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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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Geth ecosystem: f20f910153 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Remove HTTP::Server / System::Passwd

They live in the zef ecosystem now
ecosystem: 2daa540ecf | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Remove Raku::Parser from live ecosystem

With RakuAST becoming more and more mature, any work on interfacing with old (Perl 6) based grammar and actions, is to become obsolete pretty soon. It really hurts to freeze this work by the late Jeff Goff. The repository will stay available as archived for any inspiration seekers. The released versions will remain available in the REA.
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Geth ecosystem: c349359740 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Freeze Grammar::Profiler::Simple

While it's being moved to the zef ecosystem
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Geth ecosystem: 759344bb36 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Remove RakudoPreReq / Inline::Brainfuck

They live in the zef ecosystem now
ecosystem: 1bbc411d58 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Remove erroneous reference to Lingua::EN::Stem::Porter

It lives in the zef ecosystem now
ecosystem: 1352e020ba | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Freeze HTTP::Server::Async

While it is being moved to the zef ecosystem
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Geth ecosystem: 9fb5a10000 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META.list
Freeze HTTP::Easy

While it is being moved to the zef ecosystem
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Newb Hi, I installed zef but am getting "command not found" when I try to use it. I'm on a M1 mac. Anything I'm missing? 16:42
CIAvash Newb: How did you install it? Is it in your `$PATH`? 16:48
Newb I used the  raku -I. bin/zef install . command. 16:49
Regarding my $PATH, i'm a a super newb ha. Is that the bashrc file?
perryprog the $PATH is basically the list of places your shell will look in for a specific program
the $PATH is basically the list of places your shell will look in for a specific program 16:50
For macOS it'll be set in either your .profile or I think your ~/.zshenv
The former is more reliable
Let me install it on my new M1 computer (still getting it set up) and I'll let you know what I see
Newb If I run echo $PATH or  lookt at ~/.zshenv it is in neither. 16:52
perryprog huh, looks like brew install rakudo doesn't include zef 16:53
CIAvash I think you should add `~/.raku/bin/` to your `PATH`. It can be set in different places. Is it in your .bashrc file? or `.profile` or `.bash_profile`
perryprog CIAvash, default shell on macOS is zsh now 16:54
but if it's installed from homebrew (as I just did) it looks like zef isn't installed at all
CIAvash I missed the mac part 16:55
perryprog it's just installing via rakudo-2022.04.tar.gz from github.com/rakudo/rakudo/releases/...2022.04... 16:56
CIAvash I think only the binary releases include zef 17:01
Newb: do you see zef if you run `ls ~/.raku/bin/` 17:04
Newb .raku only has one directory called "short" 17:08
no bin
.rakubrew has a bin though 17:10
but no zef in it.
CIAvash yes, as you mentioned previously you installed zef manually, with rakubrew run `rakubrew build-zef`. and `rakubrew init` for instructions 17:12
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[Coke] how can I splice a list? 17:15
must I convert it to an Array first?
Newb So I ran rakubrew build-zef and still have the same problem. But now I found zef and I can run it just be directly calling the path. So do I just add an alias of some sort that runs that path? 17:22
CIAvash did you also run `rakubrew init` for instructions? 17:24
Newb I just did that and it worked. Not sure if this was the right way.
I ran rakubrew init and added the things they asked me to.
But its working now, ha now that I added the alias.
So to be clear, I ran rakubrew init and it did not work, but then added the alias and now it is working. 17:26
Thanks for you help. Sorry for the newbness.
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CIAvash [Coke]: I think so, splice takes only arrays apparently plus splice mutates and List is immutable 17:34
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rjbs github.com/Raku/doc/issues/4077#is...1140330206 -- This response seems to miss the point of the issue. I think I'm going to unsubscribe from this issue and go about my business. 19:03
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Nemokosch oh come on, I have seen much worse 😅 19:15
Overall we have learned a lot from it, pretty much everyone in their own way 19:17
lizmat which reminds me I need to look at that bug :-) 19:18
perryprog The fun thing about documentation issues is they're basically never wrong. If it's made on confusion about what something does, then it's clearly right since at least one person was confused by it :) 19:20
It's like the public speaking tip when you're reading from a script: if you stumble over a part of your writing then it (possibly) means the wording can be improved.
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Xliff Is there a way to write custom serializers for specific REPRs so I can predeclare storage at BEGIN time and not INIT? 21:02
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[Coke] Happy Memorial Day weekend if you like. 22:08
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coleman Does piping zef to less behave strangely for anyone else? 23:50
`zef --help | less`; try pressing j and k after.
for me, it doesn't "page"; it disappears after pressking k 23:52