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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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SmokeMachine johnny, drakonis: you can express the version of your dependencies on your META6.json, but to have that to the whole tree of dependencies, I think the only way is to only depend on dependencies that express the wanted version of their dependencies… 00:24
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Jookia o/ 02:20
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tonyo No registered operation handler for 'setmethcache' 03:57
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nine tonyo: setmethcache went away with new-disp 08:20
At least on MoarVM. I think it still exists on JVM
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Geth doc: a735bd93b0 | Coke++ | doc/Language/modules.pod6
Remove some extra commas, slight cleanup.
linkable6 Link: docs.raku.org/language/modules
Geth doc: 06758c3812 | Coke++ | xt/check-signatures.t
Improve error message when testing a subset of files
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Geth doc/CATCH-TWEAKS: b2eaaafc94 | Coke++ | doc/Language/exceptions.pod6
doc/CATCH-TWEAKS: 18a23ddd5f | Coke++ | doc/Language/exceptions.pod6
Pass example compilation test

declare some items in preamble. Cheat on the method invocation. use =begin on nearby block for consistent source formatting
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tonyo trying to build on the js backend 16:26
didn't mean to paste that in here, i get Method 'stringified' not found for invocant of class 'CompUnit::DependencySpecification' on the JVM
lizmat is that still on master? 16:33
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tonyo yea 17:12
both of those errors happen on master
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lizmat meh 17:43
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Geth doc/CATCH-tweaks: b2eaaafc94 | Coke++ | doc/Language/exceptions.pod6
doc/CATCH-tweaks: 18a23ddd5f | Coke++ | doc/Language/exceptions.pod6
Pass example compilation test

declare some items in preamble. Cheat on the method invocation. use =begin on nearby block for consistent source formatting
[Coke] (too easy to screw up branch name by case only) 19:39
lizmat :-) [Coke]++ 19:40
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grizzlysmit hello fellow Raku enthusiasts quiet in here 20:02
drakonis hullo 20:04
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drakonis apparently, europe has the lion's hare of the base here 20:04
grizzlysmit Ok I am from Australia I guess we take turns sleep wise huh 20:05
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japhb grizzlysmit: There are a few of us from the Americas, and a few from Asia, but yeah, the largest single group of active people on the channel is in Europe. 20:10
grizzlysmit OK that explain the lack of activity 20:13
drakonis that can always improve in time as raku gets known 20:14
MasterDuke i wonder if the discord channel has a different geographic distribution of users 20:15
grizzlysmit yes, it's an awesome language it deserves more support
Ok discord I try that later 20:16
drakonis the most active channel there is the beginners channel anyways 20:17
and its bridged to irc
as well as the main raku channel for the folks that dont come over on irc very often 20:18
grizzlysmit OK I'm not really a beginner been using Raku since it was perl6 and early in that time 20:19
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drakonis raku needs a killer app 20:25
also some assembler maybe?
so it doesnt need to screw around with ffi for compiling weird code 20:26
[Coke] NativeCall seems superior to assembler. 20:27
drakonis i've seen judicious use of it in D for a numpy replacement that doesnt require specific code for multidimensional arrays
[Coke] (though I haven't had to deal with assembler in ... 2 decades?)
drakonis oh, do tell though 20:28
its for the number crunching stuff i'd say 20:29
perhaps i might be misunderstanding that post? 20:31
i'm sure it'd be possible to do it in raku anyways 20:32
not sure how performant it can be though 20:33
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drakonis [Coke]: how does nativecall replace assembler? 20:39
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drakonis i also meant an inline assembler 20:42
for those hand rolled ops and such
surprisingly enough, no asm calls on mir 20:43
so i stand corrected. 20:44
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grizzlysmit back finally got pidgin working for this, helps to have the right port 21:16
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drakonis hm, so mir actually uses inline assembly, oh well. 21:41
[Coke] sorry, not a direct replacement for assembly, just gets you to C. the rakudo jit itself is using assembly, though. It's just not exposed as a user-space feature. 21:43
moon-child a closer analogue to asm would seem to be nqp 21:51
it is not there yet, but I think it has the potential to be good for tight numerics 21:52
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Xliff Hi. Can someone tell me why I am getting this error on code that used to work? 23:10
"Cannot iterate object with P6opaque representation (ContainerDescriptor)"
[Coke] anything change on your end? did it work in an older version of rakudo and not this one? 23:11
Are you using a release version or rakudo HEAD?
(afk) 23:13
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Xliff [Coke] - Unless mentioned, I'm always on a HEAD no longer than a week old. 23:30
And I figured out a workaround, so thanks.
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melezhik . 23:33
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melezhik @SmokeMachine I am going to add MySQL / PostgreSQL support to SparkyCI soon, will be you interested to try it out for Red testing ? 23:44
SmokeMachine melezhik: that would be great! :) 23:45
melezhik Here is an example of MySQL service - twitter.com/melezhik2/status/15125...41899?s=21
It's not complete , however one can see the idea 23:46
Red does not support MySQL yet, correct ?
SmokeMachine not yes... but I'm working on it... github.com/FCO/Red-Driver-MySQL 23:48
melezhik Anyway the same postgresql could be bootstrapped to SparkyCI
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