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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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Geth_ MoarVM: 8c41f6692e | (Stefan Seifert)++ | src/6model/serialization.c
Fix memory leak in resolve_param_interns

Forgot to free() the array with which we track, which parametrics we already resolved. As this runs once per module load and the array will usually be quite small, the leak is not large, but a leak is a leak...
nine You know you have spent too much time with a piece of code, when you discover such leaks when sitting on the toilet without any electronics nearby... 07:01
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nwc10 :-) or is that :-( ? 07:44
nine a bit of both maybe? :D 08:16
Nah, mostly positive... gives me confidence that I will be able to fix the remaining issues 08:17
Geth_ MoarVM/hash-single-allocation: 18 commits pushed by (Nicholas Clark)++
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nine Ha! Looks like we can actually be too successful in finding existing parametrizations, i.e. if they are from the comp unit we're currently loading. In that case they may hide the ones we're actually trying to merge with 16:16
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nine Down to 2 test files and 2 spec test files with failures 16:22
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nwc10 and down to your last few coffee beans? 16:35
timotimo do we have anything to disable hash randomization? nwc10? 16:38
nwc10 #define MVM_HASH_RANDOMIZE 1
in src/moar.h
timotimo ah, i should have given -i to ack
nwc10 set that to 1 to disable it
nine No way! I stocked up pretty well last week
timotimo then i would have found it
nwc10 nine: cool
timotimo: I forget - where in the code do I need to add (back) the size of the not-GC-allocated part of hashes? 16:39
timotimo it's called unmanaged_size
in the repr
nwc10 aha
OK thanks. I shall have a look at how other reprs do that 16:40
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