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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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pingu sprintf is multi sub sprintf(Cool:D $format, *@args) but how do I view the function block of sprintf ? 00:11
Nemokosch by consulting the source of Rakudo 00:12
rf pingu: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/430d...r.pm6#L849 00:13
pingu cant I do it from my IDE
rf You might be able to from Comma
pingu cool im in comma
rf Ctrl + click the function
or Command + click if on MAc 00:14
pingu 'my $line = sprintf($format, 1, 2, 3);' 00:16
rf What does your format look like 00:18
m: sprintf('%d, %d, %d', 1, 2, 3).say; 00:19
camelia 1, 2, 3
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pingu all it says is 'my $line = sprintf($format, 1, 2, 3);' 00:26
it says no usages found basically
it wont let me copy and paste the message, its a tooltip
rf Yeah, then you'll just have to look up the sources in rakudo 00:30
pingu holy crap thats a lot of code for one function (in the github) 00:31
C stdlib is like that too 00:32
maybe I should just use sprintf rather than making my own function
rf That file is the file for all formatting
pingu I dont quite understand 00:33
rf It's not really idiomatic Raku to use sprintf, I think its more common to just use interpolation
m: my $a = 'world'; say "Hello $a";
camelia Hello world
Nemokosch for what it's worth, Formatter is 6.e only and hence it's in a preview stage 00:34
here's an implementation in 6.c
rf Was unaware of that, thanks Nemo
pingu well originally I did this but it wouldnt work: pastebin.com/pPaA0HL5
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rf Seems you were trying to do printf 00:35
pingu so I sort of was using interpolation
[Coke] (irssi) I hate irc but also use irssi for raku related chat.
pingu I used to use termux and irssi 00:36
on android
rf Does this proto actually do anything: proto sub sprintf($, |) {*} 00:38
Never really saw the need for protos outside of iheritance
Nemokosch protos are for holding the multi dispatch together in a single entry point 00:39
rf I see
Nemokosch this one is declaring some big dummy signature and {*} (which is a special symbol) says "just execute the winning candidate bruh"
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rf m: proto sub abc($a, *@bc) { say $a; samewith($a, |@bc); }; multi sub abc($a, *@bc) { say @bc.raku; }; abc(1,2,3,4,5); 00:41
Did I break it
camelia (timeout)1
rf Oops 00:42
I thought samewith would hit the non proto
pingu ill see if I can do what I want without sprintf then 01:00
I assume sprintf is just merging the format string with the paramaters and then returning it as a string 01:01
"%f %f %f", 1.1, 2.2, 3.3); return $RetStr; # "1.1 2.2 3.3" 01:02
like that
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pingu help sub foo(*@s){@s = "%s"; return @s;} 01:34
my $str = "hello"; say(foo($str));
it prints [%s] 01:35
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pingu my function does more than printf /sprinf 01:38
just not yet
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tonyo m: proto sub abc($a, *@bc) { * }; multi sub abc($a, *@bc) { $a.say; try samewith(|@bc); }; abc(1,2,3,4,5,6); 05:46
camelia 1
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nine proto sub sprintf($, |) {*} actually does something: it declares that _all_ multi candidates will require at least one positional argument 07:30
Also in the setting (i.e. Rakudo core) protos do not get auto-generated, so you will find protos for all multis there.
