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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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guifa Nemokosch they aren't exactly the same, but in many cases they're similar enough. 02:44
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Nemokosch I think there are too many gotcha's to >>. to use it instead of map 07:52
nine Unless of course you actually want >>.'s behaviour. 07:55
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Nemokosch ... which I don't think of as just a map 😉 08:27
say you have a 2d matrix of strings and you want to get the length of all of them 08:28
Voldenet I use .hyper.map instead of >>, I find the behaviour more sane 08:29
Nemokosch @matrix>>.chars is pretty much the right way to do that
Voldenet .deepmap(*.chars) would also work 08:31
the syntax is more obvious and it's likely to be actually faster 08:32
if not, you can throw in .hyper
+ hyper lets you specify parameters for parallelism 08:33
Nemokosch well _that_ is wordy for one 08:36
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Voldenet operators are cool, but using "dumb methods" produces things that are easier to maintain in the long run 08:40
^ that's more of an opinion than a fact though 08:42
Nemokosch not everything needs to be "maintained"* "in the long run"** 08:50
* if it's exactly one step for you to turn a matrix of strings into their lengths, that's highly unlikely to ever change 08:52
** and to be frank, most of the time I'm not writing for "the long run"; actually it's more common that I quickly do something in the REPL 08:53
Raku is possibly the best language for quick shell-like scripting and prototyping 08:54
Voldenet sure, if it's in repl then go ahead 08:55
as long as you don't develop it into pathological habit of writing apl-like monstrosities everywhere 08:58
Nemokosch APL-like monstrosities would probably correspond to Java-like monstrosities, though 09:01
and eventually I think it all boils down to what you know about the language; it's almost too big to like "know-it-all" 09:07
for me, the hyper metaoperator means: 1. recursively traversing lists (when the operator is not nodal) 2. returning a list-like data structure rather than a sequence 3. allowing for some parallelism for calculating different values 09:11
in this order
when I see `.hyper.map`, I don't know which of these properties are captured or what the emphasis is
something that used to be one step that I have certain expectations for (and found favorable for a certain problem) turned into two steps and I wouldn't magically know what captures what 09:13
the docs also don't seem to be super elaborate but my impression is that the second point won't hold and I still have no clue about the first point 09:14
nine Reading a bit in here makes me think you actually know more about Raku than me. So how come you people are not more involved in core development? 09:28
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lizmat nine: excellent question :-) 09:52
Geth ecosystem: 25b062200a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Remove modules that now live in the zef ecosystem

IO::CatHandle::AutoLines, LN, Template6
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Geth ecosystem: 6d7aec4f6f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Freeze Grammar::Common

While it's being moved to the zef ecosystem
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Geth ecosystem: fe558df857 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Freeze MIME::Types

