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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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leont Now that's a new error for me: «No such method 'mixin' for invocant of type 'Perl6::Metamodel::CurriedRoleHOW'». 11:34
I think that is a bug? Not being able to do «Role[Arg] but Other» 11:38
lizmat gist? 11:42
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leont Oh, "but" is not allowed in roles in general? I hadn't expected that. 11:51
lizmat maybe: Role[Arg].^pun but Other 11:52
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tbrowder__ [Coke]: what do you think about formalizing yr windows gist into the docs some place as a goto read for windows ppl? much better than a link on github. 12:24
leont Yeah, .^pun worked fine, but the left hand can just easily be an object. Worked around it by writing a wrapper type instead of mixing in, but I am wondering if but shouldn't autopun its left hand side. 12:46
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lizmat leont: I guess some logic in infix:<but> would cover that indeed 12:55
[Coke] tbrowder__: Sure, the gist was only for the WIP.
next easy step would be to move it to a wiki page or someplace on raku.org 12:56
if you think it's helpfuul in its current form, go for it.
tbrowder__ oK, will do 13:02
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[Coke] Ping me with a PR or something so I know where it ends up 13:35
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tbrowder__ wilco 14:11
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[Coke] ... wilco, that's me. what a great nickname that could have been! 14:44
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tbrowder__ has anyone installed raku on a chromebook? 15:44
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perryprog ... why would you 15:47
and is that even possible
ugexe you can install ubuntu on a chromebook i think 15:51
perryprog huh 15:52
dakkar also I have an old rakudo on my android phone 😁 16:01
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gfldex dakkar: please note: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/5289 16:13
Hence, don't believe anything I write (unless a proper test is attached). 16:14
tonyo . 16:26
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tbrowder__ chromebook = inexpensive host for schools without a lot of resources 16:39
and ppl, too
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dakkar gfldex: slightly confused and surprised by "roles are not closures"… 16:44
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dakkar but I guess we'll need to always use parametric roles (`my role Renamed[Str $name] { method name { $name } }` for example) 16:45
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nemokosch today's lesson 18:53
if you are really annoyed with some code or software 18:54
be thankful that you don't have to use Ada
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[Coke] for me, that thing I'm thankful about is Cold Fusion 20:03
lizmat or PILOT: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PILOT 20:17
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zapwai I'm getting this bug (Use of uninitialized value of type Any in string context.) in Acme::Cow when I use cowsay (but not when I use cowthink, weirdly) 23:08
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guifa tbrowder (or whoever it was): One thing I did to deprecate a module (or at least a reference style to it) was to have a warning in INIT mentioning why it was deprecated and a potential alternate usage (with an acknowledgement that they may get the message if a module that's being used uses mine). Just leave that as the last version and move on I think is best 23:39
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