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tonyo was pulling my hair out trying to find ARGS-TO-CAPTURE in setting a coupla days ago 08:24
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:(**@rest, *%rest) m: printf '%(x)s, %(y)s', x => 2, y => 1; 08:35
Raku eval Exit code: 1 Directive (x)s, %(y)s is not valid in sprintf format '%(x)s, %(y)s' in block <unit> at main.raku line 1
:(**@rest, *%rest) bruh 08:36
m: printf '%s %s %s', 1, 2, [3, 4, 5] 08:42
Raku eval Exit code: 1 Your printf-style directives specify 3 arguments, but 5 arguments were supplied to format '%s %s %s'. in block <unit> at main.raku line 1
:(**@rest, *%rest) * doing its flattening shenanigans 😔 08:43
m: printf '%s %s %s', 1, 2, $[3, 4, 5]
Raku eval 1 2 3 4 5
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nine m: use MONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL; EVAL Q[my Int:D(Cool) $i = "1"].AST 09:46
camelia Type check failed in assignment to $i; expected Int:D but got Str ("1")
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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Nemokosch Cool, the author of SpitSH showed up 10:37
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And one cannot miss that Alexey Melezhik shows up to grant a helping hand with CI and compilation every time something starts coming alive 10:38
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[Coke] didn't see this mentioned, but protos can also, if I recall correctly, have code that isn't just {*} if there is universal setup/teardown code. 14:09
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Nemokosch yes yes 14:19
{*} itself isn't even a function body, it's a placeholder that can appear inside a function body as well
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rf Is there an example of universal teardown somewhere? That sounds useful. 14:27
moritz END { } blocks are run at the end of a program, is that what you're looking for? 14:36
El_Che "This is not the block you're looking for" vibe 14:37
rf moritz: Sorry I meant for proto subs 14:44
nine rf: yes the proto can in fact wrap the multi candidates. proto foo(|) { say "before the multi"; {*} say "after the multi" } 14:49
{*} must appear like that with no spaces or anything
I actually learned this when implementing support for this in RakuAST )
rf Very neat, thanks! 14:50
SO whatever will be translated to the block contents of the non proto?
[Coke] that's not strcitly a whatever, I think, though it looks like one. 14:54
rf Hmm, so {*} != * 14:56
Nemokosch ha, I know it! 14:57
[Coke] m: dd *.^name 15:00
camelia WhateverCode.new
[Coke] m: dd {*}.^name 15:01
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
{*} may only appear in proto
at <tmp>:1
------> dd {*}⏏.^name
expecting any of:
argument list
horizontal whitespace
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pingu difference between pop and splice? 15:39
they seem the same
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[Coke] pop is very specific, splice is very generic. 15:40
you can do any of the array manipulation work with splice depending on args passed 15:41
pingu does splice return the items that are removed
[Coke] m: my @a=<a b c>; dd @a.pop;
camelia "c"
[Coke] m: my @a=<a b c>; dd @a.splice(0,2,<d>); dd @a; 15:42
camelia Array @a = ["a", "b"]
Array @a = ["d", "c"]
pingu cant you just do pop with a range 15:43
[Coke] ^^ yes, it returns the removed ones. Docs cover this as well.
no. pop doesn't take args.
m: my @a = <a b c>; dd @a.tail(2); dd @a; 15:44
camelia ("b", "c").Seq
Array @a = ["a", "b", "c"]
[Coke] tail lets you specify a count, but doesn't do the pop.
pingu m: my@format = <a b c>; @format[0..1] = pop(); 15:46
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Calling pop() will never work with signature of the proto ($, *%)
at <tmp>:1
------> my@format = <a b c>; @format[0..1] = ⏏pop();
pingu m: my @format = <a b c>; my @b = splice(@a[0..1]); 15:47
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '@a' is not declared. Perhaps you forgot a 'sub' if this was
intended to be part of a signature?
at <tmp>:1
------> my @format = <a b c>; my @b = splice(⏏@a[0..1]);
cfa it sounds like you want this:
m: my @a = <a b c d e>; my @removed = @a.splice(2, 2); say @a; say @removed;
camelia [a b e]
[c d]
pingu ok yeah thx
cfa (remove 2 elements starting at index 2)
pingu is there a way to delete everything in the array in one go 15:48
maybe @a = (Empty); 15:49
I still want 14 elements but they should all be set to Nil
otherwise my loop () would be out of range 15:50
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pingu if two tokens get misaligned I made a condition to just wipe the array and do the loop again 15:51
Nemokosch so do you mean the length should be preserved or not? 15:52
pingu yeah 15:54
preserve the length
hmm this dont work if (@format[0..1] == $spec[3..12] || @format[0..1] == $spec[13])
pastebin.com/uu6B1tAL 15:55
Geth ¦ doc: coke self-assigned Some targets in the Makefile do not work any more github.com/Raku/doc/issues/3035
pingu im a bit mad that I had to do $1.0f too rather than just letting the presion be inherited by the data itself 15:56
$line will eventually contain tokens with decimal places
so yeah padded 0 's on the left or right should all be treat as just being printed as an int 15:59
because they dont change the value, non zeros however would change the value and therefore matter
ah wait it should be line not spec but the problem will still exist 16:03
i think it doesnt like the ranges
being used in that way
actually idk what im doing anymore 16:05
because that is comparing the integers and they might be the same anyhow
lets say I had 2 lines with slightly different data 16:06
they would now therefore be treat as misalighned
Geth doc/main: da0dd763ae | (Will Coleda)++ | Makefile
Remove any build related targets

Part of #3035
Nemokosch me neither, good sir 16:08
pingu I guess it isnt comparing 2 lines, its comparing a constant string called line to an array, as long as I dont compare $line1 and $line2 or @format1 with @format2 it should be fine 16:09
cfa [Coke]: with those removed, github.com/Raku/doc#building-the-h...umentation is very out of date 16:10
presumably mention of building with `documentable start -a -v --highlight`, updating with `documentable update --highlight` is still worthwhile
pingu so I might as well just do: if(@Format ne $spec) { @format = (Empty); } 16:11
cfa (or is the changeover to the new site imminent?)