While it's being moved to the zef ecosystem. Also fix capitalization on the URL
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Voldenet re java-like monstrosities: yes, it all boils down to how familiar the syntax is to people, that's why I voiced it as an opinion :P 12:04
Nemokosch I doubt the average Joe has good feelings about Java-like monstrosities, whether it seems familiar or not 12:06
Voldenet it's all cool until you see proxy facade for flyweight bridges factory
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Voldenet in fact, java took the debatable route of using regular methods even as getters and setters 12:07
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Voldenet regarding core development involvement – not sure if that remark is even pointed towards me, but I don't know enough and I doubt I'm good enough at what I think I know 12:25
Geth ecosystem: 494259aefc | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Revert capitalization on MIME
Nemokosch Whatever you refer to as "APL-like monstrosities", I think that would take more than one operator or two 12:28
So I thought the fair comparison would be something sufficiently complex 12:29
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Voldenet I'm just convinced that it's possible to solve complex problems interactively in repl (by adding more and more operators to it) and then persist it as a solution in a file 12:40
Nemokosch how is this different from adding more and more methods to it, though 12:41
Voldenet My reasoning was that method calls are visually longer, so you can't put as much in one line 12:46
Nemokosch hahaha 12:49
you imagine 😂 12:51
tbh I didn't get the presumption; I don't think disposable or "immutable" code mixes that much with long-term development 12:55
it often really just boils down to what you accept as a "common solution of a common task"
I've grown used to int conversion of arrays giving the length 12:56
now I don't even need to think 12:57
but if you asked me "tabula rasa", I would definitely say that this is an odd conversion choice I rather disagree with
lizmat OOC, so what should your tabula rase self have expected ? 12:58
Nemokosch Most probably that it won't convert to an Int at all 😅 but I can tell you a couple of behaviors that don't seem less valid than taking the length 13:01
I might be weird but after JS, I could have anticipated something like "length - 1", for the biggest present index 13:03
Or first element as an int
Or, restricting ourselves to int arrays: the sum
lizmat well.. the sum would be a bad idea, as that would only work for int arrays, and sometime you don't know what you're getting back from a sub 13:05
Nemokosch anyway, it's not a big deal; I just thought this is a good example of what you accept as a legitimate solution for a common problem
and this is often more a community choice than a language choice
indeed, that was rather a hypothetical, if arrays were inherently bound to a certain type 13:06
like I could imagine another language / another data structure where that makes sense 13:07
another one: if you are a fan of vector operations, +@something could mean: turn this "vector" into an "int vector", converting all the elements or someting 13:08
Back to the point... In Javascript, the community moved towards stigmatizing coercion rules, I would say, beyond rational reasoning, with that === paranoia and all. 13:11
While from what I see, it's kind of the other way around in Raku. "Type coercions are a great thing - if you have predictable, well-documented rules." And it's apparent that this was the goal.
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In JS, using the unary plus for numeric conversion is considered a weirdo thing, in Raku, it's considered pretty normal, including the named array conversion. These are like community or "culture" choices, 13:17
and if `+@foo` is accepted for the common task of "take the length of the array @foo", I don't see why `@table>>.chars` couldn't be accepted for a moderately common (but still rather generic) task of "turn the table into the string lengths in the table" 13:19
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Voldenet >I don't think disposable or "immutable" code mixes that much with long-term development 13:26
Voldenet stares into the sky profoundly
it happens a lot more often than you'd expect 13:28
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Voldenet `@foo -> int` conversion exists since perl5, but I think I see more of @foo.elems 13:35
than +@foo
nine Voldenet: I joined core development during the great list refactor. Didn't know anything then. I just tried if some code that had been commented out would actually already work and it did. Thus my first commit was made 13:38
It was really not more than that. The rest followed by applying a normal debugging process and discovering how stuff works along the way 13:39
There's very little magic involved. Its mostly just code 13:40
Truth is, no one knows enough when they start :) I'm not sure I know enough even now. I just ignore that topic altogether ;) 13:46
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Voldenet 'very little magic', but not zero - ideally I'd expect to understand well how core grammar and jit work before doing anything, otherwise I might be introducing bugs that are impossible to debug/reproduce 13:48
and probably gc as well 13:49
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nine thats what reviews are for 13:57
Nemokosch > it happens a lot more often than you'd expect 13:59
for whom, though
At my work, it's next to impossible to mix up the "serious" C and Java codes with the "casual" shell and Perl codes 14:01
if the latter doesn't work well, it might as well be thrown to the trash bin
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Voldenet Sometimes I get asked to make "single use powershell/sql/raku/js" and after a year get improvement requests for it :( 14:12
Nemokosch 😅 14:20
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gcd is prove6 the preferred way to run tests? 14:36
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gfldex gcd: not mine, see: gfldex.wordpress.com/?s=raku-test-all 15:13
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gcd I can't get prove6 to acknowledge my DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable I need for DBIish, so I'm doing for file in `ls t/*`; do raku -Ilib $file; done at the moment. 16:09
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warriors so libera how replaces freenode? 16:48
sjn warriors: yes; freenode was hijacked by new management a while back, which led to a huge exodus to other networks. libera.chat was set up as an alternative managed by the same people as the old freenode, and I believe a majority of the old communities there moved here 16:56
some old freenode channels moved to OFTC.net (the Debian network) and probably others. 16:57
warriors why did they do that, is there any money in it 17:00
people hardly use irc anymore
Voldenet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 17:05
because some guy had money and needed to 'fix irc', but broke it instead by mistake 17:12
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warriors :) 17:22
did he declare regrets
i think elon musk might be doing the same thing with twitter, much more money thought 17:23
rjbs There's an amazing graph that shows average number of users on various IRC networks, and you can see Freenode utterly plummer while Libera skyrockets. It's almost unbelievable. 17:39
lizmat yeah, the move was pretty swift and pretty complete
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Nemokosch Has Twitter ever been good though 18:05
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xinming DBDish::Pg: Error: could not access file "$libdir/plpgsql": No such file or directory <--- This issue is fixed by upgrading postgres to newest, before was 13.x running quite well, didn't notice the postgres update. 18:47
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[Coke] (prove6) I use 'zef test .' for many things these days 19:13
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lizmat yeah, for CI I use zef test . only if there are no dependencies 19:30
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gcd `zef test .` doesn't see my environment variable either. 22:42
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