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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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floppy_disk I'm planning to implement a toy programming language in Raku, how should I name the module? 08:21
El_Che woody 08:23
bobeep 08:24
Nemokosch xD 08:26
floppy_disk lol 08:29
I meant the namespace I should put it in 08:30
El_Che woody:: 08:32
moon-child floppy_disk: slartibartfast 08:33
floppy_disk heh 08:34
moon-child really, it isn't important
floppy_disk I see 08:38
well, thanks
El_Che I would use the name of your programming language as the root namespace 08:41
MagicalBoBeepLang, MagicalBoBeepLang::Addons::Boobar 08:42
and so on
floppy_disk seems like a good idea 08:43
El_Che I am full of them (it) 08:44
floppy_disk :)
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lizmat clickbaits rakudoweekly.blog/2022/03/28/2022-...admapping/ 14:32
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nine lizmat: "had trust issues" gave me a nice chuckle :) 15:50
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gfldex oi‼ 16:34
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codesections did the Raku CSV benchmark move (or go away?) It was at tux.nl/ but that's not loading for me 18:43
drakonis codesections: are you aware of phoenix's liveview and do you think that epee's similar to it? 18:44
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lizmat codesections: don't think it moved 18:45
since Tux left IRC about an hour ago as well, I assume there's some kind of connectivity issue 18:46
tux.nl runs at his home, afaik
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drakonis it seems quite similar to it 18:48
reactive UI frameworks sure are something.
github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix_live_view 18:49
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drakonis abusing websockets for fun and profit 18:50
anyways, i'm looking forward to playing with it and getting something nice done 18:56
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SmokeMachine drakonis: that phoenix remembered me of this: github.com/FCO/p6-react that’s also server-rendered and it’s possible to interact by websocket (automatically) 19:59
drakonis it'd be quite useful to have
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drakonis by the way, are there any benchmarks for seeing how well raku scales compared to erlang and elixir? 20:00
that's a cool thing
but i oughta ask, Slangs?
sublanguages? 20:01
SmokeMachine Here is the example using web sockets: github.com/FCO/p6-react/blob/master/ws.p6 20:02
drakonis that does certainly look a lot like how liveview does components
which is quite nice. 20:03
SmokeMachine drakonis: I think you was asking about rakudo.js the other day, right?
drakonis i did too, yes. 20:04
i'm not sure if it maps to something like clojurescript 20:06
SmokeMachine I don’t know if you saw my answer (it was too long after the question), but here is something using it (just a test and takes too long to load): fco.github.io/MemoizedDOM/todo6.html
drakonis ah, i've seen that already, yes.
guifa drakonis slangs are so much fun but generally still a WIP. 20:08
drakonis doesnt seem to be properly documented at the moment? 20:09
guifa yeah, won't be much until the ability to make them gets a lot of polish. For the most part, you have to use NQP and work with the QAST and that's part of Rakudo, not Raku 20:10
RakuAST will get that to a point that it will be officially supported in a stable manner
github.com/alabamenhu/BasicTest <-- but here's a module that shows some of what will be possible
codesections Thanks, lizmat++ 20:11
guifa github.com/alabamenhu/BasicTest/bl...0-sanity.t <-- showing off the code (I should probably add some to the readme, but meh)
codesections drakonis: I am aware of phoenix liveview! Funny you should mention it, I've actually been giving it a fair bit of thought! My initial plan *wasn't* for Epee to use that sort of websocket-driven model, but the more I noodle around, the more it seems seems like it could be a good fit 20:15
but I haven't had much time to work on Epee lately, so I haven't actually implemented anything along those lines 20:16
drakonis oh i see, it has taken the backseat over developing persistent data structures, yeah? 20:17
also, i keep getting your work on them is useful for saving a system image containing all state on disk? 20:18
uh 20:20
keep getting told that your work
when will epee get released? 20:23
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codesections I don't have a release date for epee yet, sorry ☹ 20:41
drakonis ah, okay. 20:43
looking forward to when it does release
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Geth doc: patrickbkr++ created pull request #4045:
Document MacOS quirk wrt DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH and SIP
kawaii_ Hello, I'm using the Red ORM and I've configured one of my columns to be constrained to an Array of Ints like this: `has Array[Int] @.encounter-id is column{ :type<integer[]> };` but I'm not sure if Red/Raku/Postgres have the same idea of what that should look like `Type check failed in assignment to @!encounter-id; expected Positional[Array[Int]] but got Array ([78])`, or is this due to the fact this particular entry it is trying to load only 22:10
had a single Int in the "array"?
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MasterDuke `has Array[Int] @.encounter-id` is an array of Arrays of Int 22:14
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kawaii_ Arrayception 22:16
MasterDuke but when e.g., you have a parameterized array in a signature, you have to pass it an actual parameterized array, not just an array that happens to have all the elements of the correct type
e.g., `sub foo(Int @ints) { ... }; foo([1, 2, 3]);` won't work but `sub foo(Int @int) { ... }; foo(Array[Int].new(1, 2, 3));` or `sub foo(@ints where @ints.are ~~ Int) { ... }; foo([1, 2, 3])` will 22:20
kawaii_ Ah thank you for the example! It clarifies it for me. 22:21
MasterDuke np 22:22
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SmokeMachine kawaii_: did that work on Red’s side? 23:05
kawaii_ SmokeMachine: I had a similar error but it wasn't a Red error so I wasn't sure what the issue was - I'm afk at the moment but I'll investigate further shortly. 23:07
SmokeMachine kawaii_: thanks 23:08
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