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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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elcaro I guess I'll try reverting changes and see how that goes 00:43
Also... IRC <-> Discord bridge appears to be broken
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tbrowder__ [Coke]: see my doc PR ref resources 01:39
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elcaro tonyo: FWIW... I cloned my repo to another folder, fez upload worked fine. 02:57
It shouldn't have any bearing whatsoever, but the original location has a local branch that I haven't pushed. That's the only difference between the 2 folders 02:58
but like I said, probably nothing to do with it.
I only found 1 other person who had the issue a few months back: irclogs.raku.org/raku/2023-04-20.html 02:59
dunno what their fix was
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tonyo elcaro: what version of fez? 14:34
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tonyo the aws stuff is being pretty wonky with their change away from the go 1.x runtime in lambdas, i'm currently working on a better logging/server fix for it 14:35
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tbrowder__ .ask ugexe if you have time would you mind looking at my doc PR #4354 at github.com/raku/doc? pr is for more info on using %?RESOURCES in run-time code. thnx 19:17
tellable6 tbrowder__, I'll pass your message to ugexe
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whistlingzephyr apologies for noticing so late, next time it's broken please ping me about it in #meta 19:18
I rebooted the bridge, let me test if it works
seems like it does from irclogs.raku.org/raku/live.html 19:19
gfldex @whistlingzephyr Confimation confirmed!
whistlingzephyr thanks!
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wayland76 Is there a way to print a list of which functions would be called if I called a function? My problem is, I'm calling "new" on an object, and I've defined a "new" function on the object, but the first line of the "new" method never runs. 23:09
(and the program hangs) 23:10
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antononcube @wayland76 I think there is function cando you might be able to use: docs.raku.org/type/Code#method_cando 23:16
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Hmm... I am not sure can you that on method. 23:19
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@wayland76 Another possibility is to use method FALLBACK : docs.raku.org/language/typesystem#...ack_method 23:21
wayland76 Turns out that's not the problem -- I added another "say" statement to the program, and it fails between two consecutive "say" statements. 23:22
But I'll definitely look up the things you mentioned.
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antononcube I nice illustration of the usefulness of cando is the package "PatternMatching". (Its Raku code is 5 lines, the rest is documentation.) 23:25
wayland76 The pattern matching thing is nice :) . Thanks! 23:36
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