the settings, but I tried setting RAKULIB in the run configuration and via -I. Didn't seem to work. However I might set it to a wrong directory. I used '~/.rakubrew/versions/moar-2022.02/share/perl6/site/sources' as it was the only one I found the files for Color in it. 00:01
japhb: Yeah, I have the SDK set and I even set the zef as package manager manually in the project settings. I had Color set in the META6.json. Then I noticed that Color showed up under external libraries, but didn't seem to find anything that Color provides. 00:04
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guifa_ [Coke]: you're a Numberphile fan I take it hahaha 00:39
japhb n1to: I tried adding Color to my current project as a dependency, and at first I thought there was a problem, but then I heard the fans spin up on my laptop, which happens whenever Comma is indexing something new. After the fans calmed down, I was able to `use Color::Conversion;` in one of the modules and then tab-complete some of the conversion routines. 00:41
Note: I did the META6 update via File > Project Structure > Project Settings > Modules > Dependencies, dunno if that makes a difference to when the indexing happens. 00:42
n1to japhb: I did that too, but for me nothing happens. However it doesn't show me Color in the dropdown when I put in the module name. Just other modules like Color::Names and such. Maybe there is already something wrong. 00:45
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n1to However, even for the given modules the import doesn't work and no indexing happens. Nonetheless thank you for your help. I have to go for now, but I will try again tommorrow. Maybe just trying to set everything up from the beginning. 00:54
japhb n1to: Note that I had to override the Color::Named selection, and force just Color. 00:57
I've got a bug report open with something hinky about namespace completion, so we'll see if that rings a bell.
(Full disclosure: I *just* joined the Comma team part-time, so I'm still in the learning phase.) 00:58
perryprog guifa_ ha nice catc 01:01
n1to I just invalidated the cache and now my fans get going too. Maybe he finds it now. He did ask me for Color::Names, but not for Color so far. 01:02
I am just beginning to learn raku, so nothing to worry about. You have been already really helpful. But really have to go now. 01:04
japhb Good luck! 01:05
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japhb lizmat: While saving this conversation to the bug report, I found out how I'm still ending up on logs.liz.nl sometimes: that's what you get from "Copy link" in the ellipsis menu next to each log line, even if the site I'm viewing is the canonical irclogs.raku.org site. 01:14
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Geth doc: cdcfb34c90 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Type/Signature.pod6
:bug: closes #4012
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/type/Signature
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Geth doc: 646dab9d1d | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/modules.pod6
Adds explanation of where binaries should go

Closes #3999
doc: b2e1f85039 | (JJ Merelo)++ | assets/sass/style.scss
Make the left sidebar sticky closes #2138
doc: 99f0c7872b | (JJ Merelo)++ | assets/sass/style.scss
Fix :poop:
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moon-child awww, I was hoping it was literally a poop-emoji-related fix 09:38
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Geth doc: dfd3fb806b | (JJ Merelo)++ | 2 files
Add glossary entry, and link references, closes #4018
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Geth doc: 69464aa447 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/glossary.pod6
Fix :bug:
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suman srand function is platform dependent docs.raku.org/routine/srand#(Num)_sub_srand 10:52
So if $*KERNEL is linux, isn't it expected to behave same whether its ubuntu, fedora or suse linux?
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suman m: srand(1);my @x = (1..1000).roll(100);my @y = (200..7000).roll(100);say sum(@x);say sum(@y) 11:49
camelia 50941
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suman m: srand(1);my @x = (1..1000).roll(100);my @y = (200..7000).roll(100);say sum(@x);say sum(@y);say $*KERNEL 12:04
camelia 50941
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n1to japhb: I managed to get the Color import to kinda work. I had to remove Color with zef in the terminal and then restart the Comma IDE. Afterwards Comma detected the missing dependency and I let it install it. I can now run and test the project and get autocompletion. The `use` statements however are still marked as errors and the message that it can't find the module. The section under External Libraries is also not correctly populated. 12:25
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Geth doc: 2dc7bcb6b1 | Coke++ | xt/pws/code.pws
new word
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japhb n1to: Added to bug comments, thank you! 18:33
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El_Che it looks like the latest community plugin is not compatible with the latest intellij ultimate 19:32
drakonis weird, i tried and it worked 19:39
japhb drakonis: You mean what El_Che was just talking about? 19:40
drakonis yes
japhb El_Che: What do you see? 19:42
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El_Che a stacktrace 20:53
will post it if behind that pc 20:54
I have the latest update of ultimate and the plugin is older I think 20:55
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p6steve fwiw i am happily running IntelliJ IDEA 2021.3.2 (Ultimate Edition) with Comma Complete 2022.02.0 21:11
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El_Che .tell p6steve the Comma Complete edition is more recent than the community 22:12
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