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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
japhb orylesor: There are other line editors for Raku (I wrote one of them, Terminal::LineEditor), but they all hook up Raku's completion lists to whatever completion behavior the line editor library offers. 00:04
However, I know some people have worked on notebook (e.g. Jupyter and Mathematica) engines for Raku, so those may help. 00:05
orylesor Does that imply that completing variable names would require support from Raku or Rakudo itself? 00:06
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japhb Also, the Comma IDE (available in Community and Complete editions) has MUCH more powerful completion 00:07
Yes, except for the bit about Comma
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orylesor Interesting, thank you. 00:09
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japhb orylesor: The data for Raku/Rakudo to be able to introspect everything that it would need to do variable tab completion is already there, just nobody has gotten around to wiring up the necessary bits in the REPL. 00:10
orylesor I see! 00:11
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orylesor I just tried Jupyter Notebook and it indeed does completion!I'm really happy I've got the answer I was looking for. Thanks for the help, everyone! 02:48
Y'all have a nice day. :)
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ae_chep Oh I didn't know there was a raku room. Hi everyone. I'm excited to learn and use raku 14:13
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gfldex ae_chep: I'm excited that you are axcited about Raku. 14:31
m: say ‘🦋 Hi, I'm Camelia and I'm excited too!’; 14:32
camelia 🦋 Hi, I'm Camelia and I'm excited too!
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Kaiepi raku.land isn't picking up the v1.0.0 or v1.0.1 releases of Data::Record i made earlier 15:13
v1.0.0 being around 6 hours ago
it has picked up one module update between then and now though 15:14
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Kaiepi and they are installable with zef 15:15
gfldex Kaiepi: your META6.json reads: "perl" : "6.e.PREVEIW", 15:31
The rest of the file looks ok tho. Not sure if that's the reason.
Kaiepi ah 15:33
we'll find out in half an hour i guess 15:35
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gfldex Do we keep the .PREVIEW subversion when we realase 6.e? 15:42
Kaiepi i have another module that uses it that uploaded ok, but idk 15:55
ah 16:04
watching its build run
/cache/zef/b04b298bf39e072b207e9b47ece4c8d9263a9fb4: invalid input value for enum perl: "6.e.PREVEIW"
now it's up! thanks gfldex
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gfldex yw 16:43
gfldex puts his eagle eye goggles away
tbrowder lizmat: it might help if you make yr voice known on the mi6 issue ref default "enable = true" 17:22
issue #157 17:23
i might tackle a "new" pod issue, but what raku branch is best to checkout with -b ? main/master? 17:25
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Voldenet there's no "main" branch 17:45
if there was, github.com/rakudo/rakudo/branches you could see the default branch here
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tbrowder thnx 19:53
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[Coke] www.reddit.com/r/rakulang/comments...olunteers/ 23:52