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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 10:27
finally, after something like 24 hours of looping, I can provoke the "oops" on MoarVM master with UT Hash
there exists, somehow, a rare race condition whereby tc->instance->mutex_object_ids can already have an entry for obj 10:28
when MVM_gc_object_id is called
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nine nwc10: but, but, but, how? 12:28
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dogbert17 nwc10: have you tried using tsan? 13:10
tellable6 2020-08-03T10:19:58Z #moarvm <nwc10> dogbert17: yes, that was my assumption to. I think that it has to be an existing corner-case bug that I've exposed. So, I've added similar code to MoarVM master, and now I have that one looping until the test fails
dogbert17 according to tsan we have (among other things): SUMMARY: ThreadSanitizer: data race src/gc/objectid.c:29 in MVM_gc_object_id 13:17
nine is there any more information about that? I just don't see it 13:54
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dogbert17 nine: my bad, here's an example: 14:04
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MasterDuke huh, appears in both the read and write backtrace. but that looks like a line that really shouldn't be getting hit 14:17
dogbert17 hmm, perhaps I should run with --no-optimize 14:22
I built MoarVm with 'perl --debug --tsan --prefix=../../install/' which might have been a bit sloppy 14:23
nine Setting an object's header flags that way is reacey! 14:24
MasterDuke what way? 14:28
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nine obj->header.flags |= MVM_CF_HAS_OBJECT_ID 14:29
MasterDuke that's done in a couple different places. what should be done instead? 14:30
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MasterDuke get flags into a temp variable, update that, then set them to the temp variable? 14:32
nine That's be just the same. What it needs is an atomic CAS 14:37
Which is complicated by the fact that those work only on native sized ints while flags is an MVMuint16 14:38
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MasterDuke so we're forced to pay the cost of making every single object bigger? 14:42
nine No. We're just gonna have to swap more than just those flags
Depending on sizeof(AO_t) it's either flags and size or owner, flags and size 14:43
The good thing is that owner and size won't be changing 14:44
MasterDuke heh, this sounds like a problem that someone other than i should fix 14:46
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dogbert17 note the the gist I posted refers to the XXX-A-Better-Hash branch 16:19
nwc10 oh my (Been out for the afternoon) 16:45
So it's an even deeper bug than I suspect
(at the point of going out I was thinking "in my backtrace, why is size 0"?
data race is because some other thread updates flags?
data race is because some other thread updates flags? 16:48
timotimo alternatively, we can just??? put a MVM_barrier after the flag update 16:49
nine Yes. MVM_gc_object_id can be called by any thread, not only the owner of the object. 16:50
nwc10 and the issue here is that every *other* thread is accessing flags without any sort of write barrier?
(in that, MVM_gc_object_id is doing things with a mutex locked, and I *thought* that unlockign a mutex was a write barrier. But this stuff is well beyond my comfort zone) 16:51
nine MVM_gc_write_barrier_hit_by is probably the most likely competitor when writing to those flags
nwc10 anyway, it's a real bug, and it's an existing bug, because I can recreate it on master.
nine Both MVM_gc_write_barrier_hit_by and MVM_gc_object_id read an object's flags and write them back with an additional bit set. May well happen that this bit gets lost if they compete. 16:52
MVM_gc_object_id actually reads it twice, but of course the compiler is allowed to reduce that to just one read 16:54
nwc10 "benchmarking might reveal" - it might be faster, but it might just be simpler, to get rid of the flag MVM_CF_HAS_OBJECT_ID and rely totally on hash lookups in tc->instance->object_ids 17:07
If that way, we don't need to start using atomic ops in the GC write barrier code
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nine True. Write barriers are certainly much hotter than objectid 17:11
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timotimo just wait until someone puts every single object in the vm into an object hash 17:31
nine But....writing to a hash triggers a write barrier ;) 17:33
Actually MVM_gc_write_barrier_hit_by would only need an atomic op for setting the flag, i.e. the first time the object got git. We can still test for the flag using a normal op 17:37
s/got git/got hit/ 17:41
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timotimo are you suggesting the flag still sticks around even though we rely on the hash, and we'll just use the flag to not have to look at the hash so often? 17:43
nine that's what we currently do 17:44
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timotimo ah 17:46
nwc10 also, after thinking about this in the bath (but not yet looked at the code) we need MVM_CF_HAS_OBJECT_ID to exist for the GC to be efficient - it needs to know whether to promote an object from the nursery immediately 18:01
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dogbert17 fun fact, running t/spec/S17-lowlevel/cas.t causes tsan to report ~1800 data race warnings 20:21
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timotimo yeah, neither tsan nor coverity understand cas 21:37
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timotimo and/or clang analyze, i think 22:34
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