pingu err @format ne $line
Nemokosch I don't know what imminent means 16:12
but if that's what you mean: the next time we'll be deploying, it will be the new site
cfa neat
Nemokosch and documentable basically enters the legacy state; not much needed for that because it's essentially broken already from what I know
cfa i guess i'll have to look into how to build the new doc site locally 16:13
Nemokosch it's really simple tbh
cfa which repo is it?
El_Che (impending, Latin in- (towards) and minere (project))
Nemokosch doc-website
cfa thanks
El_Che (there all my years of Latin finally useful after a few decades!) 16:14
Nemokosch you clone the repo, make sure cro is installed in a way that suits you, and run bin_files/build_site
El_Che: I learned Latin for 5 years myself but it wouldn't help for the life of me
it has always been more a fun grammar exercize
El_Che Nemokosh: no regrets, here. It has been as useful as mathematics beyond what a calculator can do :) 16:15
cfa attempting a build now, though cro might be an issue
cfa understands why [Coke] was trying to build Archive::Libarchive::Raw now 16:18
El_Che Is there something raku related on FOSDEM this weekend? 16:19
Nemokosch why, indeed? 16:22
Brian Duggan will talk about Termie, that's for sure
El_Che Nemokosch, I am considering dropping by :) 16:23
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melezhik 0/ 16:24
tellable6 2023-02-02T16:25:49Z #raku <rf> melezhik Can you try compiling with a newer version of GCC preferably 12+
2023-02-02T19:48:29Z #raku <rf> melezhik I figured it out. Very small bug causing all of the failures I pushed a new version of Distribution::Builder::Cmake 0.0.6 which solves this.
Nemokosch well FOSDEM is cheap... 16:25
pingu sorted pastebin.com/cnFHcJGu
melezhik I advertise SparrowCI on Reddit devops channel once a month - www.reddit.com/r/devops/comments/1...t/j72fmv4/ please upvote or comment if you want , thanks ))
pingu idk why it cant just do if (@format ne $line) { } but oh well
melezhik rf: good to see distribution builder cmake bug is fuxedc 16:26
Nemokosch ngl this is not only for the Raku conference but I think it really feels that we have very different senses for prices
pingu probably because they are not just single strings
they are lists or sequences of strings
in C theres less stuff like scalar array list sequence hash bag mix graph set etc 16:28
you just use const array for a list and array for a set
err array for an array 16:29
if you want a set you have to make code that checks for duplicates, C supports the range operator now but before that you had to write code for that too
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pingu hashes would probably be enums or arrays + pointers 16:30
mixes would be structs or arrays with typecasts
I assume a mix is a homogenous type array 16:31
Nemokosch > idk why it cant just do if (@format ne $line) { } but oh well what would that do in your opinion?
