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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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Nemokosch The module resolution seems to fail on non-ascii paths and this seems to be a Rakudo thing; zef handles the path properly 08:46
lizmat ?
Nemokosch modules happen to be installed under your personal folder 08:47
think about what happens if your username happens to be, for example, M√°rton
this is possible on Windows for sure, idk for POSIX systems 08:48
so yes, zef finds the folder and installs stuff under I think .raku nicely
lizmat well, if it doesn't work, it's a bug, because it is supposed to work 08:49
Nemokosch however, if I try to run the script that depends on the certain module, the error log shows that it tried to resolve some garbage version
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Nemokosch interesting... the output seems to be different today 09:06
maybe the restart made a difference?
even if it did - this time around, Cro::HTTP::Client wouldn't even install, can't find some internal tar.gz file during installation 09:10
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Geth doc: 2e682ec2e5 | (Tom Browder)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | CREDITS
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drakonis plt.cs.northwestern.edu/pkg-build/...index.html unrelated to raku but still has some fairly cool stuff 12:43
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colomon o/ 14:28
El_Che colomon: by coincidence I watchted the Valiant episode yesterday :) 14:31
colomon I've wandered into some weird Inline::Perl5 hell.  Was trying to convert a short Perl 5 script that works on my machine to Raku.  Started by just slapping :from<Perl5> on the use statements.  This worked for two uses, failed for the third, as it was unable to find the module.  Eventually noticed the @INC list it showed was trying to search a 14:32
bunch of non-existent directories that appeared to be for an earlier version of P5.  So I tried uninstalling Inline::Perl5 and reinstalling it -- but now it won't build at all?
Aborting due to build failure: Inline::Perl5:ver<0.59>:auth<github:niner> (use --force-build to override)
lizmat nine I think it might need a bump ? 14:33
colomon How do I even tell what's going wrong in any detail? 14:36
lizmat colomon: what version of Rakudo are you on ? 14:39
colomon Built on MoarVM version 2022.04. 14:40
(errr, v2022.04) 14:41
I mean Rakudo v2022.04
[Coke] could run the tests with --verbose, maybe? 14:47
(I assume you're doing a zef install?)
colomon yes, zef 14:49
wasn't able to figure out how to do that directly, just did zef look to get into the Inline-Perl5-0.59 source.  There   zef test .   works fine. 14:52
zef build .  # fails with the same error
zef --verbose build . 14:56
===> Building: Inline::Perl5:ver<0.59>:auth<github:niner>
[Inline::Perl5] Command: /Users/colomon/tools/rakudo-moar-2022.04-01-macos-arm64-clang/bin/rakudo -MMONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL -e exit((require ::(q|Distribution::Builder::MakeFromJSON|)).new(:meta(EVAL($*IN.slurp(:close)))).build(q|/Users/colomon/.zef/tmp/Inline%3A%3APerl5%3Aver%3C0.59%3E%3Aauth%3Ccpan%3ANINE%3E.tar.gz/Inline-Perl5-0.59|)??0!!1)
===> Building [FAIL]: Inline::Perl5:ver<0.59>:auth<github:niner>
Nemokosch I haven't seen you around for a while 15:02
colomon Just quietly using Raku pretty much every day... 15:07
[Coke] colomon: when did we meet in person? Chicago/parrot ? 15:11
oh - someone removed the parrot foundation from wikipedia. There goes my claim to fame. 15:12
colomon Never went to Chicago for Perl, was probably Columbus YAPC circa 2009ish?
think that was my first Perl event.  (not counting tiny lecture Damian gave on Perl 6 in Ann Arbor circa 2004 15:14
[Coke] 23:38, 15 February 2021 Explicit talk contribs deleted page Parrot Foundation (Expired PROD, concern was: Non-notable organization. No reliable, third party sources to establish notability or verify content.) 15:15
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nine colomon: when you run that command manually, does it give you any more information? 15:20
colomon bad pattern 15:21
(will gist asap)
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colomon gist.github.com/colomon/0514cef59a...e0a0a8faaa 15:22
colomon is also unable to get CPAN working on his Linux box, so he's reduced to trying to fetch an Ubuntu ARM VM to his MBP so he can try to get his setup running there... 15:29
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[Coke] something expecting non-zsh? 15:36
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nine colomon: you'll have to quote that code 16:02
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colomon nine for the -e ? 16:08
nine yes 16:10
colomon -e "exit((require ::(q|Distribution::Builder::MakeFromJSON|)).new(:meta(EVAL($*IN.slurp(:close)))).build(q|/Users/colomon/.zef/tmp/Inline%3A%3APerl5%3Aver%3C0.59%3E%3Aauth%3Ccpan%3ANINE%3E.tar.gz/Inline-Perl5-0.59|)??0--verbose)" gets me 'two terms in a row", complaining about --verbose 16:12
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[Coke] is that being generated from "zef --verbose" or are you adding it some other way? 16:15
colomon oh,it was, yes 16:16
from zef --verbose build . 16:17
but if I leave off the --verbose there, I don't get the command its complaining about at all.
