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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
ugexe tbrowder: December 7th I think 00:07
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tbrowder Ah, Perl Harbor Day! 00:09
thnx 00:10
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[Coke] should be a link on the raku.org page 00:31
Nemokosch Fair 🕵️ 00:39
tbrowder my email got bounced (rainbow@rsc.org)
Nemokosch By the way, I'm figuring out how to switch from mowyw to a Template6-based solution 00:40
I needed time to understand how Template6 works, fortunately it's more or less a port of a rather known Perl module
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I came across something interesting, though. Code snippets. No idea where they are shown. Inb4 no, not the main page snippets 00:41
Is there something like a link map for Raku sites? 00:42
tbrowder any other email option for the Butterfly Award? 00:55
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ugexe tbrowder: if you email me [email@hidden.address] i'll submit it 01:00
tbrowder: if you email me nlogan@gmail.com i'll submit it
tbrowder: also if you can forward me the bounced email I can probably have someone see why it got bounced
tbrowder wilco
so done 01:05
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Geth advent: df106ae143 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | raku-advent-2022/authors.md
Adds @terceranexus6
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Anton Antonov I plan to make a blog post about doing data analysis over IRC messages. Should I or should I not include handles analysis? (E.g. who posts the most, who responds the fastest, etc.) That kind of analysis might be seen as, say, "privacy violating." 14:25
I want to mention that I can easily not include that analysis -- it is just a by-product of the text analysis of the IRC messages. 14:26
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ugexe oh oops, I solicited rainbow butterfly votes to [email@hidden.address] but its actually [email@hidden.address] 15:04
oh oops, I solicited rainbow butterfly votes to rainbow@rsc.org but its actually rainbow@raku.org
so send your votes there instead 15:05
Anton Antonov Answering my own question here (for the record) -- I will replace the handle nicknames with randomly derived nicknames. 15:27
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sarna hey, does raku have something like class variables? I want to define a constant in my class that'd be visible to all instances 16:44
ugexe m: class Foo { constant \bar = rand; method bar { bar } }; say Foo.new.bar; say Foo.new.bar 16:47
camelia 0.5251318862397476
sarna great, thanks :) 16:48
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sarna I'm getting a really bizarre error when trying to use a local module - could anybody please take a look? searching for it I get 0 hits :( I can reproduce it even with a small snippet paste.sr.ht/~sarna/5f77b1df45571c3...7eeb8c383d 17:13
ugexe the error mentions $address, but that doesnt appear in any of your snippet 17:17
sarna that's the most confusing part :) 17:18
ugexe maybe `rm -rf .precomp`, remove the `use lib (".")`, and try again with `raku -I. main.raku` 17:19
sarna there's no `.precomp` dir. I removed `use lib (".")` and I'm getting exactly the same error 17:20
ugexe it might need to be called SomeModule.rakumod depending on your file system 17:21
not somemodule.rakumod
since you are importing it via `use SomeModule`
sarna ohh that was it! now it works, had to correct `$Foo.new` to `Foo.new` :) thank you! 17:23
though the initial error doesn't point to it at all haha
ugexe i think its from something like github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/1292...lly.pm6#L4 17:24
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[Coke] m: my unit $a=5; say ^$a; 22:39
camelia ===SORRY!===
Type 'unit' is not declared. Did you mean any of these: 'uint', 'Uni'?
at <tmp>:1
------> my unit⏏ $a=5; say ^$a;
Malformed my
at <tmp>:1
------> my⏏ unit $a=5; say ^$a;
[Coke] m: my uint $a=5; say ^$a; 22:40
camelia ^5
[Coke] m: my uint $a=5; dd ^$a;
camelia ^5
[Coke] that dies in the REPL here.
Nemokosch everything in the REPL is incorrect until proven correct 😉 22:44
[Coke] can i have multiple rakubrew installs using the same version of raku? 22:48
(and then i can have different sets of installed modules)
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