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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Xliff \o 07:11
m: sub a ( 1 | 2 ) { 42 }; a.say
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Malformed parameter
at <tmp>:1
------> sub a ( 1 |⏏ 2 ) { 42 }; a.say
expecting any of:
Xliff O_o? When did we lose the ability to use junctions in signatures?
m: my Subset OneorTwo of Int where 1 | 2; sub a (OneOrTwo) { 42 }; a.say 07:12
camelia ===SORRY!===
Type 'Subset' is not declared
at <tmp>:1
------> my Subset⏏ OneorTwo of Int where 1 | 2; sub a (One
Malformed my
at <tmp>:1
------> my⏏ Subset OneorTwo of Int where 1 | 2; sub
Xliff m: my subset OneorTwo of Int where 1 | 2; sub a (OneOrTwo) { 42 }; a.say
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Invalid typename 'OneOrTwo' in parameter declaration. Did you mean
at <tmp>:1
------> rTwo of Int where 1 | 2; sub a (OneOrTwo⏏) { 42 }; a.say
Xliff m: my subset OneOrTwo of Int where 1 | 2; sub a (OneOrTwo) { 42 }; a.say 07:13
camelia Too few positionals passed; expected 1 argument but got 0
in sub a at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Xliff m: my subset OneOrTwo of Int where 1 | 2; sub a (OneOrTwo) { 42 }; a(1).say
camelia 42
Xliff m: my subset OneOrTwo of Int where 1 | 2; sub a (OneOrTwo) { 42 }; a(0).say
camelia Constraint type check failed in binding to parameter '<anon>'; expected OneOrTwo but got Int (0)
in sub a at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Xliff So still legal via subset, but the shorthand was removed?
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guifa I don't remember junctions ever being able to be used in signatures, only in where clauses 07:56
m: sub a($ where 1 | 2) { say "yay" }; a(1) 07:57
camelia yay
guifa has a new half baked project in the works 07:59
Basically thinking about doing something akin to Automator on the mac, but not quite as linear 08:00
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nemokosch Yes... I think it was kinda bothersome always that you had to type out two separate candidates if you wanted a literal 08:58
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guifa m: sub a(any(1,2)) { say "yay" }; a(1) 09:24
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Invalid typename 'any' in parameter declaration. Did you mean 'Any'?
at <tmp>:1
------> sub a(any⏏(1,2)) { say "yay" }; a(1)
guifa given sub a(1 | 2, 3), is it 1 or (2,3), or 1 or 2, and then 3. That's probably why it's disallowed 09:25
nemokosch that's a simple matter of operator precedence, isn't it 09:39
Xliff guifa++ # Thanks for the workaround! 09:40
nemokosch m: my $test := 1 | 2 , 3; dd $test
Raku eval (any(1, 2), 3)
Xliff That's the way I would suspect it would have worked out.
nemokosch there is a different point, though... would such a construct be a smartmatch or an exact value? 09:41
Xliff guifa: How would you start with something like that? Would be a fun project. 09:42
You would need hooks in.... everything.
(re: the Automater thing)
guifa Xliff: so my initial idea is just to have two real inputs: literal string, or grab a file/files. Otherwise come up with some basic actions based around general processing of texts / file naming, etc. Interface would be akin to github.com/elliottlawrence/flo but hopefully a bit more polished/userfriendly. In the background, Raku would generate a sub for each step in the flow, and then handle some logic on when to run each step. 09:46
I have a pretty good idea of how the background stuff would be handled, but right now I'm working on the interface. Drawing the arrows is requiring me to learn how to do svg. 09:47
Once I get the logic of "Draw arrow from boxes" to "Draw arrows to/from in/out parts of boxes" I'll start working on the backend
Hooks for everything else will come later. But you can always call AppleScript from the commandline via osa-script (but sadly it looks like Apple has EOL'ed AppleScript, or worse, has left it to die a slow unannounced death) 09:48
Xliff guifa: Ahh... and Apple's loss could be our gain! :D 09:51
nemokosch So Automator is a mac tool apparently, and AppleScript is also mac technology 09:52
are you planning to replace mac stuff on mac? I don't quite get it 09:53
Xliff guifa: Ooh! I love it. Let me know where I can help.
guifa nemokosch: no
I used Automator as an example of what I want to create
but Automator is very linear, so of limited utility 09:54
nemokosch if it's not meant to run on a mac, how does AppleScript come into play?