[Coke] how old is your zef, out of curiousity? 16:18
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colomon zef --version returns v0.13.8 16:20
[Coke] sounds pretty current. :) 16:22
ugexe i dont think the output command for Distribution::Builder::MakeFromJSON can be run as shown (only for the more common Builder.pm based dists). In the command shown its expecting $*IN.slurp(:close) to read in META6.json data as a raku hash 16:25
you'd also need to use single quotes, not double quotes 16:28
github.com/ugexe/zef/blob/master/l...od#L16-L31 16:31
putting that synopsis code in the root of the inline::perl5 repo and running it should do the same thing 16:32
colomon ugexe Assuming you meant the code in yellow highlighting there, I get a similar but slightly different error 16:39
Command: /Users/colomon/tools/rakudo-moar-2022.04-01-macos-arm64-clang/bin/rakudo -I/Users/colomon/.zef/tmp/Inline%3A%3APerl5%3Aver%3C0.59%3E%3Aauth%3Ccpan%3ANINE%3E.tar.gz/Inline-Perl5-0.59 -MMONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL -e exit((require
Something went wrong 16:40
ugexe presumably there is no output from Distribution::Builder::MakeFromJSON then
[Coke] I'm confused - why are you trying to run these commands by hand and not let zef do it? 16:41
colomon because zef fails when it runs them 16:42
[Coke] When I first suggested verbose, I was thinking you'd pass it in, get extra diag output, and we'd be looking at that.
ugexe i think they were just confirming that zef wasn't swallowing some output that would reveal the issue
[Coke] ahhh
colomon the only useful thing verbose returned was the command that was failing to run
ugexe that means no output came from github.com/niner/Distribution-Buil...keFromJSON 16:44
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[Coke] submits a very small PR for that distro. 16:50
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leont fez password reset failed because it was slow to arrive 17:38
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pamplemousse o/ 17:47
It's been a minute! Hope everyone is doing well 17:48
lizmat o/ pamplemousse
[Coke] using Terminal::Spinners - it doesn't seem to get updates when call it from inside a .race block, is that expected?
lizmat pamplemousse: yes, module weather and stuff :-) 17:49
pamplemousse I'm currently dipping my toes back into the world of Raku by way of working through some of the issues marked "easy to resolve" and was wondering if I could some pointers. Namely, the one I'm working on requires me to read through some NQP code, and I'm a little lost on the syntax. 17:52
Does anyone know of a specific doc that would be good for me to read through to get a crash course in NQP? 17:53
lizmat: Ooo, sounds like a fun time!
lizmat if it's syntax..
it's like Raku but a *lot* simpler 17:54
if its about opcodes: github.com/Raku/nqp/blob/master/do...findcclass
if its about opcodes: github.com/Raku/nqp/blob/master/do...s.markdown
actually :-)
and there's github.com/edumentab/rakudo-and-nq...als-course 17:55
although that might be a bit dated
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pamplemousse Oh excellent! I remember working through the internals course my first time around :) Hopefully taking a look through it will be enough to jog my memory 17:59
lizmat I hope so... /me should revisit that again sometime as well :-)
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[Coke] is anyone using Terminal::Spinners, btw, or just me? :) 18:11
Nemokosch does it work on Windows in the first place? 18:15
I thought you were using Windows or something
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gfldex [Coke]: I wouldn't pull in a depedency for something simple that a Spinner: my @loop = |("\x1F550" .. "\x1F55B") xx *; react whenever Supply.interval(0.1) { print "\b\b" ~ @loop.shift; } 18:38
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colomon Huh.  On my new Linux VM, zef install Inline::Perl5 fails with message /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lperl: No such file or directory 18:55
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leont colomon: what distro are you using? 19:03
If debianoid you might need the libperl-dev package, for other dists probably something similar 19:04
colomon trying that 19:06
that seems to have worked, leont++ 19:08
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Nemokosch gfldex: the question is, why is a worse solution superior to a _zero-dependency_ module, implying that zef is a reliable module manager? 19:10
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gfldex That one tiny module isn 19:15
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ugexe one reason is its often easier to audit a couple lines of code than a full distribution. if a developer doesn't audit their dependencies they wont have that problem 19:16
gfldex That one tiny module isn't the problem. But if you go down that road you might end up with dozens of tiny modules.
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ugexe although i don't think terminal spinners can practically be done in a few lines in a cross platform way 19:18
which i wrote a blog post about long ago - deathbyperl6.com/create-a-perl6-te...gress-bar/ 19:19
Nemokosch Well, that's what this particular module also does ūüôā 19:36
Just you don't need to reimplement it every single time
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[Coke] (not use spinners because it's easy) - I'm using the bar chart showing percent done. 20:22
gfldex: ^^
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Geth doc: tbrowder++ created pull request #4100:
Add examples of obtaining path parts
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melezhik .tell AlexDaniel has anything recently changed in whaeverable Rakudo builds? I am trying to use raku in unpacked tarball but get this error - sparrowhub.io:2222/report/985 ( please init section tab ) 21:44
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melezhik .tell AlexDaniel never mind my previous comment , looks like distros are just not found - curl -s whateverable.6lang.org/9b13a55a12b...c1de1d7a46 -D - -o /dev/null | head -n 1 21:56
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
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melezhik ... and it still the issue though ... 22:01
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tbrowder arg, doc chg test failure. please someone remind me again HOW to keep example code from nuking the doc test... 22:49
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