pingu I was thinking they were both just one string but I was wrong 16:32
it would probably default to @format[0] and $line[0]
if you removed the [0]['s
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pingu so since its a list of strings I just did @format[$token] ne $line[$token] instead 16:33
btw is @_ special or is it just the same as making another reference 16:34
or $_
i think thats for perl 5 backwards compat right
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Nemokosch $_ is "special", @_ not really 16:37
pingu how so
other than the fact that you dont need to declare it
cfa pingu: docs.raku.org/language/functions#i...-entry-@__ 16:41
Nemokosch well $_ is set by many operations 16:42
and like @_, it can also stand for an auto-argument in a block/sub
bartolin Oh, that sadness when reading that Kaiepi has passed away. I'll miss him. 16:47
Nemokosch also a prolific contributor to the JVM backend... 16:51
bartolin yeah. I have a couple of old emails and open tabs with stuff that I wanted to discuss with him. Most related to BSD support or the JVM backend. He did many great things there (and elsewhere). 16:57
[Coke] cfa - it's been out of date for some time, yes. Will update it. 17:02
cfa thanks 17:03
pingu so, how do I make the if into a function now pastebin.com/5KYLQm6w 17:05
I think I need @* and -> but dont know about how to use those yet 17:06
Geth doc/main: 87a0222246 | Coke++ | README.md
Remove site build instructions
[Coke] cfa: fixed.
cfa: there is also #raku-docs if you want to join us there! 17:09
cfa: we are moving towards getting raku/doc-website deployed in production, so any old build in the original raku/doc site is now obsolete. No one has run those commands to update the live site in months. 17:10
Geth doc/main: 8a4d2ab0e8 | Coke++ | README.md
Remove reference to github.io site.

The new raku/doc-website will be updated more frequently and has a different infrastructure setup.
doc/main: 8553df17eb | Coke++ | README.md
Remove reference to jj's docker container.

New container setup being done through raku/doc-website
cfa [Coke]: joined :) 17:17
oh, didn't realise the site was so stale
i'm very out of the loop 17:18
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[Coke] Current status: there's a new site; build and deployment steps will be different, we have the DevOps folks working on setting up CI for documentation updates; formal separate of web site (raku/doc-website) and docs (raku/doc) going forward; new site not live yet, but there's no point in keeping the old build info going in raku/doc 17:21
cfa understood 17:22
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pingu yay pastebin.com/A5NbZzsJ 18:22
I was thinking lists are immutable so I used an array instead 18:24
but it didnt like that so I made @tokens $tokens now it works
I wonder if it will catch if I make $token and $line different 18:25
it does not hmm 18:27
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[Coke] seen on the internet, any reason not to add Complex.sign? 19:07
... (though if Complex.abs is defined as distance, how would sign ever be -1?) 19:09
pingu /j #c 19:11
cfa hrm, i'm hitting 'raku is loading libcrypto in an unsafe way', i.e. github.com/jnthn/p6-io-socket-asyn.../issues/69 19:14
[Coke] (oh, because Complex.sign returns a Complex, not like Real.sign...) 19:19
cfa rebuilds OpenSSL, links to MacPorts' libraries 19:22
now to retry bin_files/build-site 19:23
oops, i linked to the wrong github issue but n/m 19:24
pingu ok this is what I need but as raku: if(value == (int)value) { fmt = PREFIX "%d" } else { fmt = PREFIX "%3.3f" }; snprintf(dest, SPACE, fmt, ..., value); 19:25
[Coke] tries a build adding Complex.sign to v6.e ... 19:27
cfa pingu: are you just trying to specify different format paramters depending on type? 19:28
pingu sort of yes
ldraw wouldnt mind if I read 1 but printed it to a new file as 1.0 19:29
but then if the tokens get misaligned , my function to check for the token misalignment is circumvented
because hey you can just treat all tokens as either int or float which ldraw doesnt like 19:30
tokens 0 and 1 must be int, 3 to 13 can be int or float
pastebin.com/1aWtiS0Z 19:34
[Coke] if I add Complex to src/6.e, augment it, add a sign method, use v6.e.PREVIEW, it still complains about trying to convert to a Real (which the Cool helper does). am I missing something in the 6.e setup to make it available or just the existence of the file enough? 19:35
cfa m: say +$_ ~~ Int ?? "%d" !! "%3.3f" for <-1.5 -1 0 1 1.5>
camelia %3.3f
cfa pingu: ^
so for example: 19:36
m: my $x = '1.5'; $x.fmt(+$x ~~ Int ?? "%d" !! "%3.3f")
camelia ( no output )
cfa m: my $x = '1.5'; $x.fmt(+$x ~~ Int ?? "%d" !! "%3.3f").say
camelia 1.500
cfa vs.
