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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
[Coke] I like the idea of a themed advent instead of 25 separate articles 00:04
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tbrowder__ yes! 00:13
(maybe, if broad enough) 00:14
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tbrowder__ what them ya thinkin of, LLM? also, we're running out of time... 00:28
to herd cats
antononcube Well, I am definitely doing LLM if succeed making an Advent article. 00:34
Geth ¦ raku.org: coke assigned to dontlaugh Issue add -dev site like for docs github.com/Raku/raku.org/issues/218 00:36
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SmokeMachine m: gist.github.com/FCO/076855906b0af9...cddea9a52c 02:20
camelia ( no output )
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Geth ecosystem: dankogai++ created pull request #627:
rename branch from master to main
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arkiuat I've been trying to figure out how to set up the same kind of behavior as the perl5 empty diamond operator (reading from files on command-line, if any, or STDIN if not). Learned a lot about sub MAIN and command-line arg processing, but not yet what I set out for. 06:11
oh, sorry, that's probably more appropriate for #raku-beginner 06:16
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Geth ecosystem/main: aa73b4a6e7 | (Dan Kogai)++ | META.list
rename branch from master to main
ecosystem/main: c4bb0a1c61 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Merge pull request #627 from dankogai/main

rename branch from master to main
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ab5tract_ SmokeMachine: I’ve neglected to mention that I liked your presentation. Interesting stuff! I’m very curious about what you will come up with next :) 07:27
arkiuat: it’s a fine question for here as well. Can you share what you’ve come up with so far? 07:28
SmokeMachine ab5tract_: thank you very much. :) 07:33
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SmokeMachine arkiuat: maybe you are searching for something like this? 08:04
m: sub MAIN($file = "-") { .say for $file.IO.lines }
camelia »Wann treffen wir drei wieder zusamm?«
»Um die siebente Stund‘, am Brückendamm.«
»Am Mittelpfeiler.«
»Ich lösche die Flamm.«
»Ich mit«

»Ich komme vom Norden her.«
»Und ich vom Süden.…
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nemokosch 🤣 08:43
arkiuat SmokeMachine, thank you. That works beautifully. I'd forgotten about the special - filename. 08:56
SmokeMachine :)
arkiuat ab5tract_ I'd been messing around with something like sub MAIN (:$f) { given $f { when Str { .say $f.IO.lines }; when Bool { .say $*IN.IO.lines if $f } } } thinking that a -f flag without a filename ought to make it read standard input 09:00
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patrickb Hi! Is there some convention which filename and format to use for a raku module changelog file? 09:08
A quick search revealed: metacpan.org/dist/CPAN-Changes/vie...s/Spec.pod and keepachangelog.com/ 09:09
They are sadly .... not the same thing.
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lizmat patrickb: as I use App::Mi6, I follow whatever that uses :-) 09:14
tellable6 2023-11-09T21:10:38Z #raku-dev <vrurg> lizmat The only method is nqp::findmethod(HLL::Compiler, 'PERFOR-CHECL').(self). See command_eval in src/Perl6/Compiler.nqp.
arkiuat ab5tract_ left out the "for"s while typing. Should've pasted it 09:17
and it turns out that version even works when a filename is provided, once I finished correcting the last of my syntax errors. But the second when clause still doesn't work (because I don't yet understand how raku refers to STDIN internally yet, I guess), and using the - filename is much nicer anyway 09:21
patrickb lizmat: The App::Mi6 changelog looks like CPAN::Changes::Spec. I guess that's what I should go with now. Sooner or later we as a community should make a recommendation and doc it. 09:23
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gfldex lolibloggedalittle: gfldex.wordpress.com/2023/11/10/mi...tuousness/ 12:44
tellable6 2023-10-29T02:15:00Z #raku <Xliff> gfldex That usually stems from when you try to serialize an object that isn't a @, % or Cool-based $
2023-10-29T02:15:46Z #raku <Xliff> gfldex You'll get that if you do something like: "unit package A; class B { has $.c }; our $c; BEGIN $c = B.new"
2023-10-29T02:16:38Z #raku <Xliff> gfldex That also extends to the contents of any @ or % value you are trying to cache at BEGIN time.
gfldex SmokeMachine: please note ^^^
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codesections I'm having trouble detecting a Mu value in NQP. nqp::isnull and nqp::isnull_s both return 0, but dump throws an error saying it's a VMNull. What am I missing here? 14:56
I'm trying to fix github.com/Raku/nqp/blob/b0bbc4d57...#L612-L619 14:57
which is currently calls tryfindmethod on Mu (i.e., unset) action objects 14:58
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codesections oops, ^^^ was intended for #raku-dev (though feel free to answer if you know :D ) 15:11
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tonyo are you just looking for nqp::what($a) ? 15:16
codesections Maybe? I tried that, but still couldn't find a way to use it to detect a Mu 15:17
tonyo you're looking for the equiv of if Mu ~~ $a ?
codesections nqp::isnull(nqp::what($a)) still returns 0 for Mu 15:18
tonyo m: use nqp; my Mu $a; say nqp::who($a) eq 'Mu' 15:19
camelia True
codesections Yeah; something that returns True (or 1, I guess in NQP) for Mu 15:20
Oh, I thought that'd be too hacky :D
But maybe that's just how nqp rolls?
tonyo wonder what ~~ does for type checks under the hood 15:21
i'd figured it'd be nqp::who($something) eq nqp::who(Mu) 15:22
ugexe github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/a9da...od#L37-L44
checking for a string Mu is done in at least one other spot it looks like 15:23
lib/NativeCall.rakumod: if $r.returns.^name ne 'Mu' && !validnctype($r.returns) { # another one 15:24
although that one is from a module, not from core 15:25
tonyo github.com/Raku/nqp/blob/b0bbc4d57...lass.t#L29 15:27
looks like it might just be .isa
codesections but everything isa Mu, right? 15:28
tonyo only eventually 15:29
m: use nqp; my Mu $a = Nil; my Int $b; say nqp::callmethod(Mu, "isa", $a); say nqp::callmethod(Mu, "isa", $b)
camelia True
tonyo depends on what order you ask
a pebble is a rock but a rock is not necessarily a pebble
ugexe m: my int $a; say $a.^name; # why does ^name turn e.g. int to Int? 15:30
camelia Int
codesections I think because int doesn't have a HOW, so $a.HOW($a, name) auto-upgrades to an Int 15:32
ugexe m: my uint $a; my UInt $b; say $a.^name; say $b.^name 15:33
camelia Int
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tonyo oh yea, there was a bug with uint coercing from a long time ago 15:47
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codesections Hmm, neither of the ideas above seem to work either :( 15:55
nqp::callmethod(Mu, "isa", $a) returns 0 15:56
and nqp::who($actions) eq nqp::who(Mu) throws Cannot stringify object of type BOOTHash
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codesections nqp::who($actions) eq 'Mu' works, though 16:14
I _guess_ I'll go with that, even though I feel slightly dirty having a hardcoded string there 16:15
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codesections Oh, wait, I shouldn't have been using nqp::callmethod with "isa" – I should've used nqp::istype(Mu, $a) 17:18
I think that might work
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[Coke] int isn't an object, so if you do object stuff to it, it has to upgrade it. 18:37
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thebb www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZ3w_jec1v8 21:07
[Coke] context, before we click on it? 21:12
thebb "The Economics of Programming Languages", talks about programming environments and how money flows impact them (corporate vs open source) 21:19
librasteve m: say dd <6_1/2> 21:54
evalable6 RatStr.new(30.5, "6_1/2")
Raku eval Nil RatStr.new(30.5, "6_1/2")
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