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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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fluca1978 I'm having quite an headache trying to figure out how the single parts NQP and 6model are part of moarvm. Any clue? 07:42
nine fluca1978: sorry, I don't understand your question 07:53
fluca1978 nine: moarvm includes 6model, that I believe is the definition of the object layout in memory, but the site also states that moarvm is NQP based, but NQP is compile-time related (if I'm right), so having rakudo that produces the bytecode, where does NQP kicks in? 07:55
nine No, it's more like the other way round: rakudo is based on NQP. NQP may be based on MoarVM (but also runs on JVM and Javascript)
6model is implemented in all those backends 07:56
fluca1978 so rakudo is built on NQP, and produces something that both moar and jvm can crunch, but then 6model? I mean, jvm is not based on 6model 07:57
nine No, MoarVM has its own bytecode format, as does JVM. I'm actually not sure how the Javascript backend works. I guess we're generating Javascript code for that. 07:58
6model is most of all a concept
The implementation for JVM is e.g. here: 07:59
While the MoarVM implementation is part of the VM itself: 08:00
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fluca1978 nine: uhm...I need to think about 08:05
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