[Coke] ah, core_sources.
cfa m: my $x = '1'; $x.fmt(+$x ~~ Int ?? "%d" !! "%3.3f").say
camelia 1
cfa there are other ways ofc
pingu thx ill try it
cfa here we just cast the string to a numeric; if we get an integer, use "%d", otherwise "%3.3f" 19:37
(if you pass in a non-numeric string this will fail)
pingu cool 19:38
cfa you had SPACE in your example; you could just prepend that to your format string 19:40
pingu but what about the string on the end 19:41
[Coke] can't remember the last time he submitted code for rakudo and not some admin/docs stuff.
pingu and yes I'd like to put it inside of sprintf
[Coke] github.com/rakudo/rakudo/pull/5181 19:42
cfa [Coke]: nice one
pingu: you didn't mention that -- what're you trying to do?
output 1.5.dat ?
er, 1.500.dat 19:43
pingu I made everything in line a string before but i got an error saying I cant modify it
i only got that error if I made 1 0 0 into 1.1 0 0
cfa sorry, i'm not following
pingu 1.0 0 0 would work and print 1 0 0 weirdly
in my pastebin 19:44
and before that I made format an array but I got: positional passed instead of "str" or something 19:45
cfa i don't have time to look at the paste right now but it might help if you just restate what you're trying to achieve and exactly where you're getting stuck 19:46
i'll try and check back later
pingu so, I want to tokenize this file format: www.ldraw.org/article/218.html
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Nemokosch I hit pheix up and actually turned kind of optimistic regarding "port to Raku" kind of projects 19:55
pingu my $x = '1.0'; $x.fmt(+$x ~~ Int ?? "%d" !! "%1.1f").say would either lose precision, or it would add too many trailing 0 's
unless you got lucky and it matched the precision of the input
by add too many zeros I mean just setting it to something big enough for everything like 8.8f
Nemokosch so... some of you may know the modules.raku.org site has been in a kind of abandoned state for a long time, partially because it's a Mojolicious web app and members don't really have interest in maintaining an old site written in Perl 19:56
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I don't want to give up on it, however I know virtually no Perl, so the rework plan is destined to always fall behind other, more approachable Raku tasks 19:57
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my question is, are there people around with good enough Perl knowledge who would be willing to help out with this? 19:59
pingu isnt lizmat the per5 to raku expert
Nemokosch either she is or she isn't, I don't know these days, but frankly lizmat is overburdened with actually more important tasks
pingu oh 20:00
yeah I would probably imagine so
Nemokosch while in current days a modern and approachable modules.raku.org feels more like a "nice to have" than a crippling necessity, we can get along with raku.land and only sometimes checking the module site as it is now 20:01
my particular hope would be, is that we have some momentum with web stuff again, we don't need to immediately reach out to Cro stuff, the choices are more granular 20:02
jdv wow it got cold out fast
Nemokosch pheix also made a router and worked on templating solutions, rf also made a remarkable intro with Humming-Bird
jdv [Coke]: how is it up there? 20:03
Nemokosch perhaps I could also mention jjatria but it feels weird because of his involvement in raku.land itself 20:04
jdv Nemokosch: i think your "push to map" may be the biggest release blocker but i havent confirmed it yet
tellable6 jdv, I'll pass your message to Nemokosch
Nemokosch could you please elaborate? 20:05
jdv i cant at the moment. the ladt blin run had many failures pointing at that change.
probably monday i can show you
Nemokosch it would be good to know what blin does 20:07
you know, that particular change is, for all intents and purposes, a regression fix 20:08
the regression happens to be fairly old, early 2016
jdv its on github:)
Nemokosch what do "failures" mean, though
jdv doesnt mean a bunch of ecosystem depends on something related...
the tests failed 20:09
Nemokosch well, what tests?
jdv the respective dist 20:10
blin isnt too fancy. it just tries to smoke the eco.