Xliff guifa: BTW... when it comes to drag and drop, there's always GTK.... :D
guifa Because Xliff mentionined needing hooks in everything 09:55
Xliff (github.com/Xliff/p6-GtkPlus)
Actually, I've already hoovered through GTK4
guifa Automator allows you to you to say, for instance, "Take these pictures, have the Finder copy the files with a new name based on scheme X. Now open them up in Pages and export them to PDF. Have Mail send them to person Y" 09:56
I can get how Xliff's hooks reference might not have been an obvious AppleScript reference for those not on a Mac 09:57
Xliff Xliff's hooks reference was quite subversive.
nemokosch no I mean, it sounded like you want to use AppleScript 09:58
so I was thinking, are we fighting an Apple tool with another Apple tool
Xliff nemokosch: No.
The Apple tool is inspiration.
guifa To be fair, I have had a separate goal of enabling Raku to send AppleScript events
nemokosch then what is the plan actually? 😅
Xliff nemokosch: Implementing something more functional on Linux! :) 09:59
guifa create a Raku-based Automator-like processing utility
but less linear
Xliff ^^
<snark> We could use Satisfactory as the interface! </s> 10:00
Xliff turns into a ball and rolls into the nearest hole.
guifa haha I'm thinking about implementing the interface in JS/HTML. GTK is fun, but I'm not sure I'm up for the complexity of drawing lines/arrows on its canvas equivalent. 10:01
nemokosch Satisfactory :DD 10:04
is it similar to the chart generation that Anton is using? 10:05
forgot the name tbh
D3 I think 10:07
I mean, not Satisfactory but the goal 10:08
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Xliff guifa: I have lines and arrow examples in my repositories. 11:01
Honestly, SVG is similar enough to Cairo I could probably write a compatibility layer to do both.
guifa: When you get something into a repo, let me know! 11:02
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nemokosch Xliff: by the way, do you not want to move to raku-ish extensions in your repo? 11:04
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antononcube @nemokosch Yes, I made package “JavaScripdt::D3” which hijacks the JavaScript library D3.js . 13:23
@guifa Try to get inspired by Apple’s Shortcuts! 🙂
lizmat antononcube maybe this is up your alley? www.reddit.com/r/rakulang/comments...th_python/ 13:26
antononcube Further on mimicing Apple’s Shortcuts: 1) From my point of view, that would require adopting monadic programming. 2) Also using a parsable chart language, like, Mermaid or UML. 3) With LLMs one can generate monadic pipeline specs with natural language commands. 4) Or Mermaid or UML diagrams, which can be translated to pipelines. 13:29
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@lizmat Thanks for the link! I will respond after. (Politely…) 13:31
lizmat thanks! :-)
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antononcube @lizmat I posted two comments. (Maybe not very polite...) 14:47
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tonyo does rf still hang out here? 17:23
.seen rf
tellable6 tonyo, I saw rf 2023-08-07T20:59:12Z in #raku: <rf> Where does this person get gremlins from? Besides that I think they liked Raku?
antononcube 🙂 17:26
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nemokosch that was more than a month ago?? 17:38
tonyo yea long time, loving humming bird 17:45
[Coke] I was both annoyed by the gremlins comment in the video but also like: well, true. 17:47
I guess I am a gremlin.
antononcube I assume is "Humming-Bird" is simpler and easier to use than "Cro". Have not tried it yet. 17:53
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tonyo it's structured in a way that makes it easier to have fp style call chains for routes in separate files which makes it easier for me, i'd assume cro is a little easier for most people since it's more similar to other langs' out of the box 18:07
currently porting all of the lambdas to raku for the zef eco since AWS is getting rid of the mechanism i'm using in january
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antononcube @tonyo Really good to know! 18:31
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nemokosch the video with that YMCA dude was a waste of human resources 19:53
the blog post itself was okay
but that YMCA dude... like, I never imagined there is Twitch-streamer shitposting for programming as well xD Just knowing that this has any impact on the world makes me a bit upset, the best thing I can come up with is a mental quarantine where they can live in peace, outside of my world 19:55
antononcube @nemokosch "[...] outside of my world" -- Unfortunately, people like that also become politicians, and then their misunderstandings cannot be ignored... 20:04
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nemokosch I don't know, it's not even like misunderstandings, more like, to them, all of this is just a joke and a couple of echoed presumptuous hot takes 20:53
Although that's not terribly unlike politicians I guess
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antononcube A certain writer described people / politicians exhibiting that phenomenon as " those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror." 21:03
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