5 Jul 2018
Geth ¦ MoarVM: Use the trusty not the precise llvm repos 19:10
travis-ci MoarVM build errored. Samantha McVey 'Use the trusty not the precise llvm repos 19:17
MoarVM build errored. Samantha McVey 'Try adding llvm and clang to packages list' 21:16
Geth ¦ MoarVM: Use the llvm 5.0 toolchain deb line 21:55
¦ MoarVM: The non versioned url doesn't have llvm 5.0
31 Mar 2019
MasterDuke timotimo: have you seen www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=new...Time-Trace ? not directly useful to us i assume, but maybe some stuff to take inspiration from 17:40
14 Apr 2019
Ulti FOUND GNU TOOL /usr/local/opt/llvm/bin/clang 12:29
29 May 2019
timotimo i'm still convinced a llvm/clang instrumentation could be built that checks our gc invariants 23:35
7 Sep 2019
brrt llvm toolchain should be getting its own linker one of these days 13:18
5 Apr 2020
timotimo so i looked into what llvm has in terms of vectorization stuff 13:31
5 Jun 2020
patrickb samcv: I'm currently trying to replicate the travis CI config in azure CI. There is a LLVM coverage configuration that generates coverage reports on moarvm.github.io/coverage/ 19:40
5 Jan 2021
brrt llvm has not yet ever worked well for JITs 14:26
nwc10 I don't yet remember anyone writign a blog post to say "We used LLVM for our dynamic language JIT and it worked really well first time"
Both Pyston (the first version) and Safari both found that they needed to add another layer before LLVM, didn't they?
jnthn They had to tier it because the llvm approach was good for high quality code 14:27
11 Jan 2021
MasterDuke openbenchmarking.org/result/200706...&sgm=1 doesn't show much of a difference in compiling the kernel or llvm 12:05
24 Jan 2021
nine I've read here a couple of times (since people keep bringing it up) that LLVM JIT wouldn't be nearly as simple and/or wouldn't work as well as people assume. Looking at the docs I do get the impression that integrating LLVM is hardly straight forward. 09:10
25 Jan 2021
jnthn I didn't yet get chance to read the article about GCC as JIT, to see which of the LLVM as JIT concerns it manages to avoid 08:13
9 Apr 2021
nwc10 we just need to implement an LLVM IR interpreter in NQP. How hard could that be? :-) 17:30
12 Apr 2021
kind of the same with Pyston and LLVM, I suspect. "Oh pants, we need a baseline JIT too". And Safari? 09:39
17 Oct 2022
Oshawott My current Configure.pl invocation for Rakudo looks like: ./Configure.pl --gen-moar --moar-option="--build=${TERMUX_BUILD_TUPLE}" --moar-option="--host=${TERMUX_HOST_PLATFORM}" --moar-option="--ar=llvm-ar" --moar-option="--cc=clang" --gen-nqp --backends=moar --prefix=$TERMUX_PREFIX 18:52
21 Feb 2023
Nemokosch imagine targeting LLVM 09:29
lizmat many people have suggested targeting LLVM, none have actually take on that project 09:33
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