iirc, im out and about at the moment, the common snippet is something about "cant find push to map in map" 20:12
Nemokosch anyway, once there are published results, I'll definitely take a look
jdv thanks
Nemokosch "cant find push to map in map" - hmm, this one kind of makes you think. I wouldn't know by heart on what type this dispatching was introduced but iirc it was on Hash only 20:13
jdv i know:) 20:14
Nemokosch yep, hash only
what is not clear is 1. why would it be needed for non-Hashes, including a plain Map 2. if it is needed for some legitimate reason, why did the tests and spectests all pass 20:15
so yeah for that it would be probably good to see the dists in question
it could always happen (unfortunately) that there was a blind spot in the tests 20:16
jdv thats why blin exists, basically;) 20:17
i normally curate the results but i xant til monday. i can share the raw results sooner though if desired. 20:18
Nemokosch back in the days when this corner case I was trying to fix was still working, Map and Hash weren't separated into two files, this behavior was all defined on Maps
jdv just want to avoid goose chases and such 20:20
Nemokosch tbh I might take another look at the code right now, I can really imagine that a call tries to redispatch after some looser check, so for example making sure the argument is a Map, and then calling this method; even though it really should only be called on Hashes (or should be defined for Maps) 20:21
no guarantee I will find anything but it made me curious honestly 20:22
like looking at something like (nqp::istype($x,Map) && nqp::not_i(nqp::iscont($x))), $x.PUSH_FROM_MAP($temp), 20:25
suspicious that this won't be enough, not if PUSH_FROM_MAP is defined on a Hash
jdv ill post the raw results (take with grains of salt) in a bit 20:26
Nemokosch tbh no need, I could reproduce the failure in a simple snippet 20:28
my %sad is Map = :foo; (%sad,).hash # No such method 'PUSH_FROM_MAP' for invocant of type 'Map'
jdv looks familiar 20:29
sorry and thanks
Nemokosch Probably everything breaks where a list of Maps is assigned, or forced into hash context... 20:30
you know what is the absolute irony? 20:35
Map.STORE probably did the right thing to store "object hashes", only Hash.STORE didn't... 20:36
jdv complex things be surprising?
Nemokosch and now it turned backwards xD 20:37
Hash can store Hashes well, but not Maps...
jdv no rush btw. the next release attempt will be 2/17. 20:43
in case anyone missed it todays release is not happening:) 20:44
Nemokosch Still, I think for now it might be better to fix it rather simple (e.g add a candidate onto Map that just redirects to STORE_MAP there), and later on I'd rather make a bigger redesign so that the logic is not duplicated all around 20:46
then it can be more thoroughly planned, benchmarked, whatever goes
20:48 Guest2085 left
jdv im but the lowly release janitor:) that sort of duscussion is probably better had with betters like liz or nine or vurg, etc... 20:48
Nemokosch sorry, it's partially also just thinking out loud 😛
jdv im just the messenger of sorts
ha 20:49
Nemokosch - e.g I'd rather get rid of handwritten nqp:: typechecks all dumped into sole methods, in favor of dispatching to methods doing one thing at a time. I don't know the costs of a method dispatch but I'd hope it's not tremendously more than the nqp check, like, say, 3 nqp ops instead of one, idk
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jdv Nemokosh: here's the unofficial results - gist.github.com/jdv/a3442f84ac7942...8712e8989b 21:31
uh, i think that's truncated. lovely.
wow, even the gh wiki chops it 21:36
Nemokosch Cro ever installed without test errors??? Wow 21:37
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jdv jdv.devuyst.com/blin_failures_202302.md is the whole file. render it as you wish. 21:45
you can paste it into gh gist or whatever... 21:46
i gotta run. later.
NemokoschKiwi take care 21:49
lizmat pingu Nemokosch not going to spend time on modules.raku.org 21:56
would rather see people work on raku.land getting missing features implemented
Nemokosch well I'm not against raku.land whatsoever but to be honest, I wouldn't be happy if it actually drained the people who could help resurrecting modules.raku.org so there's that 21:57
it's just not the same thing, both by design and position within the Raku macroverse 21:58
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pingu omg this is so annoying 21:59
pastebin.com/BmXD2Uad 22:00
Nemokosch what's up this time, pingu?
also, I expect the "resurrecting modules.raku.org" a one-time investment, this is an important point 22:01
pingu I just want to check if $toknum is 0 or 1 and that $tok is an integer
Nemokosch once it's a reasonable, accessible Raku project in its heart, it could have a position as any public Raku projects
guifa $foo %% 1 <-- integer check
Nemokosch or $foo.narrow ~~ Int 22:02
frankly, part of the reason I'm hoping for people like pheix or rf to help out is because they have worked with/on non-Cro web projects in Raku, and this could give them a legitimate motive 22:04
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much more than "here is a Cro app, implement XYZ feature in it" 22:05
pingu thx 22:09
is elsif () {} the same as else { if () {} } 22:11