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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
tonyo looks like i got a line on a gzipper for fez so no more libz nonsense 00:27
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nemokosch asking mi6 users: is there no way to turn off README regeneration completely? 11:18
I'm confused
I'd like to just keep it as it is, neither disabling "readmefrompod", nor outright deleting that section seems to help, it will just empty the file 11:19
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lizmat add "enabled = false" to the [ReadmeFromPod] section? 11:20
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nemokosch yeah tried that, didn't help 11:36
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lizmat meh, that *should* do the trick :-( 11:49
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nemokosch one really annoying thing about TAP is that it just reports "there were errors" when the test actually throws 12:10
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I'm getting the idea that snitch has special importance with Junctions 12:28
if you think about it, it's not really easy to perform inline operations on eigenvalues of Junctions
given? nope, binds to the Junction. .&{ ... } ? binds. andthen? also binds 12:29
map doesn't bind but it's kind of a hack relying that all individual values can be treated as a list, and the result of the operation won't be nice
m: use v6.e.PREVIEW; (1|2|3).snitch({ say $_**2 < 4 }) 12:32
evalable6 True
Raku eval Exit code: 1 No such method 'snitch' for invocant of type 'Int' in block <unit> at main.raku line 1
nemokosch okay, that bot is older, the other one produced it nicely
the problem is that snitch obviously won't allow for useful return values in the callback so I might still hack it with map... 12:33
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hm, maybe given with a type constraint can help? 😼 12:36
m: say do given (1|2|3) -> Any $_ { $_ ** 2 < 4} 12:37
evalable6 any(True, False, False)
Raku eval any(True, False, False)
nemokosch ok .<min> <= (.<mean>&.<median>) <= .<max> given %result; - this felt clever 12:40
ok do given %result.all.value -> Any $_ { .<min> <= (.<mean>&.<median>) <= .<max> };
this feels a little crazy
I mean, not for the same thing
here, there are several tests "at once", all living in the values of the hash
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Geth ecosystem: 2colours++ created pull request #623:
Remove GlotIO
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Geth ecosystem/main: 1a5f5967ec | (Márton Polgár)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Remove GlotIO (#623)

It has been revived and is now living in zef's ecosystem
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jdv is there supposed to be a sidebar in the new docs site? 14:42
having to scroll/find a type is kinda annoying 14:43
i mean scroll/find on a type's page 14:44
nemokosch There is a sidebar 14:53
jdv do i have to do something to see it? 14:57
also, why are there 2 scrollbars. makes it awkward scrolling sometimes. 14:58
looks the same in ff and chrome... 14:59
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nemokosch You need to open the sidebar 15:01
jdv interesting. the old site had it there by default i think. the UI could be better. thanks. 15:03
nemokosch Well, it always could. I think it is already better than it used to be 15:04
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There are situations where resolving an issue creates another one; the double scrollbar is such a case 15:06
jdv i don't think so, in that specific regard imho
one would think the majority case for people hitting the docs is to find something and the sidebar can be a big part of that
so its just slower and a bit hidden atm 15:07
nemokosch The sidebar is a bit useless on phone to begin with 15:12
Previously, the site was barely usable on phone, now that i think of it 15:13
jdv who's coding on their phone? 15:14
nemokosch You wouldn't believe how many ridiculous complaints the doc team is facing 15:15
jdv its nice that the ui is responsive but prioritizing a minority use case seems LTA
cool 15:16
nemokosch Having said that, previously it was outright useless. That's a bit different
jdv i used to use the old site all the time and it was fine for me
nemokosch You'd have to scroll down the whole "sidebar" to see anything
jdv on a phone or a regular screen? 15:17
nemokosch The scrolling of the sidebar also wasn't fine, on PC either
It was somehow linked to the content, all scrolled or none 15:19
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