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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
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Anton Antonov Yes, it is neat. 01:26
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nine drakonis: RakuAST is still missing support for a lot of features. Some of them rather difficult (like support for parametric roles and BEGIN time execution that I'm currently working on) but many of them are just adding missing parts to the grammar (with the old grammar as template) and implementing new RakuAST classes to represent them (again with templates available). 07:10
I got into RakuAST by simply building rakudo and running RAKUDO_RAKUAST=1 ./rakudo-m -Ilib t/12-rakuast/literals.t (because I guessed it might be one of the easier ones) and following up on any error message that would come up. A few weeks later, RakuAST could compile Test.rakumod. 07:13
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leont I could use some naming feedback on github.com/Leont/app-prove6/issues/10 11:09
Nemokosch Oh Leon 11:21
just rewatched your presentation from last year
slowly but surely I will remember the people
leont :-) 11:26
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Anton Antonov Can you post the link? 12:11
Nemokosch www.youtube.com/watch?v=elalwvfmYgk 12:13
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how can I manipulate bytes? I need to convert endianity of integers 13:10
leont My beard was so long back then 🙈 13:11
moritz see the Blob/Buf types
leont Yeah, write-uint-64 and friends are useful for that 13:12
perryprog You can do any($a, $b) > 2?!?!? 13:13
I can't believe I didn't know that. That's something I've always wanted in other languages when writing long conditionals. 13:14
Nemokosch pretty handy isn't it 13:15
leont You can even do things like %hash{any($a, $b)} > 2 13:18
Nemokosch Buf does the trick, thank you 13:28
perryprog Reinstalling raku... is there any advantage over using Linenoise versus Terminal::LineEditor for the repl? 13:29
Or just readline
Nemokosch autocomplete abilities surely differ 13:31
but I don't know how they compare exactly 13:32
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leont would really like an asynchronous readline implementation 13:49
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japhb Terminal::LineEditor should I believe be a superset of Linenoise in current capability 14:07
(If there's something that Linenoise's Rakudo integration does that Terminal::LineEditor does *not*, I'd like to know.) 14:08
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Nemokosch again, I can vaguely recall something with autocompletion 14:29
not sure if was Linenoise though
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Anton Antonov I made the mistake to install Terminal::LineEditor (just now.) After that starting raku produces infinite stream of messages. 15:24
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Nemokosch or, you made the mistake to use Mac 15:27
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melezhik hi community! what's up? 20:07
perryprog o/ 20:11
Anton Antonov <@779471841270038528> Maybe I fixed the bug you reported to one of my packages a month ago... 20:23
melezhik Anton - should you bump a version of Pretty::Table as well? - it still fails - sparrowhub.io:2222/report/531 20:38
Anton Antonov There is a new version -- 0.0.3 -- of the package "Text::Wrap", but an old one is picked with zef install (0.0.1). Please see my comments at GitHub: github.com/antononcube/Raku-Data-R...s/issues/1 20:56
ugexe if your distribution requires a specific or minimum version of a dependency you should declare that 21:03
"depends" : [ "Text::Wrap:ver<0.0.3+>" ] 21:05
if you have `"depends" : [ "Text::Wrap" ]` that is the same as `"depends" : [ "Text::Wrap:ver<*>" ]`, and if someone already has Text::Wrap:ver<0.0.1> installed that would fulfill that requirement based on that META6.json 21:06
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ugexe as for why its choosing 0.0.1 automatically its because the fez ecosystem is preferred over the other ecosystems 21:07
your 0.0.3 is not available through the fez ecosystem 21:08
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ugexe declaring your dependency like i mentioned before would force it to not select the 0.0.1 found in the fez ecosystem 21:09
also note that when you do `zef install Foo::Bar` is looks at modules within a distribution. the _ distribution apparently provides a Text::Wrap 21:10
Anton Antonov @ugexe Thanks! I hope that will fix the issue. Just to be clear, my package "Data::Reshapers" depends on "Pretty::Table", which depends "Text::Wrap". I was not that aware of "Text::Wrap" before starting to look into this issue...
Ah, good to know. 21:11
ugexe you could still declare the transitive dependency in your top level module to pin it, although yeah its a little less than ideal
Anton Antonov @ugexe Thanks! I hope that will fix the issue. Just to be clear, my package "Data::Reshapers" depends on "Pretty::Table", which depends on "Text::Wrap". I was not that aware of "Text::Wrap" before starting to look into this issue... 21:12
ugexe github.com/codesections/_/blob/main/META6.json is the other distribution with a Text::Wrap fwiw 21:13
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Anton Antonov @ugexe I just put in dependency in the form you suggested and uploaded the new version of "Pretty::Table" to PAUSE. (The installation worked without on my laptop.) 21:21
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