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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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Geth doc/search-categories-update: f2425458ff | Coke++ | TODO
doc/search-categories-update: c0b6326769 | Coke++ | TODO
doc/search-categories-update: 1f9d1811a4 | Coke++ | doc/Type/Any.pod6
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Nemokosch hello 13:12
does another weekly hit the net?^^
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guifa it's not up yet, but when lizmat++ posts it can vary a bit (sometimes she posts it before I wake up, other times, it's my post-lunch reading ^_^ ) 14:09
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[Coke] It's usually on the day, not on the hour. 15:04
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lizmat it will be here shortly 16:37
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/03/28/2022-...admapping/ 16:52
guifa what can we say lizmat? The weekly is a dose of sunshine for our weekly case of the Mondays :-) 17:09
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drakonis these days, which option is better to get started with, rakubrew or rakudo star? 18:16
ugexe rakubrew 18:18
drakonis alright, cool. 18:21
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p6steve lizmat: ++'Did You Know?' 20:35
Geth App-Rakubrew: 1ef5418b40 | (Patrick Böker)++ | 2 files
Correctly set version name when not passing a version to `download`

Fixes #50
App-Rakubrew: 0eeabad64d | (Patrick Böker)++ | lib/App/Rakubrew/Download.pm
Fix `download` with latest version spoilt by build-revs

If there are older releases with larger build-revs, those are still older releases. The previous logic sorted the release list by build-rev. (Only to then filter out all non-latest build-revs. :face-palm:)
Fixes #51
App-Rakubrew: d9ba57154e | (Patrick Böker)++ | lib/App/Rakubrew/Update.pm
Upgrade Github URLs in repositories

Github removed support for the git protocol. The default was already changed to https in v26, but the existing repos weren't upgraded.
Fixes #48
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drakonis hmm, geth... 20:57
is this a mass effect reference?
moritz I geth so 20:58
drakonis by the way, is there any way to produce a binary or save the state of a running instance of rakudo into a file to load later? 20:59
save it into an image 21:00
Geth App-Rakubrew: 9aab76d288 | (Patrick Böker)++ | 4 files
Version 28
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japhb drakonis: That's an XY question (a possible solution to a problem, but not actually a statement of the underlying problem). What problem are you trying to solve? 21:08
guifa drakonis not afaik. At best the work codesections on persistent data, but I don't know how far it'll go. You could probably come up with some neat traits that handle much of what you'd want to do
drakonis my problem is that i want to evaluate raku code inside another host 21:09
basically, i want to deploy raku code to execute changes on a target
i've seen this done with consfigurator, which uses common lisp
all you need is the same CL implementation on the target and it'll execute the code there 21:10
japhb One of our GSOC folks got partway to being able to package MoarVM and all the Rakudo stuff into a single binary, but that summer ended before getting all the way complete, and we've not had anyone pick that up since. 21:11
drakonis huh, interesting.
is raku on gsoc this year?
although i don't think i'd be able to participate due to my lack of experience
japhb Certainly one could make sure that Rakudo and all needed modules are installed on each node, and then scp a script over and run it, or if you have a whole tree, a tarball that is extracted and then run. You can also package up the full environment into a container and ship that around to execute. 21:13
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drakonis hmm, that would be a way, yes. 21:26
but it can be improved
its not the exact solution i wanted, but it exists, at least. 21:38
ha, i phrased that poorly. 21:39
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